Friday – pretty low key

…..but I made it through.

I went to work and picked Ethan up from kindy at lunch time and shopped for Halloween party snacks and face paint and pumpkins and came home and carved my first Jack ‘O Lantern and painted my first Cheetah face and picked up dinner for my parents and went to their house so Ethan could Trick or Treat and played in the paddock with the dogs and enjoyed a lovely dinner and came home and put the boy to bed and cleaned up the pumpkin mess and did the laundry and watched ANTM and cleaned the rest of the house……..and NOW this… bed.  Life is good xxxx.


Happy Birthday Freya!

Ethan and I had the pleasure of spending Miss Freya’s Very Special 6th Birthday with her last week.  She got her splendid new pink cast put on in the morning….and then we kicked off Freya’s Special Day with lunch.  Her choice, of course, but it was an easy win for The Happy Meal.  Ethan didn’t seem to mind!

After lunch we went present shopping and Freya picked out two new cuddly puppies to add to her menagerie.  We then headed home where she tore off her jacket and cardy and insisted Ethan be the first to sign his life away the new cast.  The kids had a lovely afternoon doing arts and craft, digging in the mud, watching movies and devouring punnets of strawberries.  Freya relaxed on the couch with her bowl of strawberries and took time out while her pedicure was drying and I finished up her birthday cake (of which I am most proud.  It was my first ever ‘little girl’ cake!).

We love you so much Freya, thanks for hanging out with us on your birthday xxxx

The Snapper Haul

Dave and E went fishing with Mikey and Gemma today and came home with a bin FULL of big fish.

Ethan reeled in his biggest fish yet, an impressive 8 pound snapper – hooked and brought to the boat all by himself, I think today was the best day of his life!  He caught 3 keepers (all snapper) and one jack mackerel that was used as live bait.

Oddly enough he was most impressed with Daddy’s Kahawai and wouldn’t put the fish down, we were surprised that he actually let Daddy and Grandad fillet it!

The Summer of Surf Lifesaving

My little Tadpole
My little Tadpole

That’s right, Ethan is going to be a clubbie, and so are we!  We joined Muriwai Surf Lifesaving Club in the weekend and the season starts beginning of November.  Can’t wait……to don my wettie and teach little tads about beach safety!  (not sure how easy-E is going to feel about the speedo though)…….


Best Blog Spam of the Week

I would like to present my site:
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Thank you!
Bye to everyone!

Hmm, your list of available narcotics is …..ok…..but where’s the rest of the alphabet, what about Mummy’s Little Helpers? V is for Valium and X is for Xanax.  You are doing the drug trade a huge diservice by only stocking products A-D!

Facebook Status of the Week

Obama CondomsDude I saw Dudes on the street selling Obama Condoms, with the tag line “a stimulus package for hard times.” Made my day.

New Website Lurve

This site is gorgeous.  Beautiful images, engaging articles and a huge range of surf related content without all the bro-brah.

My week in tweets

Mike Havoc on bfm talking about new Black Crows album: “this is what Kings of Leon would sound like if they weren’t too busy modelling” amen3:59 PM Oct 9th from web

It’s only a SMALL bourbon & coke5:10 PM Oct 9th from web

There is a fishing rod IN my bed and I watched Bill Hohepa Goes Troppo this afternoon.ARE YOU STARTING TO UNDERSTAND MY LIFE? That child9:06 PM Oct 9th from web

It is possible that there are any Aucklanders who have not mowed their lawns today? HELLO SUN!

2:54 PM Oct 11th from Power Twitter

Goodnight #aisling, never forget your little ones New Zealand xxxx11:12 PM Oct 12th from web

Boxer dog dragged new bag of potting mix to middle of lawn then ripped and shredded it. Laugh or cry?

1:18 PM Oct 14th from web

::::::YAY!!!::::: whispers quietly that husbands fishing contest has been cancelled this weekend

about 8 hours ago from web

OMG we named our Shi Tzu after you Captain Lou Albano & now your dead. RIP wrestle-man

about 8 hours ago from web


Classic Date Scone Recipe

Eating Baking always cheers me up and I knew exactly what I wanted to make today.  I have only recently become a fan of dates, they seem to be Abby’s favourite scone variety so whenever we have morning tea she always comes equipped with some date scones.

Dates are yummy, are grown on palm trees and are a source of vitamin C – now you know!

The staple Edmond’s recipe is a winner and it’s what Ethan and I used today to whip up these guys; he did an awesome job of chopping all the dates up for me – that boy loves to eat cook as much as his parents do!

Classic Date Scone Recipe

* 3 cup flour
* 6 tsp Baking Powder
* 1/4 tsp Salt,
* 75g Butter
* 1 -1.5 cups Milk

For Date scones add 3/4 cup chopped dates, 1 tbsp sugar and 1/2 tsp cinnamon to flour

Sift flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl. Cut butter until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.  Add milk and mix quickly with a knife to a soft dough. Knead a few times. Lightly dust oven tray with flour.  Press scone dough out onto this.  Cut into 12 even sized pieces. Leave a 2 cm space between scones.  Brush tops with milk.  Bake at 220C for 10 minutes or until golden brown.
Makes 12

(209 cal per scone approx.  not bad)

Cinnamon Date Scones & Pancakes


How is this fair?

  003You were only with us for one night Ducky but we all loved you so much (except for Louie).    We all wanted you to get strong and well so bad that it’s hard not to cry even though you were just a lost little duckling Ethan found on the lawn.  That’s what makes it even sadder.  Ethan has cried a million tears  this afternoon and is terrified that he might forget his little duckling, though he has promised to pick Jan’s flowers every day to lay on your grave and make mudpies for you as well as he thinks you might like those.  He is suitably worried about how God is going to get you to heaven now that you are buried, but ‘The Fairies will help’ has eased his worries for the time being.

Everything is shit today, and a precious little ray of light that made us all happy getting snuffed out just compounds the shit-i-ness.  Are there enough happy pills?  I don’t know.