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This little blogging gig does wonders for getting me out and about and exploring different parts of Auckland – it’s also pretty deadly on the credit card as I discover more and more fabulous businesses that are doing things so right in this very competitive retail market.  Our declining love affair with the bricks and mortar storefronts of old makes sense in a lot of markets.  Hell yes I’m going to order groceries online if Countdown sends me a code for $1 delivery – why wouldn’t I?  I can’t drive to the store for a $1, plus my time………

However, there are some things that one simply must shop for in person, and let’s be clear, I’m talking about everything related to baby-on-the-way.  For me, the nesting, list-checking, stroller perusing days were some of the most fun and special shopping days I can remember.  So much time, energy, planning and lets face it, money goes into ensuring you’ve got all of your bases covered before baby arrives – then you do it all over again after bubs is born when you realise you had no idea what you needed and what you didn’t!  Ethan, Nixon and I visited Global Baby during the school holidays and spent some time in the store with owner Anita and her lovely shop assistant Danielle.  These two ladies were the very picture of calm whilst the two boys manhandled everything in the shop and just as Nixon was about to lose ALL of his marbles Danielle sat down with a box of stickers and peace was restored.

That’s the kind of shopping experience I want need from every retailer!

I’ve picked out a few of my favourite, lust-worthy items that are available in-store or online if you can’t make it to Global Baby at 161 Manukau Rd, Epsom.

Mummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand

Mutsy Strollers

It was love at first sight when I saw the Mutsy range of strollers.  Never before have I considered a stroller an object of desire but the finishing and leather detail on these are gorgeous.  Further complementing their stand-out range of strollers which also includes the Casual Play and Brevi ranges, Global Baby have their very own Stroller Technician who carries out any repairs and adjustments in-house so you and baby are back on the street in no time.  Both Anita and Danielle are NZQA certified Child Restraint Technicians; these are the ladies you need when deciding upon the very best travel system for your family.Mummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand

Perfect Gift Ideas for Baby and Mummy
Mummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand

1.  Pretty Brave Mint with Stripes Slip On $49.90.  I’m dying inside a little that Nixon never got to wear a pair of these super stylish shoes, so sad!  Global Baby has an amazing selection of Pretty Brave Moccasins, Slip-ons and Espadrilles in stock in BOTH boys and girls styles – they’ve just arrived though so be quick!

2.  Haakaa Natural Rubber Teether $14.90.  Shop the NZ designed Haakaa range here, all products are BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Lead free + are scratch and chip proof

3.  All mama’s, new or not so new, need recognition every now and then for the wonderful job they’re doing.  These gorgeous candles, exclusive to Global Baby are blended to promote sleep, relaxation and stress relief.

4.  Kip & Co Bamboo Baby Wrap 2 Pack $64.90.  One of my favorite brands, Kip & Co never disappoint and these stylish, functional swaddles are a nursery essential.  Shop Kip & Co here

5.  Mamoo & Lou Zig Zag Pullover $65.  I spied this NZ brand in the latest Good magazine and was even more enamoured after seeing these fabulous 100% merino knits in person.  Gender neutral, classic styles and superb quality.  Mamoo & Lou tick all the boxes for me and with carefully thought out features such as the folded cuff design on their pants, this range should be at the top of every baby shower wish list.

6.  Baby Wilson Lola Boot by Kathryn Wilson $64.90.  I don’t think these need much of an intro, swoon. Handmade, 100% leather, Baby Wilson by Kathryn Wilson boots make an ideal baby gift, christening gift or christening shoe.  These are the heirloom item every mother will cherish!

Mummy Auckland Blogger New ZealandKaylula Baby Furniture

Design perfection and functionality plus have finally arrived in the nursery.  The Kaylula YoYo cradle may be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever laid eyes on.  Crafted from bentwood, this cradle is a lullaby-inducing dream!  The Kaylula range also includes 4-in-1 cots and changing table/drawer combos. 

