Back to School | Ditch the Duraseal with EZ Cover

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Welcome to the 5th post in a little series I’m going to refer to as All the Mummas Say Hell Yes! The Best Nest Goes Back to School 2016!  Whoop whoop!  Uniforms, BYOD, shoes, haircuts, stationery, lunch boxes, covering books, HELP!

I’ve always loved the annual book covering tradition.  I was that teenage girl who religiously collected magazine images, cut them out and made perfect Cleo/Dolly/Cosmo montages on my ring binders and exercise books.  But I have a infamous lack of patience and a furious temper (it’s true!) which does not mix well with covering books.   

One of the bonuses of kids is that you get to cover their books too (this is up for debate of course).  After a 15 year break between covers it took me a while to get my groove back, but the old covering technique quickly returned as did the satisfaction of spending hours caressing 1B5 exercise books.  Not.  Covering books because you are a wicked perfectionist and can’t trust the job to anyone else is totally different from covering your books because Keanu Reeves is a teenage girls dreamboat.

But I digress.

So, I will revise this sweeping statement; I always loved the annual book covering tradition until I tried EZ Covers.  Now I love EZ Covers so much I should probably just go ahead and marry them.  That much I swear is true!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Book Covers

There is actually zero effort involved in covering books with EZ Covers and every one turns out perfect.  I cannot believe I have been a slave to sticky, single-use covers for years!  The cost and time savings are seriously massive, plus these covers are eco-friendly in that they are made from recycled PVC-free materials, they last for ages so can be reused and they can be recycled.  

Take a look at the image below, using these Wonders of the Modern World is as simple as inserting each book cover into the flaps.  At a stretch I would say it takes 20 seconds to cover a book.  <<<<<  Not joking.  $1.70 per book and 20 seconds of your time.  LOVE.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Book Covers

Order your EZ Covers here or head over to Facebook where I’m giving away $50 credit to shop for your Back to School book covers the easy way, online! 



Back to School | The Little Tablet that Could

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School BYOD

Welcome to the 5th post in a little series I’m going to refer to as All the Mummas Say Hell Yes! The Best Nest Goes Back to School 2016!  Whoop whoop!  Shopping, lunchboxes, uniforms, shoes, pencil sharpeners, stationery, computers, Chromebooks, devices, BYOD!!!!!

We’ve discussed BYOD before (here & here) where we decided a Chromebook would be perfect for Ethan to transport to-and-from school everyday.  A great option for him at the moment, but, there are many other options out there for those who require a little more computing power or perhaps some specific Microsoft programs that are not available via Chromebooks, iPads or other devices.

Laptops have well and truly carved out some new territory, in fact this wee gem may look like a laptop but don’t be fooled.  It’s actually a modern day Transformer; the screen comes OFF people!!!!

Amaze.  What will they think of next?!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School BYOD

I joke, I’m not a technical retard but I am slightly out of touch with windows computers (I’m a Mac girl) and I had no idea what number OS they are up to, so it was quite exciting finding my way around this HP tablet from Noel Leeming.

If like me, this year is your first time at the BYOD rodeo then the initial step is having a very clear idea of what the school requires as well as what is going to work best for your child.

This checklist is the perfect place to start.  Compiled by the passionate geeks (I’m joking!) experts at Noel Leeming, you can’t go wrong by taking note of these 6 BYOD tips before you hit the shops;

What to look for in a BYOD device

  1. 10-inch minimum screen
  2. Runs both apps and programmes
  3. USB port
  4. Work both offline and online
  5. Battery life to last a typical school day
  6. Lightweight

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School BYOD

So this sassy, red number from HP totally fits the bill, plus the benefits of a device such as this over an iPad or Android tablet are considerable.  The first that comes to mind is the availability of a USB port, essential to expand the often limited storage that is available on these late-model, lightweight devices.  This also allows you to use peripheral devices such as cameras, printers and a mouse.

The detachable keyboard is another bonus in my opinion.  Many schools may be ok with an iPad as a device but will insist that a bluetooth keyboard is used alongside it.  This is an additional cost on top of an already expensive purchase.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School BYOD

Using Windows on a touchscreen device was totally weird for me at first, but Windows 10 is quite intuitive.  Ethan was like, no big deal, and for Dave – who works on a Windows laptop – this tablet was very, very exciting!  Swipe swipe! 

