“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


nixon:  just a couple of  guys hanging out.  daddy’s skateboards are amongst your favourite things to crash into the walls, to flip over and spin the wheels, licking them every now and then……. 


ethan: what a difference a week makes. things {hormones already?} have settled down, new strategies are working so well and I feel like our boy is back.  giving you the opportunity to just ‘be’ in water always grounds you.  must remember this and take you to the pool/ocean/river when you are raging.  very proud of my big for working so hard on his attitude this week xx

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Hello Nixon | 8 Months

Nix_8mths copy

Wowsers.  That was a hard month boy {hence post is 20 days late, pic was on time though!}.  No lie.  We have both been sick, you have another tooth {and more on the way} and you somehow managed to sleep through and IN your first epic power chuck yesterday – go you!

We’re pretty sure you’ve decided crawling is not for you.  You are pulling yourself up on all sorts of dangerous things now so I expect that one of these days, you’ll just up and head for the fridge and some bacon. You find commando crawling speedy and efficient PLUS you can still carry things in your paws whilst on the move {like your bros wooden sword or the vacuum cleaner handle – your #1 fave}.  I can’t actually believe I got pics of you this month, I got ONE shot of you on your back so I am thrilled it was in focus.  Notice anything different?  Yes, you are in cloth diapers!  Two things have happened this month that I had previously said I would never do, one of them being using cloth diapers.  It’s actually easy-peasy and I wish we had started earlier.

Man, you love quinoa and chicken.  This is good.  You also love the dogs and your brother and you slept through the night last night for the first time in well over a month.  I love you even more today sweet-baby-sleeper.  You now clap your hands whenever you are happy, usually when you see your Nana, and your conversation skills consist solely of raspberry after raspberry.

You are the baddest little baby I know, your love for Crown Lynn and eating rocks knows no bounds, your other favourite things are electrical cables, dog tails, dog bowls, smartphones and sunglasses.  There is currently a moratorium on toy-buying  as you prefer stuff that isn’t yours and is preferably breakable.

I just don’t know where this year has gone.  It makes me so happy to sit on your bedroom floor and watch you play and learn, somedays I really don’t do much else.  When you reach out for me with your chubby little arms time does stop though; everything stops and it’s just me inhaling you and being/doing/giving you whatever it is you want or need.

Love, Mama

Show & Tell | Bunny Stitching


My lovely sister-in-law is totally cray-zy about rabbits and will be celebrating her birthday at the end of the month.  As she and my bro will be on vacation in the states at the time, we had a little early birthday dinner for Joanna last night.  Luckily I had planned this gift ages ago so I had given myself plenty of time to get it finished. So sweet right?  I love the whimsy of it and I’m SO glad I did it on grey fabric.  One more hoop gift to make then I need to get the needles clacking – I’m going to attempt a jersey for Nixon!  Bit scared actually.


“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


nixon: as per usual, i had a tonne of beautiful pics of you this week but I couldn’t resist this one.  i managed to snap your barry crump face just seconds before you spotted me with the big clicky black thing and erupted into one of your heart-melting smiles.  just like your brother, happiest outside, getting dirty, eating grass.

photo (1)

ethan: as per usual, hardly any pics of you this week, compounded by the fact that you were in waipu for the weekend – having an amazing time!  life is good for you when you can swim with the dogs, you are a simple creature xx

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The Life Cyclone. You know, it’s just like yours right?

Oh this week.

Oh every. single. day of this marathon week of crapness.

Currently on day 12 of massive sinus infection.  Dave took the day off on Tuesday as I was completely useless and took my ass to the doctor.  I cried in the waiting room and I blubbed in the doctors office about how every fibre of my being hurt and that there was just SO much green shit in my head that it was surely addling my brain.  Antibiotics seem to be taking their sweet time to kick in because I still feel like shit, like I’m drowning from the inside.  In a sea of snot, it’s delightful no?

Yesterday morning Nix did the unthinkable.  He slept for 3.5hrs.  I also did the unthinkable and went to bed and laid down for 3.5hrs.  I’m pretty sure the only reason I let myself do this is because Gil from Mudbird Ceramics did it and I thought,’wow, she’s clever, resting when you don’t feel well?  amazing’.  Felt so guilty though, for doing nothing for so many minutes in a row!  Mummy guilt sucks.

So, Nix wakes up happy as, I grab him, breastfeed him and take him over to the changing table to freshen him up.   I then realised exactly how completely stuffed up my head was because I had failed to notice the acrid stench of one of Nixon’s Poo of the Month poo-splosions.  We all get very excited when the babe poos because it so rarely happens and thus, it’s guaranteed to be a doozy when it does.  Nix eats a diet really high in LSA and quinoa to keep his little bowels on the move so things coming from the nether have the un-wipeable consistency of a sand cheesecake.  The only way to move on from Poo of the Month is with a water blaster/bath.  I cleaned Nix up enough so I could pop him on the floor whilst I retrieved the laundry basket baby bath, making my way through the house {wondering why someone would hide the laundry basket baby bath FFS} I noticed a poo skid on the carpet.  There were also two poos on the carpet.  Brilliant dogs we have, they bring me SO much joy.

Found the tub and headed back in to Nixon’s room just in time to see his little wang arcing a stream of wee onto his sheepskin rug.  Bullseye.  My morning complete.

I’m not even going to mention the dramas with E this week, they weigh too heavily and put in perspective how trivial poos and Shi-Tzus really are.  I have a feeling these coming pre-teen years are going to be so testing, thank God for my amazing Mum who has whisked him away for the weekend pre-empting any Cyclone Luci tragedies in our house.  I kid, I kid ……. almost completely joking there!

