Here Comes the Bus!

With Ethan on Board!

Ok, now he really is getting far too big.  He has wanted to catch the bus home ever since he started school in November.  It’s not really necessary as his school is a 2 min drive from our house and it works in with my drive home from work,  but today we thought it would be fun to give it a go.

We met the driver who all the kids adore, told him where we lived (well I did, Ethan was already deep in the bus deciding who would have the pleasure of sitting next to him!) and he was off.  And I was off, racing up the road to make sure I would be standing by the gate ready to flag the bus down when it came up the road.

He was so proud of himself!  Of course he wants to catch the bus every day now so we have a new bargaining chip, I always need more of those up my sleeve that’s for sure.

Poor neglected bloggy

My day was going great, I was super productive, had a great lecture, crossed heaps of things off my To Do list, had an awesome meeting with Ethan’s teacher, cooked a fab dinner, finished the GST……and then it turned to shit. Strangely I received a visual confirmation of just how shit it was in the form of the FIRST ever roach in this house (we have lived here since May). That’s a sign people. A sign that your awesome cooking post is just going to have to wait because after you finish your triple strength cocktail you are going to bed with some soduko on the DS because that’s about all you can manage. [insert every cuss word here]. And if this post is all garbled and looks like ass it’s because I sent it from my phone WHICH IS NOT AN IPHONE! [insert every cuss word here]. Humph.

So my husband……

He’s had a real ‘beaut’ couple of days. Yesterday he was cutting some hose, was using a new blade and sliced his thumb open. It looked like he had gutted a really small fish. So he spent the afternoon at the ER and went back to finish the job today. Things were going well, he was putting back the hatch on the thing he was fixing (some anti syphon exhaust thing) when the hatch blew shut and locked Dave the Engineer in a space the size of the cupboard under a sink. Are you picturing this? So he pulled off an air vent and proceeded to call for help. I’m crying just writing this I swear. He had no cell phone and was working by himself. Luckily there were some guys working all the way across the marina who heard his scared little cries. And he was rescued. Get better work stories? I don’t think so.

Summer Camping

Our long awaited 4 days camping finally arrived last week and we had a blast.  We returned to our old faithful spot Mangawai and even scored our most favourite camp site, #1 Rum Alley

Dave and I were so happy for our little break……so was Ethan, we barely saw him for 4 days!

This is what I did on my holiday………………………………………and this is what the boys did.  Everyone’s happy!

Ethan made A LOT of new friends……..some wore black jeans, some didn’t but that’s ok with him, he knows his roots after all.

Ethan’s new friends made him really happy

and really dirty!

And then there were the fish

One of the campers taught Ethan how to dig for cockles…………..he ate them raw.

The End.

$12 Well Spent

I haven’t purchased ANYTHING for a while now, since Christmas really so I was heading into dangerous territory when Ethan and I headed to the shops to kill an hour before swimming yesterday.  Farmers were having one of the perpetual sales though and they had a huge bargain/dollar section, most of which was uggg-leee BUT there were some gems to be scored;

  1. A lemon zester for $3!  Have you ever tried making Key Lime Pie without a zester?  Yeah, it’s not pretty.  I have wanted one of these for ever.
  2. Amazing silicone food ties.  These are like re-useable zip ties for the kitchen!  $2 for a pack of 6 ties.  I had never seen such a wondrous thing so I bought 2 packs.
  3. Pack of 3 tea towels in the cutest print for $5.  These are now washed and I am going to donate some of the old ones to Dave’s rag bag.

I know, a total yawn-worthy post, but we had fun hunting for bargains we didn’t need per say, but are happy we brought home.

Look what I’m Reading!!!

Finally, two days before we put the tent up, wherever it is that we decide to go camping (I know, I know these sorts of things are usually planned but I’m having an indecisive month) I win the library lottery.

I requested this series so long ago that I had forgotten about it quite honestly.  But there has been a serious book draught this summer and I’m in desperate need of some good reads before semester starts.  $1 for the request is  a small price to pay for reading the words behind the awesome TV series I feel!

Has anyone else read the Sookie Stackhouse series?

Project 365 * 7 Days

The week that was 1/2/10 – 7/2/10

Monday - This is the daily crop, with the addition of a cucumber every 2nd or 3rd day + BEANS, BEANS, BEANS. I may have over done it this year!
Tuesday - Relaxing with some wii after school & a swim. Lou loves his boy so much
Wednesday - This balloon flies around the hood a couple of times a week. It's odd as you can hear the people's voices before you realize where the are coming from. Lou is TERRIFIED of hot air balloons. He runs inside and quivers until they disappear from sight.
Thursday - Our poor swan plant has only just recovered from the last caterpillar invasion, 1 plant cannot sustain a monarch family, I now know this.
Matakana 021
Friday - A magical night at the Vineyard concert in Matakana. Lucky little prize-winners!

Saturday - The New Addition. This is Fat Jack. Nana caught him in the pond and we all thought "what a beauty!". And he is. So huge and hungry in fact that the bulge you see in his belly belongs to his former compadre - James Tail-er. RIP James.
Sunday - Me going backside on a shitty little close-out. But MAN, this was my first surf in months and I loved it. Right back on the horse.

The More FM Winery Tour – Thanks to Ezibed!

At the end of last week Dave and I were treated to an awesome experience courtesy of the fab team at

By following ezibed on facebook and twitter I won two tickets to the More FM vineyard tour at Ascension Vineyard in Matakana plus accommodation for the night in Warkworth!  I was so stoked, it couldn’t have come at a better time considering the antics of my son last week. Dave and I were so ready for a wee break.

The weather was 10/10, the traffic on the way up not too bad and we found our motel super quick thanks to the primo direction given on the ezibed booking confirmation.  The Central Motel in the heart of Warkworth is perfect for a quick little get-away.  The room had recently been refurbished was large and airy and very clean.  It was also a sweet walk to the free shuttle bus at Mahurangi College which would drive us to the concert.

The venue was amazing, Ascension is a beautiful and intimate place to enjoy a fully kiwiana concert.  I had packed a picnic dinner of  cheeses, dips, crackers, pastrami, cold cordon bleu, fresh salad from our garden and pastries for dessert.  It was a lovely meal when paired with the Flora wine from Ascension, similar to my fav Pinot Gris.

Boh Runga kicked off the show and played an amazing set.  Her sister Bic paled in comparison and appeared as a superfluous back-up singer to Dave Dobbyn and Neil Finn who played the second set of the evening (they started their set with Weather With You – LOVE).  Special guest Che Fu was also a highlight, bringing the awesome ‘Chains’ back from the ’90’s (i think?) and his cover of Come Together with Boh Runga was super funky.

It was an amazing night and a concert that I would definately pay to attend in future years.  Ezibed are still giving away packages for other dates on the tour so get tweeting and bookfacing and what-not and make sure you are in the draw!

Details on how to win here

Thanks so much Ezibed!