Aside from the obvious specialist advice that’s available at Noel Leeming, my fave reasons for making all of our family’s major purchases there are twofold;

  1. Flybuys:  Self-explanatory and totally worthwhile.
  2. Price matching:  Noel Leeming offers their Price Promise which means you never have to choose FlyBuys over a lower price!  Present an advertisement or a quote from a competitor and you’re sorted!  Love that and have used it many times.

 > Shop the HP 10.1″ Pavilion X2 Red Detachable Hybrid Tablet Bundle here < it comes with a mouse and a case for $599.

 > Find out more about BYOD by checking out Noel Leeming’s easy to understand – and super comprehensive – guide right here > Everything You Need to know about BYOD.  They compare all of your different options as well as expanding on all of those little extras such as antivirus, cases, printers,extra storage…………….got any money left?  Me either lol.

Good luck on your BYOD journey parents, we’re all in this together!


A Very Strange Day

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog Article

  1. Woken at 4am by a DAMNCAT screaming in our yard, rousing the Shi-Tzus into thunderous barks (ok, that may be a stretch), waking Nixie, Dave and I and reminding me that THAT article was coming out today.
  2. Couldn’t get back to sleep because thinking – about THAT article.
  3. Got up at 7, Dave went and got the paper.
  4. We read THAT article.  And I felt very relieved that the reporter didn’t scrape my heart out with a butter knife and make snide remarks about using social media to exploit my children.  That was nice of her.
  5. The boys lost their fucking minds.  Approximately 3 minutes after Dave left the house.  Ethan lost all Xbox and iPad privileges because he’s 11 and his default response to any question is NO.  Nixon was in the kind of mood where he was walking around the house with both arms outstretched, knocking and grabbing everything within reach and harassing his grumpy older brother no end.  Oh and wanting me to carry him everywhere (he weighs 17.5 kgs and is 2.5 years old ffs).  Yes, he was bored and totally feeding off all the negative energy in the house, it was a spiralling cycle of angst.  
  6. We finally escaped the house and headed to the beach for a play and picnic dinner with friends.  The kids were playing when two large, intimidating dogs and their owners cruised past.  When the dogs ran up to the kids (I was scared) and reminded them that they were supposed to be on leashes, I was called a f*cking judgemental c*nt.  In front of the kids.  Well played you classy assholes.
  7. Just as we had set dinner up a freak rain shower occurred, out of a clear blue sky.  It finished as soon as it had wet everything and we were done eating.  Kids didn’t care, must follow kids example more often.  They give zero fucks about rain.
  8. Wondering why I insist upon wearing horizontal stripes every time I get my photo taken?  I think there’s some kind of fashion rule about that right?  Must stop eating so much FOOD yo.

Happy Saturday!

Back to School | Leather School Sandals from 2 Feet Tall

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Sandlas leather shoes

If there is one thing I’m a sucker for it’s leather shoes.  The little bit extra you pay for them reaps dividends when you consider how much longer they last than their synthetic alternatives.  I’ve found this especially true with school shoes for Ethan.  His primary school years consisted of basically non-stop running and sport for six years straight!  The kid has a very, sincere need for quality footwear that would otherwise see me buying a new pair of synthetic leather or canvas shoes every term (minimum).  Nixon is tracking in a similar vein, and though not at school yet, his kindy shoes are taking a beating – as do his toes when he’s not wearing any shoes.  

I buy the boys good shoes because it makes sense and saves me money in the long run, plus their feet need to be looked after.  Ethan has some weird extra bone in his foot which has caused him major pain and many physio / moonboot sessions over the years, school shoes with proper support were stipulated after his last injury as essential for his ongoing comfort and bone health.  

2 Feet Tall have kindly sent Nixie a pair of their Riley Sandals for kindy this year and I’m super impressed with them.  Nixie is away with his Nana at the moment so as soon as he gets back down to Auckland I’ll snap him wearing them and update this post!