What about the sunrise this morning?  Our whole house was lit pink when I woke.  Amazing.  Cyclone’s going to be hopefully a tank-full of fun!

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“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

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ethan: you returned home from cub camp tired & grumpy & argumentative.  we let this bother us & we all bickered instead of letting you decompress.  you needed to be on your own, to relax, to be 9.  the beach worked wonders, i’m sorry your dad & i didn’t give you enough space yesterday, we will try harder xx


nixon: those eyelashes.  a hard week. up for hours at night, nose and eyes running but always in the best of moods, you are the sweetest baby {in a non-huggy, non-snuggly kind of way}.  your big brother adores you and instantly forgets his complaints/attitude/frustrations when he holds you.  he is holding you a lot lately now that i think about it! 

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Acquisitions | Baby Bonds Luxe Singletsuit


{FYI, this is NOT a sponsored post, I just received excellent service on a gorgeous product and wanted to share.}

You know those seasons {usually they last for around 365 days a year} when all of your disposable income seems to be spent on your kids?  Autumn is that season for us.  I feel the cold really easily so may be a little paranoid about my boys getting shivery as the temp starts to drop.  E grows in both directions like a weed so he never gets more than one season out of any item of clothing, and Nixon is fresh & new so his wardrobe requirements are pretty much ongoing.  I’m going to focus on layering for bubs to help me shop smart and get more wear out of his clothes.

www.tinyturtles.co.nz had these Luxe Singletsuits on sale yesterday for 50% off!  I grabbed three and am in love!  They are pretty much the softest thing I have ever felt, 65% bamboo is a wondrous thing to behold, it’s going to feel super snuggly against little Nixies skin throughout the colder months.

Tiny Turtles is a mama run business and Brenda seems to frequently pop up great special on her Facebook Page, so it’s worth checking them out here.

Have a great weekend everyone, hope you’re drying out Christchurch xx

The snot and the tears. Write on mummy bloggers, write on!

I wish I had a ‘publish’ button in my head as I write brilliantly in the shower, or when I’m breast feeding, washing the dishes or rocking the baby. I’m able to continue my mental blogging as I move through the day, from diapering to shopping at the vets for a cone-of-shame for the second hand dog {life is quite possibly peaking in the glamour stakes right now}. Yet as I move closer to the Mac I can physically feel the days saved internal blogging transcripts shrivel and die, shrinking away from the light of the computer screen and receding back into the depths of my addled brain, never to be seen again.
But truth be told, I’m still in love with this blog.  I think about it all the time, I jot down ideas (that mostly never come to fruition), I revise the media kit that I’ve never written, I ponder fanciful things like ‘editorial calendars’, I take a gazillion photos and file them away to accompany this post or that post.  One day you might get to read them.  Of course I plan on sitting down “this week” and scheduling all of these marvelous literary diatribes so next week’s looking real good on the blog!
But we know better really don’t we mummy bloggers? We know and expect that everyone will get sick at once, that trucks will need new tyres and excesses will need to be paid for said truck who was crashed into a house by said mummy blogger, the mortgage rates will need to be negotiated in a rising interest market by said mummy blogger/family financial planner, that there will be mufti days remembered as child #1 is walking out the door in uniform and there will be nights spent awake comforting #2 as he feigns sleep while being held only to roar into life the second he touches down in the cot.
You know these things as they are your stories too.  And that’s why we write them and why we read them, as maudlin as it may seem to others, day after day.  Years of connections and now friendships gleaned through a few minutes stolen at the computer and pressing publish or comment.
Thanks for reading my friends, but mostly, thanks for writing.

Ermahgerd. I just did a YouTube workout.

and I finished it.  20 minutes of workout insanity IN MY KITCHEN.  Kind of, it was ballet. ish.

I was waiting for the jug to boil the other night {sad but true, the wine bucket has been subbed out for a steaming mug of hot blackcurrant lately ::::sigh:::: we are all sick}, I noticed what long kitchen benches we have, and how swishy our new floors are.  Snippets of ballet barre routines came back to me and I smashed out a few plies and thought that I would quite enjoy a bit of ballet again.

So this morning while avoiding important things like housework, I did a YouTube search for ballet barre routines and cracked in to the first one that was about 20min long.

I did years and years of dance, it was a compulsory partner to gymnastics training, and this routine was such a good throwback for my inner-adult-ballerina.  I really enjoyed it and my legs got a great workout.  I can now say for sure that I still have butt muscles , tiny as they may be they came alive during my impromptue kitchen bench barre routine, which also included abs and arms!  Yah – “Hello Girls!”, now pass the Old Gold.



nixon: you are extremely precious at the moment, a nasty combo of a full on head cold which is making it’s way through the family and tooth #2 is rendering you very adverse to sleep!  you won’t let daddy help you much but you do LOVE to sit and read Hairy Maclary with him.   over & over again.

E backstroke

ethan: despite having just come out of a cast and then a moonboot you blew my mind at swimming sports.   a week prior your teacher had simply entered you in one flutter-board race {which i rectified pretty quickly as even in year 0 you have never been in a flutter-board race and year 5 wasn’t a good time to start!}.  your results were amazing; 

* 1st place medley

* 3rd 1 length freestyle

* 2nd 2 length freestyle

* 2nd 2 length backstroke

* 2nd 2 length breaststroke

* 1st 4 lengths freestyle

* 3rd place class relay team

you were awarded Joint Year 5 Swimming Champion with your friend with whom you share a lovely, competitive relationship and both of you showed such sportsmanship towards each other.  i was just as proud of that as i was your impressive results.

“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

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