If you’ve done your window shopping/research and are ready to order then head to the Global Baby website to shop their comprehensive range.  If you’re after advice and high-end service then the in-store experience with Anita or Danielle is a must!  Visit Global Baby at 161 Manukau Rd, Epsom, Auckland.  Phone 09 630 1960Mummy Auckland Blogger New ZealandMummy Auckland Blogger New ZealandMummy Auckland Blogger New Zealandmummy-blog-new-zealand-nz Mummy Auckland Blogger New ZealandMummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand


Mad About Mega Beasts! Giles Andreae & David Wojitowycz

I LOVE picture books and I love it when my kids love books.  In our house that means rhyming and animals.

The latest offering from Giles Andreae, author of Giraffes Can’t Dance, is a gorgeously illustrated romp introducing nature’s most MEGA animals.  There’s a dino, a tiger, a penguin and a bear to name just a few.  This is a beautiful large format paperback, just perfect for little chubba hands to grip and lots of eye candy and hidden fun to spot in each illustration.

Each rhyming vignette includes a fact (which I love!) and still manages to keep things sharp and snappy, holding Nixon’s interest for the duration.  

………actually for the duration of both books, as Mad About Mega Beasts follows the 2011 release, Mad About Mini Beasts and we have to read these consecutively.  It’s the rules.

I’m a fan, these are both books I look forward to reading  – over, and over again, every day.

Available from 28th July RRP $19.99

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Say hello! Limon & Coco + Giveaway



Mummy Auckland Blogger New ZealandYay!  It’s Monday!  No?  Will Say hello! help?

Today we meet a gorgeous blonde Mum-duo who are super passionate about whole foods and making them convenient and accessible to even the most time poor amongst us.  Lucy & Cushla are Limon & Coco, and are totally dedicated  to whipping up clean, lean snacks so you don’t have to.

These fabulous Mum’s just exude positivity and though I’m pretty sure they would fit right into the ‘selling ice to eskimos’ category, their range of clean snacks is both incredibly moreish and incredibly nourishing.  

Lucy is a mother of two and a personal trainer with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry.  Her holistic approach to health and fitness means nutrition and maintaining healthy eating habits are two of the cornerstones in any client’s potential lifestyle change.

Cushla began her own healthy eating journey to aid in her recovery from illness.  She describes the rush-rush habits that we as mums are all so guilty of perpetuating, and credits following the 80/20 rule with maintaining a happy, healthy diet for herself and her family.

1. You’re obviously both really busy Mums outside of Limon & Coco.  How are you managing the daily juggle of business and family commitments?

It’s very tough at times but we are both totally committed to our business and our future plans.  At this stage we don’t feel it is affecting our family life but we are both blessed to have wonderful supportive families to help us on our journey.

It’s all about time management and prioritizing the important things, communication and great team work is key for us.

2. You both seemed to have ‘arrived’ at Limon & Coco via quite different routes!  How do your differences work together to make your brand what it is? 

We met through our love of health and fitness. Our paths met when Cushla needed a personal trainer and found Lucy, and the rest as they say is history.

Mummy Auckland Blogger New ZealandLucy is a real people person and loves nothing more than motivating her clients. Cushla has a hold on all the technical stuff. Together though, we love creating different healthy snacks.  Both bring different skills to the business which put together make a fantastic combination.

3. There are SO many conflicting messages around what to and what not to eat, how do you two navigate this when deciding what ingredients to include in your amazing products?

This is really easy for us as we only use Whole foods, nothing processed and as near its natural state as possible.

4. If you could give other Mum’s three pieces of advice to help them make some healthful changes in their diet what would they be?

Eat more whole unprocessed foods…..Drink water….lots of water…! Sleep…give your body time to rest and recover.

5. What’s ahead for Limon & Coco?

Oh! so much… We have a lot of plans for the future which will be revealed when the times are right. At this stage we are just concentrating on growing our brand and helping others with easy healthy eating options.

Mummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand

To be in to win a fabulous tasting box from Limon & Coco, visit The Best Nest on Facebook and enter via the competition image.  Competition closes Sunday 2nd August @ 10pm.

Just. Be. Nice.