This is a style of sandal that has always appealed to me because it’s such a sneaker/sandal crossover – perfect for kids like mine that spend all of their free time at school careering around the playground!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Shoes

Things I LOVE about the 2 Feet Tall Riley Sandals:

  1. The outer sole is leather.  Not hard, stiff leather either.  These sandals are so lovely and soft I’m going to have no problems keeping them on Nixie’s feet throughout the day.
  2. The Riley’s are glued and stitched, definitely a point of difference between these and similar styles which will contribute to their ability to go the distance with Nix this year.
  3. The inner sole is a soft suede with a neoprene liner (I think!) with plenty of ventilation to help with the crazy heat getting thrown at us this summer!
  4. The molded, cushioned insole will provide plenty of support for my babe’s little feet.
  5. The rubber sole is both super durable but surprisingly flexible.  A dream combo for little dudes like Nix who are still a bit clumsy in stiff shoes.
  6. They are available in a range of sizes from toddler to those suitable for older children.

2 Feet Tall is a New Zealand owned and operated company run by a NZ mum who knows what’s required from a really great school shoe.  Shop the range here.

For a chance to win a pair of Riley sandals for your little person, enter via the widget below then head over to The Best Nest on Facebook to complete your entry.

Iced Tea Three Ways

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog Fruit Tea Recipes

2016 has certainly blessed us with an abundance of sunshine hours thus far, and Summer (albeit an El Niño one!) means spending time with friends and family and getting creative in the kitchen as we share these lazy days together.

If you’re looking for something a little bit delicious to help you stay hydrated this Summer – or to wow your visitors – I’ve come up with three super easy ways to enjoy Healtheries Iced Tea, a refreshing alternative to sugary juices and soft drinks that’s caffeine free and 99% sugar free!  Kid friendly?  My boys can’t get enough, but aside from being my new fridge staple, Iced Teas can be dressed to impress and make the perfect anytime pick-me-up or a healthy alternative to wine-o’clock!

Now where are my paper umbrellas?

Apple & Blueberry Iced Tea Slushies

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog Fruit Tea Recipes

The boys both received Chill Factor Slushy Makers for Christmas so I was excited to try out a healthy, more adult-friendly version than the varieties we’d been experimenting with so far.  I brewed 1 cup of Apple & Blueberry Iced Tea using chilled water, squished up my slushy and served it with apple slices and giant, fresh blueberries.  Ah-maze-ing.  Forget about reaching for the Magnums this summer, your waistlines will thank me I promise!

Sparkling Iced Tea

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog Iced Tea Recipes

Bubbles make everything a little bit special right?  I love this combo of soda water made at home in my SodaStream plus Healtheries Lemon & Lime Iced Tea with lemon and kiwi fruit slices.  This just tastes like Summer and is the ultimate thirst quencher.  One thing I love about these iced tea varieties is that the flavours get better and better the longer you let them steep – as opposed to getting stronger and stronger and more tea-ish (sp?).  I’m not a fan of traditional tea at all, Iced, Fruit and Green teas are all I will drink so having some new tea options that I love makes me so happy!

Iced Tea en Masse!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog Iced Tea Recipes

Because they are caffeine free and 99% sugar free, Healtheries Iced Teas are a perfect option for the entire family.  Nixon and Ethan both love all three varieties and even more so when I have them ready and waiting in the fridge!

This morning I made 2 cups of each flavour, spent 5 minutes chopping some fruit and popped our teas in the fridge so we were all prepared for our day with easy, healthy and freaking gorgeously-good drinks ready to enjoy when we needed them!  

Try this: I keep frozen mango cubes in the freezer for smoothies so added some chunks to the Peach and Mango variety along with some chopped peaches and crunchy apple slices.  I left the tea bags in the mason jars and the flavours were beautiful!  (If you’re looking for cute mason jar mugs, try your local dollar store, Kmart or the Warehouse).

I really struggle to drink enough water but the flavours of this new range are so, so good I feel like I’ve got a new lease on hydration this summer!  Try popping a tea bag in a drink bottle with some chilled water before you head out for the day or off to work – I guarantee you’ll be hitting your water goals in no time!

