What to wear on the school run. For reals.

There was actually a post on my blogroll on this very topic a couple of days ago and oh how I laughed!

Nixon is now just about 7 months old and the timing of his birth has meant that I have actually had to do very few school runs with E in the mornings.  His Dad can often take him, but the warmer weather has meant that he is now riding his bike to school almost every day – major win for me as Nixon enters meltdown mode bewteen 8-9am awaiting his first {sometimes only?!?} naptime.  Next week will be different though, as E is still in a cast & on crutches, and will need to be ferried to and from school.  Which I will be happy to do, but I won’t be modelling either of the outfits that appeared in this post on Styling You.

Perhaps I should be sporting some ensemble akin to the admittedly lovely collections offered as School Run inspiration, but lets face it, it’s not going to happen.  I can’t breast-feed in that dress for starters, those earrings would be ripped out of my ears in 5 seconds flat, I haven’t toted around a leather handbag in approx 6 months 3 weeks and those shoes are  b e i g e.

Let’s have a look at a more realistic School Run Outfit shall we?  I present, Exhibit A;

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.41.28 am

 Singlet top:  Probably years old, various stains and will be either too small or too large {err on the side of too large if at all possible, the crop top fad is not something us classy ladies should really be sporting}


Yesterdays T-Shirt:  Assuming you may have been too tired to undress the night before and simply fell into bed.

Pajama shorts:  Probably from Kmart, must NOT match singlet or T-shirts and must be faded from the wash.

Zip Hoody:  This pulls the outfit together as it gives the illusion that you may be actually dressed when viewed from a passing vehicle – keeping up appearances people!

Socks & Jandals:  Of course!  I really like these socks that are ninja-fied, all ready for slipping on your jandals so no wriggle required.

Cap:  To cover the hair that you washed and brushed three days ago

Sunnies:  Buy large enough to cover the bags under your eyes and you will be looking a million bucks!

Handbag Diaper bag:  You don’t actually need this for your short trip, but you’re so used to lugging the big bastard around that you grab it automatically.

Make-up:  None!  Although I do recommend some Garnier Eye Roll-on, it’s like coffee for your eye bags, completely optional of course and time permitting.

 So there you have it.  Worry no more about back-to-school wardrobe issues, just follow my simple guide and rest assured you will fit in with all of the other Mummy’s who just want to get home from school sans child as quickly as possible.

Cleaning out the Pot Cupboard, so to speak

We were up at the crack yesterday, you know, baby etc, status quo.  Dave and E were out of the door at 6.50am to the hospital for a follow-up xray and new cast so I really had no choice but to be productive.

I whipped up a large batch of baby breakfast puree {pears, peaches, blueberries, strawberries and apricots} and was washing up and putting the dishes away.  The pots wouldn’t easily/neatly fit in the pot cupboard – please tell me I’m not the only one with cupboards like this!  Usually I’d just wiggle everything around until I could close the doors and walk away without a second thought.  I did give it a second thought however, and my thought was; “goddam it, I’m going to clean out that cupboard.  Not tomorrow but right NOW!”.

And I did.

As I was cleaning I was having some more thoughts!  Huzzah – thinking!  I never spend much time on New Years Resolutions and the like, but the pot cupboard makeover as a Random Act of Cleaning {RAOC} made me realise how much I procrastinate.  Procrastinating is directly correlated with productivity and productivity is my jam.

From now on, when something needs organising, cleaning, tidying, finishing, sorting {+cuddling, listening, reading to}, I will do it.  Pronto.  Much like you I’m sure, I suffer from severe not-enough-hours-in-the-day-itis, so, this year I want to be consciously more productive and more precious about what I’m giving my time to throughout the day.

And now, enjoy this picture of my ah-ha moment – behold, the Pot Cupboard, symbol of the Productive Project 2014.



“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


ethan.  i love this picture of you, you are just so handsome it kills me.  you also look like butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth – which is 100% true if we are talking about how kind and sweet you are to your little brother!


nixon.  if ever there was a jack baby it is you.  you look so much like your grandad in america it is pretty hilarious.  i think your david bain ear may be all your own though little sweetie.

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Project Life | Week 2 + Linky is live!

Processed with VSCOcam

Project Life: Week 2

Yay week 2!  As you can see my corner rounder arrived this week so from now on the spreads will all be matchy matchy.  At this early stage I’m still not overwhelmed with creative inspiration…..but that’s where you come in!  If you’re posting your Project Life spreads on your blog, then join my weekly link-up so I can get intimidated inspired by your mad creative skills!

I’m still loving the little Canon Selphy, to get the 4×3″ pics I’m using Adobe InDesign for my layouts and cutting the printed images by hand.  I think a rotary cutter or guillotine will be my next purchase, any recommendations?

If you want to join in, just follow the instructions below, grab the button and link back here x


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“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


ethan.  i had a gorgeous, happy pic of my big this week.  then this happened.  prior to his injury he had learnt how to drop into a ramp on his skateboard.  despite falling {hard} over, and over, he picked himself up and climbed back up until he nailed it.  so proud of him. and so sorry for him.


nixon.  ummm, hello?  those eyelashes……and your david bain ear.  you are a beauty my son.  try and poo this week mmmkay?

