To Close it Off

2gb less photos in 2011 than in 2010.

I know why, but it is still a surprise.  Some whole months skipped without a single photo taken, though admittedly there were months this year in which it was hard to find the joy.  Still we had some happy times, both with and without Dad, but I for one cannot wait to see the end of 2011.  I was a bit loathe to use the first song in case I jinxed us.  What if the Dog Days are not over?  Surely they have to be, it seems like year after year has been getting harder, but I feel things are definitely on the upswing!

Have an awesome New Year everyone!

Love from Us xx

Empty Nest

Last week as I sat at the side of the pool, Ethan’s swim instructor ejected all the kids from the pool to watch Ethan swim 25m of PERFECT breaststroke.  I was proud.  Until I realised that he had no business being in this class anymore and had been overlooked for advancement more than once.  ETHAN OVERLOOKED!?!  I don’t know this was possible or how I let this happen (I’ll blame Words With Friends) but the day had finally come when someone (ie TYLER Swim Instructor) had failed to notice Amazing Ethan.  Of course I could not let this rest, after a brief discussion it was decided that Ethan would be assessed the following week.  I put this down to one thing.  Speed.  The boy is built like a baby buffalo, whom I can imagine are not that aerodynamic whilst swimming laps.  He is not the fastest kid in the stroke class but he has the endurance of an Ethiopian.  Kid can swim and swim and swim with perfect technique.

Anywho, fast forward a week and Ethan is preparing to go to Nana’s for the day when I remind him he has swimming in the afternoon (which he will not miss because that shit costs money);

  • Instant tears
  • “My holiday’s RUINED”
  • “I’ll be there at least until next Wednesday MAYBE LONGER!!!”
  • “I am SO angry”
  • “I’m packing my bags” (which he did, he packed 2 sets of clothes and jammies – obviously enough for a week away – MAYBE LONGER.

It’s very quiet here.

Ethan begins his new class next year :  )

Life Lately



20111218-151237.jpg 20111218-151245.jpg

20111218-151251.jpg 20111218-151257.jpg

20111218-151303.jpg 20111218-151839.jpg


  • 1.  Lou & Dash survive their Christmas grooming marathon once again.  Best $100 EVER spent
  • 2.  Jeans & shoes mid-December.  I picked these shoes up online for $50, saw the SAME shoes in Country Rd for $100.  Snap.  Single worst, wettest month of Summer I can remember
  • 3.  I have finally mastered curling my hair with my GHD’s.  I think that only took me 4 years!
  • 4.  One of the best things about having a kid is the amaxing xmas decorations they bring home every year, this special ‘Star O’ Glitter’ was made for my truck!
  • 5.  Self Portrait – Ethan Jack.  E came to work with me on Friday and one of my lovely customers gave him an awesome squid lure.  I love looking through my photo reel on my phone each week and discovering Ethan’s sneaky snaps!
  • 6.  Strawberry season.  At least this faux-summer has managed to grow some strawberries.  Homemade strawberry icecream from a little stand in Kumeu
  • 7.  An army of chocolate dipped strawberries, ready for Jo and Hadyn’s engagement party!
  • 8.  Dave, give me your goofiest look…..oh, you already doing it…ok then


7 Year Itch

I’ve had this guy around for 7 years now but not a day goes by when I don’t look at that face, those big blue eyes and those messy curls and want to just smother him in kisses. Being a mum is the most awesome job in the world.