Healtheries Iced Teas come in three delicious flavours: Peach & Mango, Lemon & Lime and Apple & Blueberry. Available in supermarkets nationwide RRP$3.99.  Find out more information at

If you would like to win ALL 3 delicious Healtheries Iced Tea varieties, just leave a comment below!  Winner drawn 28/2/16.  NZ residents only.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog Fruit Tea Recipes


Back to School | The Deal-breaker – School Stationery Shopping

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Staionery

Welcome to the third post in a little series I’m going to refer to as All the Mummas Say Hell Yes! The Best Nest Goes Back to School 2016!  Whoop whoop!  Shopping, lunchboxes, uniforms, shoes, pencil sharpeners, stationery, protractors, hold on, PROTRACTORS!!!!!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Stationery

I don’t really get on my soapbox too often these days (in the public forum that is lol).  But one thing that really pisses me off, and it happens this same time every year to varying degrees or another, is being told where I must shop for the kids Back to School stationery.  That’s not how New Zealand works actually, especially if you attend a state run school.  We live in a democratic society where the only current business monopoly is held by Sky TV – to whom we don’t subscribe lol, so I certainly don’t appreciate tactics by public schools to make money by hamstringing parents at the exact time of year when money is particularly tight.

The stationery list from E’s new school was full cloak and dagger style, no specifics listed at all, we were simply to buy the required PACK from a specific provider.  This school year has so far cost us 1k+ (not including the $329 per term bus fare!) and we haven’t even considered the camps and sports camps that E will be busting his ass to attend.  I don’t begrudge this expenditure at all, this is simply part and parcel of having kids these days.  What I don’t appreciate is removing any choice I have to save a little bit of money where possible.

Needless to say, I received a copy of the stationery list in full and shopped for it myself!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Stationery New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Stationery

Did I save money?


My Shopping at Warehouse Stationery plus a specific item that will need to be purchased from the school came in $20 cheaper than the same order from the preferred vendor including shipping!  The price differences were staggering; .05 / .51c, 1.09 / 2.60, .19 / 1.12!  I realise that I didn’t save myself a mortgage payment or anything but $20 is $20 right?!

The team at Warehouse Stationery have extended opening hours throughout the Back to School season so I popped in this morning (Sunday) at 9am and was done and dusted in 10 minutes.  Loved it.  As well as the standard stationery supplies you’d expect, they also stock the biggest range of BYOD tech and furniture under one roof – totally a one stop shop to get the kids ready for a new school year.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School StationeryIf you’re still not sure of the savings benefits in doing your own stationery shopping here’s one last tip guarantee that you will save money;  The Parents Price Pledge at Warehouse Stationery promises that they will beat the price of any identical item on a quoted stationery list by 20%!

  • This post was sponsored by Warehouse Stationery.



Daily Look | Wake-up & Road Trip

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog Summer roadtrip

A bit of an early start this morning courtesy of Nixon saw me considering plans for the day pre-7.30am.  Plenty of time to cram some more sun into this summer holiday!  I was considering inexpensive things the boys and I could do, beaches we could visit in Auckland when I remembered that there was actually no reason for us even to be in Auckland!  

The boys didn’t need any convincing so we packed light and fast and hit the road heading for Mum’s in Waipu.  Driving off-peak on the open road in New Zealand is one of my favourite things to do and a little impulsiveness is always good for the soul don’t you think?

Summer Reading | Dan Carter: My Story

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog Book Review Dan Carter

Dan Carter: My Story.  Published by Upstart Press RRP $49.99

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog Dan Carter Book ReviewOh lord.  I finished this book 2 days ago and I’m still thinking about it.

Whether you’re a die-hard rugby fan looking for something to tide you over until the Super Rugby season begins, a sports fan in general or maybe just an interested kiwi, Dan Carter’s biography is a must-read.

Don’t expect to finish My Story and feel like you’ve got an in-depth understanding into the mind of one of New Zealand’s greatest sons.  Quite the contrary actually.  There are parts of this book that are so utterly impersonal they could be transposed into a biography of any other current All Black.  Seriously.  This doesn’t detract from the readability of the book at all, it just exemplifies the very limited glimpse Dan actually intended the public to have via such a long-awaited release.

There were major events described in the book that were touched upon so briefly I was left wanting more.  To no avail unfortunately.  The insane triumph of the All Blacks in the 2011 World Cup, with all of the injuries, substitutions and against the odds, heart-swell moments measured a mere blip.  There was no mention (and I mean NO mention) of  heroes Piri and Beaver, in fact it seemed the whole final faded into oblivion once Dan and his groin were out of action.

