Aquisitions | Leopard Flats. Finally


Kath Leopard Flat~ Overland $179

It feels like I had been searching for the perfect pair of leopard flats for my whole life, {a teensy exaggeration, but, the hunt has been on for well over a year}.  I found these at Overland whilst searching for the perfect tan boots {that’s another post}.  They are super soft and comfy, with a ‘hairy’? outer, but what I really love about them is the contrast toe.  Let’s face it, ballet flats can be boring, but this black toe cap adds definition and a touch of interest to a pretty safe shoe.  I love these flats, possibly even more than usual as I don’t require assistance from Dave or Ethan to do them up!  Stylish flats should be on every mama-to-be’s getting ready for baby list.



We made it | Crochet Granny Square Blanket


We thought we would never finish it, Dave certainly thought we acquiring an unlimited supply of very large crochet coasters……but it is finished!  Mum finished sewing it up in the weekend and added the border and tah-da!

I purchased the wool for this on a rainy Saturday afternoon probably 18months ago having never attempted crochet before.  I purchased ALL the wool, {$$$, enough for 71 very large granny squares}.  Dave rolled his eyes and thought about the large bag of wool sitting abandoned in my hope chest form my last knitted blanket project.

Mum taught me how to crochet granny squares and decided to join the project so we could get it finished before winter.  I have loved making this blanket with my mum, she did the majority of it as she was just so damn quick at knocking out those squares, plus she did the finishing – however I do feel like I  have made something – which was the whole point of the exercise.  I realised one day as I look around my house that there was nothing handmade in it.  Now there is!



Of course the ‘ugly colours’ were just made to go in our lounge, not our bedroom, they match that rug just perfectly.  I’m so looking forward to snuggling up with baby and the boys this winter!


  Show & Tell Thursday's

Preggo | 30 Weeks!

I feel like we are so close now, but still a good half marathon away from meeting our new baby. Physically I know these last 7-10 weeks are going to be rough; baby turned on Sunday so he is now no longer breach {that was an unusual sensation!} but it has given me a wee bit more space under my ribs. Thank god.
I saw my midwife today and the test for gestational diabetes came back negative. We had been concerned about this because of the little hippos size at the 27 week growth scan, I was frightened!  My weight gain seems to have slowed a lot, basically it’s just the baby’s weight now though that doesn’t help me fit into clothes any easier!  My bump is so huge that it’s almost busting out of the size 18 pajama top I purchased from K-Mart!!!!!!  I try not to think about that too much.

General complaints:
– Naked toenails, hate
– Post 3pm exhaustion. I could sleep at this time every day
– Inability to sleep through the night. This has only begun this week, one position is just no longer comfy for a sustained period of time so I toss and turn {slowly and awkwardly lol} all night long
– Sitting at my desk during work hours is getting progressively more uncomfortable, simply because there is SO much gravitational pull on my belly it feels like muscle and skin is literally being ripped off the bone {that pic below is very flattering btw, my arms hide the scale of the baby hippo}
– A wee bit of heartburn each night when I initially lay down, nowhere near as bad as I had it with E

Very much getting excited about:

– Setting up the nursery!!!!  It’s hard to get a handle on what else we need as it’s all stockpiled in a corner on and around the changing table
– Maternity leave, can’t wait to focus on my family and {if I’m being honest} this blog!
– Exercise, I can’t wait to walk fast again, and RUN even – that could be a pregnancy delusion but I want to run…. or just move in general without pain
– Wine
– Dressing bubs in Mum’s lovely knitting

Things I’m Loving | Christchurch, you are Amazing

Not many words this week, aside from that I LOVE Christchurch.  It’s people and it’s resilience in the face of unimaginable natural adversity and a bureacratic nightmare are astounding.

I simply cannot imagine a more wonderful city to host the first ever Around the Table Bloggers Conference.  Thank you so much, you know who you are x

Christchurch Cathedral



Christchurch Earthquake Damage

Christchurch Victims Memorial

Saving the Christchurch Facades

Christchurch Cardboard Cathedral

Christchurch Earthquake Damage

Christchurch Containers holding up Facade

Old Christchurch Council Building


C1 Cafe Christchurch

C1 Cafe Breakfast Burritto

Billet Gift

Ohhh, Treena Marie.  I was staying at her house, with her family and she leaves me a welcome gift.  Too much xx

I made it | Antler Necklace

Antler Necklace DIY

A crafting virgin no more!