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Read | An Idiot Abroad – Review


Have you seen the Idiot Abroad TV series?  It’s awesomely, deadpan and hilarious.  Basically the premise is Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant send their mate(?) Karl Pilkington on blind adventures to places he really has no interest in visiting.  In fact Karl seems to have no interest in visiting any place at all aside from his local Fish n Chip.  In this travel diary, Karl visits the 7 wonders of the world, reluctantly.  His accounts are totally without fluff and often focus on the unexpected and banal.  He worries about the effects of broadening his horizons by travelling, as he was totally happy with his horizons as limited as they were.

I truly loved this book.  Originally purchased for my husband to take to Asia {I now realise how that may have seemed to him!}, I picked it up finished it in a day or two.  A lovely easy read, but engaging and funny.  You would seriously never have considered travel in the way Pilkington does – he has no time for it basically.  The tidbits of his adventures that do please him will catch you by surprise and his anecdotes and distinct lack of rose-coloured glasses are refreshing and quite endearing.  For a quick preview of the show have a look at the video below;

Pilkington’s second book, The Further Adventures of an Idiot Abroad, is on my nightstand waiting in line to be read, but first up I am joining in with the ABM Book Club.  January’s book is The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer, it’s locked and loaded on my kindle ready to go!  Will you join me?  What are you reading this summer?

Project Life| Cover & Week 1 + Linky anyone?


I cannot stand the thought of paper scrapbooking, it’s just not for me, however  I LOVE photos and so any amount of time spent on embellishments, cutting, gluing etc rather than on the images is time I’d rather not spend. A pocket scrapbooking system such as Project Life is perfect for me.  Basically, PL is inserting your printed photos into pockets and journalling as much or as little as you’d like onto 4×6 or 4×3 cards.  Read about Project Life on the official website here.  You can get as fancy as you like or keep it simple.

What I’m using;

  • I ordered my binder, inserts and core kit online from Craft House but PL is now stocked in Spotlight so is very accessible.  This year I’m using the Midnight Core Kit and Midnight Album and have a Big Variety Pack of inserts so I can vary my layouts
  • I take my pictures on a Canon 550D , usually with my 50mm lens or my Samsung S4 and edit using the VSCO Cam app
  • I print my pics at home using a Canon Selphy 4×6 dedicated photo printer.  Yes, the cost per print is more expensive than printing online or at a store, however my PL project would be very short lived if I had to order my prints in a bulk lot – it just wouldn’t happen.
  • I’m doing one spread, total two sides per week and after 5 weeks I have managed to keep the momentum going and am up to date!
  • My week runs Sun-Sat so I spend a few minutes here and there throughout the weekend to get the past week in the album.  It really doesn’t take too long to do each layout but you have to take heaps of pics throughout the week otherwise you might get a wee bit stuck {I was struggling this week}.
  • I started before Christmas which is weird timing as it would have made sense to start in the New Year, but the whole point of this exercise is for me to document Nixie’s first year, so, away we go!

Processed with VSCOcam

Project Life 2014 album front page

Processed with VSCOcam

Project Life: Week 1 

If anyone wants to do a linky let me know and I’ll host it!  Would love to see what you guys are up to with your albums.

Things I’m Loving


loving dahlia season.  this is the second summer our bulbs have been in the ground and they are going nuts, not just these dinner plate sized purple ones, but the smaller red and whites that only had one bloom last year are looking much more promising


i don’t know whether i’m loving this or hating it but will err on the optimistic side.  our tiles in the entrance, kitchen and laundry are up and new vinyl planking is to be laid next week.  our old cement foundation is such a mess and looks like it was hand mixed so i think the installers are going to have lots of fun with the prep, meaning lots more $$$.  it will be lovely when it’s done so fingers crossed everything goes smoothly 


early mornings together-ish.  love these boys x


i cashed in one of my christmas prezzies this week and enjoyed a manicure / pedicure.  seriously loving my fluoro orange nails


i’ve tidied and tidied this week and i’m loving my reclaimed desk.  organised and ready to start the year off as i mean to continue


Hello Nixon | Six Months Old Little Bird


Nixie Pixie, my you have grown this month! 1.375kg weight gain to top the scales at just shy of 10kg!  Little hippo indeed.

Geoff called you Little Bird on our holiday in Waipu and it’s so true, whenever a spoon is in range you open your wee mouth so wide, always waiting for your next mouthful.  You love everything I make you, and have much more time for solids than you do for your milk, which you rush through as quickly as possible so you don’t miss a thing.  We call you Nosey-Parker as you are always keeping tabs on everyone, paying attention to conversations and who is where.

It was so tricky to photograph you this month as you don’t stay still for a second, I had your Dad help me and we still couldn’t pin you down!  You are just about fully stable when sitting and today I  noticed that you were using your little knees to shunt your way around the living room – slow down sweet baby!

You enjoyed your first Christmas this month, loving the wrapping paper and having all of your family around you.  You took your first swim in the ocean last week and just like your big brother you seem to be a little water baby.  We love that you sleep through the night, and you are learning to be a much better day sleeper as you get older.

You continue to be SO immensely happy and pleased as punch with life in general, your big gummy smiles just melt our hearts and your loud babbles fill our home with the best sounds in the world.

Love, Mama xx

Nix_6_months2 copy