Look, I totally get that this is Carter’s biography, not that of any other All Black, but to speak in clichés, there’s no ‘I’ in team.  The only time team dynamics are discussed is with regards to the Crusaders.  Unbelievably absent is any mention of Dan’s relationship with Ritchie McCaw.  In fact, I think our great Captain probably only warrants 7-ish cursory mentions throughout the whole book!

Surely playing alongside the most successful All Black captain of all time throughout your entire career might warrant a little exploration?  They are noted as business partners and teammates but Carter never calls him ‘friend’.  That status is conferred on few rugby players, Ma’a Nonu, Aaron Mauger and Conrad Smith I think are the few that are mentioned as such.

Weird right?  Also very thin on details is anything specific to his wife and children, this is more understandable but a more apt title of the book might have been ‘My Injuries’ as opposed to ‘My Story’.  With such a celebrated career, spanning so many insane highlights, there is definitely an ‘against the odds’ feeling to Dan’s tale which was surprising and left me feeling slightly deflated.

OK, critical book review over, My Story is still a must-read.  I loved it.  I’m a huge rugby/All Blacks fan so an inside look into how high performance rugby in NZ actually works was too good to go past and resulted in a book I was reluctant to put down.

Duncan Grieve has done a fantastic job, the structure is brilliant with chapters alternating between a chronological narrative and transcriptions of interviews recorded throughout Carter’s last year as an All Black.  Beautifully planned and executed.


Back to School | Splurge Vs Save Smiggle + Kookie


New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Smiggle Stationery

Welcome to the second post in a little series I’m going to refer to as All the Mummas Say Hell Yes! The Best Nest Goes Back to School 2016!  Whoop whoop!  Shopping, lunchboxes, uniforms, shoes, pencil sharpeners, stationery, schoolbags………

…..and we really are blessed for choice aren’t we?  Sooo many places to choose between when shopping for back to school supplies and you can often tick multiple items off your list with a little smart shopping.  That’s what we are going to do today, compare very similar offerings from two different retailers and find out just how much they differ in price.

Our Contenders;

Meet Smiggle® (online shopping not available in NZ), the super popular niche retailer selling bright, fun, colour-blocked stationery and accessory ranges.

Meet Kookie from Warehouse Stationery.  Perhaps traditionally known for standard office and school supplies, this large retailer launched multiple ranges of on-trend ‘fashion-ery’ in 2015 and is now armed with it’s own cute and funky brands that will appeal to all ages.  Kookie is made for Kiwi kids, featuring bold, colourful and functional products.

Let’s take a look at those prices!

*The coloured bar graphs in the centre of the graphic show the price difference to scale.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Smiggle Stationery

Pencil Cases

Kookie Marine Pencil Case Tube $7.99 vs Smiggle Pals Tube Pencil Case $10.95

Price difference = $2.96 / 27%

Two great little pencil cases here!  The Smiggle offering is a traditional, cylindrical tube made from PVC I think.  Great length, definitely falls into the not-too-big category which some kids will like, but if your child likes to pack a full range of felts and coloured pencils, you’re going to need a bigger boat!

The case from Kookie is a canvas fabric which makes it a bit more flexible and possibly easier to rummage around in.  A wee bit shorter than the Smiggle case which could cause some ruler issues lol.  The super cute New Zealand endangered marine life series is pretty rad too!

Key Rings

Kookie Marine Key Ring $3.99 vs Smiggle Alphabet Key Ring $7.99

Price difference = $4 / 50%.

Ok, I don’t know that many kids with keys, so this is totally a novelty item for me, in which case price would be the main consideration.  Again they’re both really cute and essentially the same quality.  The letter from Smiggle is a rigid plastic, whereas the marine animal series from Kookie is a soft rubber.


Kookie Marine Lunchbox Stack of 4 $12.99 vs  Smiggle Pop Up Lunch Box $16.95

Price difference = $3.96 / 23%.

A good lunchbox is one of the most essential pieces in the back to school puzzle in my opinion.  Too bulky and it makes  a school bag awkward and uncomfortable.  Too small and it’s useless…

I would use both of these options as part of a bigger set I think.  The Smiggle Pop Up lunchbox is definitely quite useful in that it collapses down nicely, not so good if there are any remnants leftover after lunch though.  The Kookie set of 4 boxes would be an easy, inexpensive way to use an existing lunchbox cooler-bag as a bento-style lunchbox with individual compartments.  