I discovered this easy-peasy necklace DIY on the gorgeous blog Always Rooney and knew it was well within even my limited crafting capabilities!  A quick trip to Spotlight and I was able to pick-up the few supplies required for this pretty set of yarn-bombed antlers;

1 pack of natural coloured Sculpey Clay

1 length of chain {per necklace}

1 pack of jump rings

3 colours of embroidery thread

These turned out perfectly, I was quietly quite proud of my first crafting attempt and was super happy to gift them to some lovely ladies over the weekend at Around the Table.


Joining in  {for the first time ever!} with Sunshine x 3

 Show & Tell Thursday's

The Plague aka Year 4 Girls

photoTerm 1 draws to a close on Friday and E has started the year as he means to continue; his touch team won the summer club module, he won the backstroke at Swimming Sports and came 2nd in his other events, he has volunteered to assist two special needs kids at school on a rostered basis and is performing at his usual high level both in the classroom and on the rugby field.

The only blemish marring a great 11 weeks at school has been girls.  They have been doing his head in all term.  Whispering, pointed looks, notes, interruptions of lunchtime rugby games and constant attention have just about driven my young man to distraction.  He even booked himself in for not one but two sessions with the school guidance councillor to try and sort through the problems of one so handsome.  My visit to his teacher stomped out the flames of passion for a week or two, but last Thursday one little madam took things to a whole new level.

E came home with his first love letter.

A masterpiece of colored pencil and spelling mistakes {E was very unimpressed with her literary failings!}, this three page devotional made Ethan rethink his previous annoyance with girls, he was quietly chuffed.  She said he was funny, and so nice, and that she actually really did like him and she begged him not to show everyone at school the letter.  He was practically beaming, amazed that someone had taken the time to write all of those nice things about him!

I listened and nodded and shut my mouth even when I wanted to suggest maybe he aim for someone in a higher spelling group.  I was Silent Mama, just happy that he wanted to share this momentous occasion with me.

He arrived at school on Friday morning and was promptly told by said madam that it was all a fake!  An elaborate ruse and she didn’t mean any of it.  My heart broke all the way from Christchurch when Dave text me the news that afternoon.  At least E was stoic and assured his Dad that he gave her the heave-ho as soon as he heard the news.  At rugby practice that afternoon E sought the sage advice of his coach and older, wiser 9yo team mates who assured him that they had been there and that girls just suck.

A little less huss would cause a LOT less fuss in the classroom I’m sure.  Isn’t 8 way too young for this kind of carry on from these girls?  I’m trying to instill the Bro’s before Hoes ethos so he will be prepared for the next girl-sneak attack, too bad E is just so damn nice!


Things I’m loving | Away from home Edition

It feels a little premature to be writing this now as I’m sure I will have a list as long as my arm after this weekends Around the Table Blogging conference! This may also be the very first text only Things I’m Loving post as I’m posting from my iPhone {carry on luggage only, XL preggo clothing requirements and warm outfits mean I have left the DSLR at home as well as lappy and iPad}. Let the blogging in miniature commence!

    I am so loving what E and Dave have achieved this week. They have ridden to school every day! E needs to sharpen up on cycle safety before he can ride solo – I meet him at 4 Square in the afternoon and shadow him home, but the extra father/son time has done wonders for their relationship.

    Loving being able to travel relatively hassle and worry free this weekend thanks to Dave and Mum. Rugby is a home game today meaning no one has to drive anywhere. Sunday will be quite hectic as E is participating in his first WeetBix TryAthlon! So sad I will miss it but I know he’ll have a great morning with his Dad and Nana.

    Hitting third trimester status has been good and bad. It’s nice to have reached another defining mile marker but energy is definitely waning. I can no longer cane along at speed whilst dog walking with Mum. A slow somewhat side-to-side waddle is the best I can manage. It was very nice to confirm at a growth scan last Friday what I already knew; this baby is a whopper. I was getting a bit worried that my massive size was all me, but bubba is measuring three weeks ahead and over 98th percentile, so at least I have an excuse!

    Loving Treena Marie and her awesome family for being my billet hosts this weekend! It’s so nice to be staying in a ‘home’. Team Boy and little feet in the morning are the bestest. (Flannel sheets rule btw!)

Have a great weekend everyone! Linking up with Meghan at MNM’s {who is just as lovely IRL as I had thought she would be}

{CLOSED} Product Review | The Best Big Kid-Little Kid Bean Bag ever………..{Comments closed}

Giveaway closed! has picked comment #19 as the winner of the Penny Scallan Bean Bag.  Congratulations Louana!