This week I was privy (loathe to use that word as it sounds like a privilege which was definitely NOT the case in this instance!) to some communication that was just so nasty and unnecessary that had it been intended for me, I would have instantly burst into tears.

Perhaps I’m a bit precious at the moment, but I’m pretty sure my gut reaction on this one was right on the money.  

Adults bully too.  We may have to hide the effect this has on us sometimes in the interest of being professional, being a grown-up or keeping cool for the kids sake, but it does happen and it sucks.  Adults should know better and what is behind the bullying often runs way deeper than the standard playground insecurities of our kids.  Acting with the intention of demeaning someone and making them feel inferior in front of their peers is about as base as it gets and says more about the vitriolic person choosing to act in this manner then it does about the intended target.

I simply cannot understand nor tolerate people whose default setting is bitch (and I use this term in a non-gender specific context).  What is the point?  The lesson that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar seems to have escaped so many.  I was given this pearl of wisdom from my husband very soon after we began dating and it changed my life as much as he did.  

Here’s some advice; slap the sucked-lemon look off your face, put a smile on your dial and have a nice fucking day ok?

Sugar-free Lemon Curd and Cookie Recipe + Giveaway!

We have been in our house for just over three years now and the little lemon tree we planted has produced it’s first serious citrus bounty.  Luckily we all love the addition of lemon in baking so my new oven {{sigh $$ sigh}} is set to get a serious workout in the coming weeks.  
New oven, lemon overload plus a delivery of Equal Spoonful= the perfect baking storm.

First up, I wanted to recreate a sugar-free version of one of my favourite and most versatile winter treats, lemon curd.

I researched this a lot; lemon curd recipes are all much of a muchness, the main difference you’ll find between them is the method.  Using Equal Spoonful as a sugar substitute worked perfectly, I’m so happy with the result.  If you’re wondering about the consistency, this curd is silky smooth, lemony perfection!

Sugar-free Lemon Curd Recipe


  • Zest and juice from 4 lemons
  • 1 cup Equal Spoonful
  • 125g salted butter, cut into pieces
  • 4 eggs


Place zest, juice, Equal Spoonful and butter in a metal bowl. Place bowl over saucepan of simmering water and stir until Equal Spoonful has dissolved completely and is non-grainy to the touch.  Remove from heat.

Beat eggs with electric mixer, add butter and sugar mixture and beat well until combined.  

Place mixture back over simmering water and cook slowly, whisking continuously until thick enough to coat a spoon.  This took me quite a while, so be patient but don’t let it boil!

Cool and refrigerate.  Will keep for up to 3 weeks in the fridge.

Mummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand Lemon recipeLemon Curd is lovely straight out of the jar of course, but there are just so many ways to enjoy it so I decided to try my hand at some sugar-free thumbprint cookies.  These are just perfect to dollop a heaping teaspoon of lemon curd on!

Sugar-free Thumbprint Cookie Recipe

IngredientsEqual Spoonful recipes Lemon Curd Cookies

  • 200g butter softened
  • 3/4 cup Equal Spoonful
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup cornflour
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder


Cream butter and Equal Spoonful until fluffy.  Combine with flour, cornflour and baking powder.  Mix well.  Roll into small balls, don’t be tempted to go too big! The size of an old school .50c is perfect.  Flatten balls with your thumb to create a deep impression.  

Bake at 180° for 20 minutes-ish.

Cool and serve with a dollop of that gorgeous lemon curd on top!

This post was made possible thanks to Equal Spoonful. For more great guilt-free recipes visit Club Equal


I really enjoyed My waistline really enjoyed using Equal Spoonful to reinvent sugar-free versions of a couple of my favourite treats.  If you would like to win $100 worth of Equal product to find your own guilt-free mojo in the kitchen, just head over to The Best Nest on Facebook and comment on the competition image with your favourite lemony recipe so I can make good use of our beautiful lemons this winter.  Competition closes 31/7/15.

