Perfect Timing, as per usual

Because, you know, everything in my life is so well planned and equally well executed {HA, I jest}, I obviously thought that getting a full foot tattoo and moving into our first home {!!!!!!!!} in the same week would be no big deal.  Because I am Super-mum, I feel no pain and I can organize the shit out of anything.  Right?

oot Tattoo

So anyway, tattoo on Saturday afternoon – all good.  Two hours later and I couldn’t walk.  At all.

Today is better, my hobbling is less cripple-like, though I am still down one ankle due to massive swelling.  This is all fab news considering moving day is Friday, I work on the second floor of our building and I can garner NO sympathy because my discomfort is entirely self-induced {aside from Dave of course, he is sympathetic on a daily basis even in the best of times because after all I HAVE no choice but to live in MY head aka CrazyTown}.

But I LOVE it.  I have thought about this tattoo for a year at least.  It is for my Dad and I and it means so many things to me.

At the very least I am totally predictable and useless, but may have a couple of days up my sleeve to recover enough to drive the stick in my work van come moving day.  Bring on the mortgage!

Milo Play Zone Event – Birkenhead, Auckland

As part of their major Australasian Campaign to get our little ones playing EVERY day, Milo have created a series of free events across Australia and New Zealand with the goal of encouraging and developing active play.  FUN!  Check dates on the official FB page here

Dave and I took the day off work last Wednesday, ‘borrowed’ some neighbourhood kids and headed along to have some fun.

The array of activities, the venue, the number of stoked & enthusiastic Play Facilitators {I made that name up btw!} all contributed to a wicked morning!  Make sure you can get along to one of these events, there are some Play Tour Events in Sydney this weekend, check the Facebook page for details.  If you missed it earlier you can watch my interview with Dr Grant Schofield here

Things I’m Loving

Adventure Time, Muriwai Beach, Sushi, Autumn

  1. Ethan and Dave won this DVD last week and oh how we love it and oh how we laugh!  The jingles are infectious as is everything about this cute series.  Definitely for a slightly older audience on Cartoon Network.
  2. The wind has been blowing SE for weeks bringing hot (ish) settled weather.  When it is offshore Muriwai becomes a magical place in the late afternoon.  The light is stunning; you just can’t help but take 10,000 pictures!
  3. I LOVE sushi lunch dates with my little man.  He has such great taste in food it makes me so thankful we don’t have to eat cheeseburgers every time we are lunching on the run.
  4. I spent 3.5 hours on Saturday staring out this window.  It was absolutely worth it as even though I can’t walk right now I have a beautiful tattoo for my Dad on my foot – always anchoring me and leading me forward.

I love Paisley Jade’s Blog.  It’s pretty, all about family and she is always cooking or DIYing something awesome.  This weekly reminder to be thankful for all the little things around us is hosted by her – so visit!

Daily Look | Finally, a Pea Coat!

I have been coveting Pea Coats for years, I love the traditional boxy lines and double breasted military styling and I finally have one to call my own!  And.  It was cheap.

RRP $199 {still tres cheap} but right now Max have $50 off jackets!  Now, I am a coat snob.  I love coats, I may even collect coats and this is a good coat.  It’s heavy and super warm, the fabric is stiff and holds it’s shape perfectly and at the price I’m happy with a 60% wool content.

Yay, another item ticked off my Winter Wardrobe list.  FYI, Pea Coats are #111 on the hilarious Stuff White People Like list.  Read about them hereMax Pea Coat