Wardobe Wednesday



I wore this outfit to work a couple of weeks ago and just haven’t had the inclination to post it.  I liked the outfit in the morning when I put it on, then by the end of the day it just felt SO mumsy and frumpy.  I think it was the 3/4 pants?  It just felt very boring and completely devoid of any style or personality, actually it just made me feel old!  Does anyone know what I mean?

In other news, I am happy to report that I blow dried my hair yesterday so have had two messy-topknot free days in a row!  I am training myself to get up earlier in preparation for school commencing next week and surprise surprise I have SO much more time in the morning!


Wardrobe_wednesday Wardrobe_wednesday


Top: Brown silk/cotton swing tank Ezzue

Pants: Mosaic

Shoes: Huaraches from Urban Outfitters

Necklace: Gifted by my Mum from Chinatown, SF

Create Hope Inspire Wardrobe Wednesday

Summer Holidays – The End.

Anniversary Day has passed, as has our five days at the beach.

We have swam, snorkeled, fished, skateboarded and dog-walked (having the little dogs with us has been so lovely!). We have market-ed, Op-shopped, perused the aisles of many 4 Squares and enjoyed a multitude of bakery delights – hello Cheese Sticks!
We have caught up with family and Dave got to enjoy the local nightlife at the tavern with my cousin. Ethan has not been in particularly fine form but some days have been better than others, luckily Mum understands Ethan to a T otherwise I think she would have run for the hills long ago!
I am fairly certain I have grown a good metre around in all directions including my ass and crashed a bit toward the end of our stay, leaving the beaching to Mum, Dave and E while I have napped and read – holidays definitely are not just about doing, equally important is the not doing (which I am rather a fan of).

IMG_6701 Mangawhai_1


Things I’m Loving | A Mixed Bag






1. Amazing days up north at our awesome rented bach
2. I found a recipe for Peach Cobbler on Pinterest that looked divine and after a week of procrastinating, Dave got sick of waiting for me to make it and whipped it up himself. Amaze.
3. On our way up north we stopped in ‘scenic’ Wellsford for a bakery refuel. Let me introduce you to the wonder that is the Kransky Mashed Potato Pie. I’m in love.
4. Loving Baby’s first Country Road pressie, thanks Mum x
5. Ethan surprisingly, did love waking before 6am this morning to go fishing and caught himself a gurnard for his troubles. His behaviour for the rest of the day was not so loveable but tomorrow is another day.

Things I’m Loving | Pickles & Peppers

Mustard_Mayonnaise_PicklesPurple Capsicum






1.  Mustard, mayonnaise and pickles.  A magical trifecta of perfect sandwiches.  Preferably on croissants, with ham or chicken.  I am loving this trio so much at the moment I could eat eat sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2.  We have mysteriously ended up with a purple capsicum {which means I purchased a purple capsicum I suppose, though I don’t remember doing this} and it is fruiting.  I left the peppers on the plant for ages thinking they might change colour, but they are stubborn and demand to be eaten PURPLE.  Which is ok, as they are actually delicious.

3.  Loving Star Wars Light Sabre fights which cause a massive flurry of barking and much chasing, running and yelling.  Ethan has had these swords since he was 4 {I think?} and they are getting more use this summer than they have in the last four years combined!

4.  Quiet moments are rare in our house as Dave and Ethan don’t do “quiet time” well.  In fact Dave can’t do it at all.  A constant stream of activity needs to be maintained at all times.  I loved seeing E take some time out to listen to his music and play one of his fab Christmas Games – Sink or Swim –  that he received from his Nana.

5.  There has been so much skateboarding and scootering these holidays which has been great for the boys.  I loved seeing this image pop up in my Instagram feed as Dave snuck off for a lunchtime skate break.

6.  Oh Sal’s Pizza.  I.  LOVE.  YOU.


What I Wore | Wardrobe Wednesday

16 weeks now, and this pregnancy is starting to zip along, there is definitely no shortage of growth in the belly department!  It’s time to start enjoying my clothes and getting some wear out of my favourite things before they no longer fit me ::::::sobs:::::.  But, I am back at work now and it is hot so at least I have a reason to dip into some of my summery faves.  If I could only get up early enough to do something with my hair……






Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Esprit
Sandals: Overland

Create Hope Inspire Wardrobe Wednesday

Things I’m Loving | Burritos, Go Karts, Dahlias etc

Sky_Tower_from_Ponsonby_RdGo Karting Working_from_home Red_Dahlia Replica_Eames_Rocker Dropping_in