{and because I know I’ll get asked, the gorgeous porcelain enamel bakeware is from the Wiltshire Retro Enamel range, available at The Warehouse}






Munch Reviews | Baby Food Tray + Giveaway


Munch Review and Giveaway Mummy Blog NZ

We get to see a lot of the ‘latest and greatest’ kids products here at The Best Nest so I hope you trust me when I say, this new offering from Munch is one of the coolest, most useful things I’ve received in quite a long while.

The Baby Food Tray is quite simply, genius.  I made all of Ethan and Nixon’s baby food and would have loved the simplicity of this container.  I was forever digging deep within the freezer trying to keep track of little pots of baby food, the dates always rubbed off or stickers fell to their deaths deep in the ice………you get the picture.

Made from food grade, BPA free silicone (which is super sturdy btw, not all floppy like most silicone trays), you can just push up the bottom to remove a perfectly portioned 1/4 cup serve.  

Obviously we are way past feeding Nixon purees and mashes but there are so many other uses for this container.  Nix loves it as a meal tray, exploring the 7 compartmentalised options has definitely resulted in an increased uptake of new foods.  The novelty factor is a big win!

The lid snaps on super firmly so is also a perfect on-the-go snack box.  I find having to fill 7 spaces is making me get a bit more creative and think outside of my normal options for the little guy.  There are so many other ways you could use this marvel of the tupperware drawer (do other people call it that or is it just us?), I’m thinking freezing stocks (you can write on the lid and it washes off with soap and water!), gravy, mini jellies, lemon juice, it’s oven safe so you can even use it to whip up perfectly sized mini-muffins or quiche for kindy/school lunch boxes!

Vital Stats: Munch Baby Food Tray (Toddler Snack Box lol)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food grade silicon
  • Microwave safe
  • Oven safe
  • BPA Free
  • Durable
  • Available from Munch Cupboard $24.99
I have one of these awesome Baby Food Trays to giveaway!  Head over to The Best Nest on FB and comment on the competition image to be in to win before 29/7/15

Say Hello! Dot Dash


Mummy Auckland Blogger New ZealandDot Dash – Rompers, Delivery Bags, FacebookInstagram

Jess, owner and creator at Dot Dash and Mum extraordinaire, is someone I ‘met’ on Instagram.  I could totally wax on about how creative and perfect her handmade baby rompers are but that would be a bit redundant because they are so obviously amazing.  There are people that can simply sew and then there are those with an eye for fashion who can recreate classic styles, like a baby romper, and breathe new life into them with of-the-minute fabric choices and perfect styling.  Jess (and Dot Dash) sit firmly in the latter category.

In addition to the time Jess spends pumping the pedal at her sewing table, the Dot Dash collection also comprises a stunning offering of curated delivery bags – “a pre-packed bag filled with essential items to help Mums (and Dads!) through labour, delivery and those first special days with their new bundles of joy.” Aw!  Sign me up!  No, wait……….. {{{{{baby}}}}}. Yeah nah.

When she’s not swanning around being creative and brimming with entrepreneurial vim, Jess is Mum to 3 kids; Jake (10), Archie (2) and Theodora (7 months) affectionately know as Teddie.    She works part-time as a theatre nurse and I guess she just waves at her husband Luke when they bump into each other in the kitchen occasionally.  

I can’t wait to meet Jess in the flesh, but let’s meet her in her own words, r i g h t  n o w!

1.  Which came first, the bebês or the business?

Babies definitely came first.

Having Jake at 18 was probably the making of me. But I was never going to let the label of “young, single mother” define who or what I was. 

8 years and a wedding later Archie arrived and then Miss Teddie. 

Dot Dash came to fruition while 7 months pregnant with Teddie.  I like to pack a lot into a short space of time!  

2.  Three kids and jobs+business?  Have you written the book on Time Management yet?  Please (please?) share how you are making this miracle happen?Mummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand

When I find out the secret I will let you know!  

But I think we make it work with late nights, a nespresso machine, Netflix and a lovely husband who does the washing and the rubbish!

3.  You’ve obviously got some mad skills with the sewing machine, was it Home Ec?  Did you get it from your Mama?  Practice makes perfect?  How did these beautiful rompers come into existence?