Kookie Fruit Backpack $34.99 vs Smiggle Wow Backpack $49.99

Price difference = $15 / 30%.

Another crucial purchase I think.  Especially important for little wee kids and the bigger ones.  A too-big bag on a Year 0 is a nightmare as is a too-small bag for a Year 7.  Size matters lol.

These bags are essentially identical – same layout, the materials feel the same and are a very similar bright, fun aesthetic.  Both are an awesome size for school with great strong zips (SO important!), lots of pockets that are actually a functional size, drink bottle holders on the sides, a slot for earphones (?) and lovely padded straps.

It only comes down to price with Kookie coming in $15 cheaper.

Fibre Optic Lamps

Kookie LED Spray Fibre Optic Crystal Lamp $9.99 vs Smiggle Mega Mix Light $24.99

Price difference = $15 / 60%.

Like the backpacks these are nearly identical, in fact if they didn’t come out of the same factory I would be very surprised!  The Smiggle version has multicoloured strands of strandy stuff whereas the Kookie version is just clear.  The LED’s in both lamps change colour, though this seems to show up better on the clear strands of the Kookie lamp – which is why Ethan chose that one as his fave.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Smiggle Stationery

So, the Kookie range from Warehouse Stationery looks set to give Smiggle®? some competition in New Zealand for colourful, fun kids stationery and accessories!  Plus the price is very, very nice.  I’m stoked, what do you think?

* Please note some items in this image are not the same as those reviewed.

** Goods in this review were provided free for editorial consideration by Warehouse Stationery.

Back to School | Yumbox Original Bento Lunchbox

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Bento Lunchbox

Welcome to the first post in a little series I’m going to refer to as All the Mummas Say Hell Yes! The Best Nest Goes Back to School 2016!  Whoop whoop!  Shopping, stationery, uniforms, shoes, pencil sharpeners, lunchboxes………

Bento style lunchboxes to be exact.

I’m admittedly a wee bit late to the game when it comes to creating amazing bento lunches for my kids, Ethan is 11 and has never had one!!  Poor child, I have still managed to feed him lunch for many years so he’s not too traumatised.  Nix on the other hand is fully Team Bento after a super cool delivery from The LunchBox Queen herself!

Lynley picked out a super cool, 6 compartment Yumbox Original Bento Lunchbox for Nixon and I to try in Pomme Green and we’ve been using it for his twice weekly kindy lunches and all of our summer excursions so far this year.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Bento Lunchbox

What do we think?

I freaking love it!  I’ve never been that amazing Mum that creates innovative and original lunches every day, not because we don’t love food or are not good cooks – both Dave and I love to cook – we just seem to have a problem translating that into fun, delicious lunchbox ideas.  Which is probably the same for many of you right?

Bento is a Japanese term that describes either the multi-compartment container that holds a meal or the contents itself.  Bento styled lunches have become hugely popular for kids in recent years and after preparing Nixie’s lunch this way for a few weeks I can see why!

  1. Filling the various compartments reminds you to include as many different food varieties as you can, in fact the Yumbox has a super-cute removable tray insert with food group illustrations to guide you in packing a healthy lunch.
  2. The compartments make packing a plastic-wrap free lunch super easy!  Plus, they don’t leak and many kids will appreciate that their foods are not ‘touching’ each other.
  3. Nixon loves seeing his food displayed in the tray, he’s always excited to see what the lunchbox gods have packed for the day lol.  It’s also encouraged him to be more adventurous in his food choices, the presentation makes all food look fun and delicious – if you’ve got a picky eater I would definitely recommend trying a Bento lunchbox.
  4. The inner tray pops out so washing is very easy – I’ve been handwashing mine but they are able to be washed in the dishwasher below 65C/149F.

The proof was in the pudding for me when one of Nixon’s kindy teachers made a point of telling me how amazing his lunchbox was.  She noticed that he was able to manage opening it and closing it easily (he’s only 2.5 so struggles with some lunchboxes), how excited he was about lunch and how he ‘grazed’ the different compartments, eventually completely cleaning it out!

This lady sees MANY lunchboxes so that’s a pretty great endorsement for yumbox I thought!

The Yumbox Original Bento Box $45.99 is available from The Lunchbox Queen.  Shop the range here.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Bento Lunchbox New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Bento Lunchbox