  1. Loving the amazing view of Auckland City from the Taqueria on Ponsonby Road.  Good burritos that make up for their lack of authenticity with generally good yumminess and grande size!
  2. Loving that E got to try something new at a birthday party in the weekend.  The kids went Go-Karting and freaking LOVED it!  I’m fairly certain you can see that boy smiling through his helmet.
  3. Loving Dave finding new “offices” around the house, depending on where the blistering sun is shining.  You can’t see his headphones in, but he was in a phone meeting with a chap from South Africa when I snapped this.
  4. I know I tend to go on and on about our Dahlias but they were all mystery bulbs given by my Nana and Great Aunty so we had no idea which colours they would be – happy to report we have a new red and a new white blooming!  That red just may be my entry to the Kumeu Show this year if the blooms get a wee bit bigger before March, fingers crossed.
  5. Loving this replica Eames rocker I spotted in Nood last week.  But the price……..it would be the perfect rocker for the new nursery as egg shell blue is a good neutral, but the price…….even on sale…..
  6. Loving an empty skatepark where the boys can do their thing without too many unsupervised little ones and ZERO bikers.  yay.


Preggo | 15 Weeks

I inched through the first ten weeks of hell in this pregnancy. Morning sickness hit between 2 and 3pm each day and peaked at night, along with a complete disinterest in food, much vomiting and fatigue. I was absolutely wondering what the hell we had decided to do at this point. The first trimester with Ethan – like the entire pregnancy – was a breeze, a couple of hours of mild, textbook morning sickness and then I was sweet for the rest of the day. Compounding everything and dragging out that hideous first trimester was also the fear of another missed-miscarriage.
My head was a mess, I don’t know how I managed to function at work five days a week, at home I didn’t function at all. I came home from picking E up from school and went to bed. For the night. At 3pm.

So hooray for feeling better!
My current afflictions are severe hay fever and daily headaches. Much more tolerable. I am still very tired but find I can soldier on more often. Food is a delight! I have reached my pre-pregnancy weight again and have no food aversions. Croissants, avocado and tomato are my absolute faves, can’t get enough.

One of the lovely things about this pregnancy is Ethan’s genuine joy and excitement about being a big brother. We surprised him with the news on Christmas Eve and the first thing he said was that there was a corner in his room the baby could definitely sleep in there! He talks about the baby all the time and loves quiet time with me before he falls asleep when he can ask me the ten million questions he has about babies! This is definitely the unexpected silver lining to having an 8 year gap.

Things I’m Loving

Today is the last day of our very relaxing stay-cation, both Dave and I head back to work on Monday leaving Nana and Ethan to hold down the fort in holiday mode for the rest of the month.

The numero uno thing I am loving is the new WordPress Media Editor released in the latest WP update, this will def help me keep my blog well endowed with pics this year.  The old format was so tired and cumbersome, this was a very pleasant and well needed surprise!


The sun managed to come out this week and we enjoyed some amazing blue sky days at our favourite spot up north.  I would so much rather drive for just over an hour to spend the day here than sit in the car for 2 hours at an inner city beach waiting for a carpark!  Did you guys read this story?  Unbelievable.  Loving our new Kathmandu beach shelter, it’s so nice to have a cool shady spot in the afternoon when you just can’t take any more sun!




Loving my Kindle this summer.  I have recently downloaded a couple of the latest NY Times Bestseller lists, so it’s choca-block full of lovely reading material for lazy afternoons!  If you haven’t discovered Calibre yet I can highly recommend it.  It will manage your Kindle (or any e-reader) library and convert and downloaded e-book into Kindle friendly format.



Dave and E have joined forces this summer and are at the Skatepark every available second.  Though E is not yet on a skateboard {something his Dad has had to learn to accept} he is charging on his precious MGP scooter.  He drops in to everything; watching the videos they make just about give me heart failure!  I am proud of his confidence and also the skate park etiquette that his Dad has made sure to teach him over the years.  It has made being regulars at Victoria Park much easier for both Ethan and Dave.


Though I didn’t hit the shops on Boxing Day, I may have made an excursion or two since then.  Loving the Country Road sale, have picked up some great bargains.


Whenever Ethan asked me what I wanted for Christmas, all I could think of was a box of Cadbury Continental Chocolates.  These were such a common gift at Christmas time when I was a kid, but seem to have fallen off as Favourites and Roses have become more popular.  I got my wish and enjoyed every last one of them!


Remember last week I said my tomatoes were just about ready?  Taaaa-dahhh!  So sweet and delicious, I can’t get enough of them.  During my last short pregnancy (missed-miscarriage) I couldn’t stand tomatoes but this time around I am charging them back – with lashings of cream cheese and avocado of course ; )


Have a great week and don’t forget to click on the link below and see what other people are loving!