I failed school certificate sewing. I think I spent the whole time being “creative” but never actually doing anything which didn’t help. 

My Grandma and her sister have always been amazing on the sewing machine.  Many a family wedding dress, ball dress and school costume have been whipped up by those two. So I guess it is in the genes …. somewhere!  

4.  Tell us about the inspiration for your Curated Delivery Bags?

Packing my hospital bag for the 3rd time and completely forgetting what was actually needed, it dawned on me how easy it would be to have it all done for you. BOOM. Dot Dash Delivery Bags was born.

5.  What’s ahead for Dot Dash?  You’ve got a big date coming up right?

Dot Dash will have a “Romper Shop Pop Up Shop” at the General Collective Market in Ellerslie on August 1st.

We will continue to hustle and bring Dot Dash to the masses amidst the hum and madness of family life!

These rompers are just too cute not to share and Jess has generously offered one to giveaway to a reader of The Best Nest!  To be in to win your choice of Dot Dash romper, head over to The Best Nest on Facebook and enter via the competition image.  Comp closes Sunday 26th July at 10pm.

Mummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand

On Being a Blogger with Depression

Living with depression and anxiety of course means vastly different things to different people.  

But, over time, it also means different things to those who live with it; each month, week, shit…….even each day, I can find myself mired in different manifestations of the same old thing.  It sucks for me and I’m sure it totally sucks for my family who have to soldier on while Mum’s head is spinning.

How ironic then, that without even digging down too deeply (and psychoanalysing myself even more than I already do!) I know with conviction that what’s feeding this recent influx of anxiety is the one thing that used to bring me so much joy and creative freedom.  This blog.

I’m writing this at 6.30am on a Saturday morning.  I awoke suddenly, minutes ago as if I never actually slept.  Kicked out of my precious and desperately needed slumber by one thought.  Blog related of course.  What.  The.  Fuck.

See, this blogging game is a serious hustle right now.  The thing is and (revelation!) I’ve just realised this right this second, I’ve been hustling for all of the wrong reasons and all of the wrong people.  Blogging in New Zealand has evolved massively over the past 18 months and it’s on the cusp of being a semi-lucrative little ‘hobby’.  Or perhaps more than a hobby.  Maybe even a ………. job?

When you have a ‘job’, there is someone paying your wages.  The Man, so to speak.  When a blogger, ie ME is working for The Man, guess what?  More often than not it means I’m not working, writing, creating for ME.  Or you for that matter.

This gives me the shits.  Oh and massive anxiety, by the way.

I feel like I’m actually buried in obligations to people and brands, the trouble is, I’m not sure if these obligations actually exist or whether I’m just creating mad-precedents and expectations of myself that are a bit OTT.  I remember a couple of years ago when one of my favourite bloggers Talia, who was totally on top of her game at the time – so I thought – announced that she was done with all of her commercial relationships and was just settling in to blog for herself again.  I remember thinking “Whaaaaat?”  But, Talia, someone sent you FREE stuff, isn’t your life complete now?

Bwahahaha.  Oh how I laugh now.

Because I get it.  And it’s totally doing my head in.

This little tour on the depression bus is almost entirely blogging related and I hate that something I love so much and am really, really proud of building is beginning to build me a little prison in my head.  I’m just not sure I can keep up with the online-Joneses anymore.  The pace this industry is moving is so fast and hectic that it’s entirely possible to lose yourself and everything you believe in in the process of ‘making it’, of getting ‘invited’, of receiving ALL the stuff, of being on ALL the lists.

I brainstormed the things I used to love blogging about – when I had the time – ie before the ‘obligations’ began to strangle me;

  • I love cooking, photographing and blogging recipes.  I was reminded of this yesterday as I finished a sponsored post involving baking.  I miss this.
  • I love just writing about LIFE.  I am reminded of this EVERY DAMN DAY when I don’t write at all.
  • I love crafting.  I used to knit, crochet, make rad antler necklaces out of FIMO.  I NEED more of this.
  • Wardrobe Wednesday.  That was fun.  It challenged me to actually get dressed up and shop my closet.  Does anyone still do this?
  • I love taking beautiful pictures
  • I used to love the blogging community.  I don’t anymore.  I miss you guys xx

These things may not be SEO friendly or currently kicking ass on Google Trends but they made me happy, and that’s got to count for something right?