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 9.24.03 PM

Did anyone spot this super-cute bean bag included on my nursery mood board yesterday?  We are in love.  Ethan and I are in love with a bean bag.

He loves it as it’s super comfy, big enough for him {a big brute of an 8 year old} to sprawl all over, transport from room to room wherever the urge may take him and just quietly, he thinks it will be a perfect spot in which to sit and cuddle his soon-to-arrive little brother.


I love it for some slightly more mundane reasons {but entirely valuable from a mummy perspective!}.  This bean bag is a seriously good size, way bigger than I was expecting.  Obviously I’m not one for reading the fine print too much so despite there being measurements online I ignored those and just looked at the pictures;

Penny Scallan Design Bean Bag

Cute right?  Imagine my surprise when I was expecting a little kid sized bean bag to find that it would also suit my big kid!

The construction is tough, with an inner liner that is near impregnable, seriously.  It took Dave some pliers and some dish soap to open the zip and fill it – rest assured there will be no rogue beans escaping from these bean bags.  I love that I can whip off the outer and wash it easily without any trouble from The Beans.  We used one medium sized bag of beans to fill it ($22 @ Spotlight).  It could probably use some more, but we didn’t want to overstuff it as Big E will be enjoying it until the nursery is ready.

The quality cotton canvas outer, piped edging and five bright, clean and simple fabric options make this a no-brainer for me when it comes to kids decor.  Good design + functionality combined into one very stylish product.

Shop Penny Scallan Design here and don’t miss out on the great giveaway below!

Here’s how you can earn three entries into the draw for your very own Penny Scallan Design Bean Bag, who’s feeling lucky?

  1. Visit the Penny Scallan Design website, pick which fab design you would choose for your bean bag and tell me in a comment below {1 entry}
  2. Like both the Best Nest and Penny Scallan Design on Facebook and tell me in a separate comment below {1 entry}
  3. Follow Penny Scallan Design on Twitter, tweet this post and let me know in a comment below {1 entry}

The winner will be drawn at random on the evening of Wednesday the 17th of April, 2013.

Getting Ready for Baby | Nursery Mood Board

This seemingly never-ending pregnancy business is surprisingly tootling along quite nicely, today I entered the hallowed Third Trimester {!!!!} and a wee bit of panic set in.  The sum total of Jumbo Baby’s nursery is piled in the corner of what remains Dave’s office and the crib is still in its box in the garage.

Quelle horreur!

I have some notion of what we are doing and where we are going and I have begun ‘collecting’.  One thing I am quite sure about is that there will be no ‘matchy-matchy’ theme going on as in Ethan’s nursery 8 years ago {think matching wallpaper border, lampshade, cot & bumper set, nappy stacker blah blah}.

Baby’s room will hopefully be an eclectic mix of whites and colour, focusing on blue accents such as the Penny Scallan bean bag and Freedom rug which will add some depth to the white furniture and quarter-tea walls.  I hope!

Nursery_Moodboard_Baby_BoyFabric bunting from Crave

White Sleigh Cot {available most everywhere}

Melissa & Doug wooden stacking rings {similar here}

Stuffed Bunny from Country Road

Signature Wall Shelf from Freedom Furniture

Saris Frame from Country Road

Cariboo Bassinet from Belly Beyond

Kids Beanbag from Penny Scallan Designs

Skater Owl Print from Endemic World

Stash Drawers from Nood

Replica Eames Rocker from Nood

Dinosaur from Crave

Geometric Print Rug {seen in latest Freedom Catalogue}


We have four dogs | Meet Louie



Oh Louie.

We did everything wrong when we took Louie into our home.  We paid mega bucks for him from a cracked out women who was puppy-milling his parents and not taking care of his siblings {all of her dogs were later removed by the SPCA} but we loved him as soon as we saw him.  We even loved his buck teeth.

Lou was thrown straight into the ring of fire – living with Ethan as a toddler – he never snapped, growled or bit him, though he did spend quite a lot of time hiding in the garden initially.  He is a Special Edition Shi-Tzu x Australian Terrier in that he is huge, 11kg worth of small breed who is so pretty people stop us walking him all the time to ask about his breed.  Lou is besties with his girl Molly, and loves stealing the toys from Dashy and Marley {see above with Marley’s Christmas present}.

Louie and the various mixed breeds like him make awesome indoor/outdoor pets as they don’t shed, not one smidgen, they also love their walks, hate water and like to wear sweaters. Win!