I don’t know where this post leads, but I do know where I begin.  That’s with my family.  Secondly, the answer is right here in front of me, it’s in these words on this white page of pixels.  Words that are true and are me and that I felt compelled, rather than obligated to write.



Win a NEW Mini Maker from EasiYo! (closed)


New mums will love EasiYo’s new mini yogurt maker. Ideal for making yogurt for baby, the new half-size model means less waste and easy storage. In stylish apple green, smooth surfaces make for easy cleaning and other user-friendly features include an easy-grip handle and non-slip feet.

For the freshest tastiest yogurt with no artificial ingredients and billions of live cultures in every spoonful, use with EasiYo’s new mini yogurt sachets, conveniently packaged in boxes of three. Just add a swirl of pureed fruit for a delicious, nutritious meal for baby – so easy and made by you!

Available at New World and Pak’nSave supermarkets nationwide, EasiYo mini maker RRP $20 and mini yogurt sachet three packs RRP $10  – Facebook


Win a ‘Baby Yo’ prize pack thanks to EasiYo. Ideal for new mums, the prize includes EasiYo’s new mini yogurt maker, two packs of mini yogurt sachets and a Breville Control Grip stick mix. Value $150.  To enter just comment below and tell me whether you’ve tried delicious EasiYo before.  Competition closes Friday 24th July ’15.

There is another prize pack up for grabs over on Facebook so head over and double your chances!

Sunday in the City

The antarctic-like temps that have been plaguing Auckland over the past week have meant the kids and I have been hibernating a bit more than normal.  Hard not to do when the boys and I all succumbed to a wicked head cold and Ethan was shaking off a nasty bout of bronchitis.  It’s very ironic that the freezing temps are actually caused by a massive high, but this is also resulting in the most stunning, blue sky winter days you could possibly hope for.  Better than rain right?

I needed to get out of the house yesterday and enjoy some family time.  Dave was away for work three days last week so we really needed to regroup as a family and enjoy spending some time together – outside!

Typically, no one had anything they particularly wanted to do or places they wanted to go so we headed to the city and decided to cruise Wynyard Quarter.  Parking on Beaumont Street is easy and free on Sundays, it’s also right at the playground end of Wynyard Quarter so easy for little legs.  Nix was riding his little motorbike and Ethan was cruising on his scooter as the wharf, bridge and walkways are so much fun for the kids to enjoy on wheels.

Mummy Auckland Blogger New ZealandMummy Auckland Blogger New ZealandMummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand

We spent a little time at the playground but I think the boys were delirious over being given some space to roam so we hit the pavement again and meandered up the wharf, stopping to stare down at the decidedly emerald harbour, admiring the bright yellow tugs, the dogs, the tourists and just enjoying a bit of bustle.

Mummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand
Mummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand

It was time for lunch soon enough and because the boys were clamoring for a treat, we had dessert first, settling on some insane gelato from Wynyard Quarter’s Gelatiamo.  Nixon’s Vanilla cup was classic and gorgeous while E opted for a cone of  beautiful pink marshmallow gelato.  Not knowing where we’d end up after that, we wandered through the fish market, introducing Nix to the joys of dead sea creatures.  He loved it of course.  

Mummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand

Onwards to Sal’s Pizza for lunch.  There were restaurants a plenty which Dave and I have been dying to try, but we had two fading boys and we wanted everyone to enjoy a speedy, happy lunch with zero stress.  Tip: If you’re in a hurry at Sal’s ordering slices rather than a whole pie is super quick.

Mummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand

The morning was perfection.

Just thinking about how cruisy and relaxed it was brings a smile to my face even today.  Great days do not have to be overplanned, sometimes all you need to do is hop in the car and drive.

Mummy Auckland Blogger New Zealand