This Week…….

  • I took time out to visit a dear friend and we laughed and laughed and ate pies and sushi together and discussed how we like drinking bourbon at the end of a long week {or just a long day}
  • I took my vitamins 1/7
  • I caught up on Project 52 – so, sorry about the rush of boring posts!  Half way through the year holy moly
  • Had so many ideas.  Just ideas
  • Had no hospital or doctors visits!
  • Took Nix to Mainly Music for the first time and remembered how much fun it was with E
  • Saw a beautiful estate gold and garnet ring in one of our local vintage shops and bought it for myself.  Who does that?  Me that’s who
  • Cleaned up Vaseline from the carpet, heater, drawers, toys et al in Nixon’s room after he did some re-decorating.  Should have known he would be that kind of baby
  • Did some serious party planning for Nixie’s 1st birthday
  • Had a great chat with my brother for the first time in ages
  • Had my highest traffic day ever on the blog!
  • Only lost one dog, one time
  • Found dog.  Damnit
  • Spotted the rare Maxican Mango at Pak ‘n Save


All in all, the best week in ages!  How about yours?


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


ethan: you were so inspired by ben smith’s amazing tackle in the 2nd all blacks test against england that one of your favourite new pastimes is watching youtube videos of try-saving tackles.  i guess there is worse things you could be watching right?  nix just wants to watch big red car……


nixon: trucks, tractors and diggers.  all day.  every day. broommmm. i love it.  luckily – for you – there are many diggers working across the street from us so you can get your digger fix on a daily basis.  it’s pretty cute that one of your first words is “digg-ah”.  you are a loud chatty wee thing my darling x

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A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


nixon: such a horrible week for you, more biopsies which really knocked you around resulting in four days in starship.  your hirschprungs journey has just begun but we will be there with you every step of the way x


ethan: i love the way you look at your baby brother.  you play with him whenever you can, you have never been annoyed, short tempered or impatient with him.  i’m sure those times are ahead of us but i know your love will help him through any situation as you two grow older.  you are so lucky to have each other and the amazing thing is, i know you feel this too.  you have never forgotten how much it hurt when we lost the wee baby before nixie and that makes loving your brother all the more special.

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A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


nixon: i was about to dress you when i realised that i really needed to enjoy your baby chub more often. so we turned the heat pump on and you had a lovely play in your nappy and i went a bit snap-happy.  you are such a very scrummy baby!


ethan: june was a lucky month for me, i won two tickets to the all blacks v england at eden park so opted to let you and your dad have a boys night out.  you guys had some fast food for dinner and rode the train to town where you had a blast watching the first nail-biting test.  it was a timely treat as you received player of the day again at your own rugby game!  you are so handsome and growing so fast at the moment, that’s my kathmandu jacket you’re fitting rather nicely!

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“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


ethan: you are having a seriously good year at rugby.  you have settled into your position in the front row, finally, and are using your huge strength and power they way we knew you always could.  your school team won all three games in the first round of this years comp and look set to continue this streak into the next two rounds. 


nixon: you don’t particularly enjoy the shouting and excitement of being on the sidelines at rugby so we hang out on the far side of the field where you can cheer your brother on in your own special way  – by eating all of his food and messing with the field markers!

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Wardrobe Wednesday | Breastmates Waterfall Drape Cardi


Cardigan : Breastmates

T-Shirt : My fave AS Colour Custom Mali Pocket Tee

Jeans : Levis Demi Curve

Watch : Marc by Marc Jacobs

Belt : Old Navy

Shoes : Sperry Bahama Sparkle Suede

Earrings & Necklace : Gifts from Dave’s India Trip

Next Thursday I will have been breastfeeding for a year!  So stoked about that, I’m totally crossing my fingers that Nixon will keep going at least until August when his pull-through operation will take place as it will help comfort him so much to be able to breastfeed when he is in pain and just wants to be held.  Ethan spontaneously quit around this time, but thankfully Nix shows no signs of dropping feeds, though he can easily go without if I’m not around.

Full term breastfeeding means I am still quite conscious of what I’m wearing and how easy it is to feed Nixon in a given outfit.  At this time of year layering is essential and a versatile cardi is a key piece that every Mama should have in her wardrobe arsenal.  The Breastmates Waterfall Drape Cardi ticks all the boxes and more for me.

The super soft Modal/Spandex blend was thicker and warmer than I had expected, with the added benefit of being the MOST comfy thing to wear ever!  The asymmetric hemline is so on trend, but unlike other cardigans I have seen in this cut, the back is the perfect butt-covering length.  The waterfall drape is a perfect, built-in nursing cover.  Nixon is too huge and too old to enjoy being covered up while feeding but this would be such a lovely addition to a new Mum’s wardrobe or any Mum with a younger baby who prefers a bit of privacy when nursing – without the added hassle of a separate wrap or cover.

This is a really, lovely, quality addition to my wardrobe and is something that I will continue to wear long after my breastfeeding days are done :::::sob:::::.

I saved the best for last.  The price.  $39.90. I would pay twice the price for this.  No joke.

Available online now from





The cardigan was provided free for editorial consideration, but the opinions expressed are my own.


So, hey……It’s Monday!

………………and we’re not at Starship, and Nix is not having his op today.  Remember in my last post about poop {sorry about all the poop posts, it pretty much rules our lives at the moment!} I mentioned 2-5 massive bouts of diarrhea per day?  Well, turns out that was courtesy of rotavirus, not a side affect of Bub’s large intestine getting plunged with cameras and biopsy equipment from end to end.  Phew, not.

We spent Wednesday night at Starship last week to monitor Nixon after 5 days of the virus depleting him of everything he ate and drank; plus side – at least there was one right? – we had our own room because poohs and spews make for a very contagious baby.  And Mumma.  And big brother.  FML.

So, no pull through surgery today, it’s too risky for a number of reasons, so at least little boy gets a chance to recover from the past couple of weeks and enjoy his first birthday in relative normality!  The surgeon is away in July so we will be heading back to Starship at the beginning of August to get the show on the road.

I am so ready for a normal week.  So normal in fact that Nix and I are going to do the grocery shopping as soon as he wakes from his nap and I’m kinda looking forward to it.  We haven’t left the house by ourselves, for just normal errand stuff in weeks.  Time to get back on track, and get ready to celebrate Nixon’s first birthday in 11 days!!!

Sunrise from our room at Starship Children’s Hospital

Nixon and Hirschsprungs Disease | Where we’re at

We were in our GP’s office today, and as he turned his monitor around to show me some test results I saw the words in bold, accented in fluorescent yellow; HIRSCHSPRUNGS CONFIRMED.
I already knew this of course.  We ‘knew’ a month ago when the surgeon called and said “Nixon has Hirschsprungs Disease”.  We knew last Monday after baby’s second round of biopsies failed to show ganglionic cells where they should be in his lower bowel.   But I hadn’t seen it in black and white and hence, I don’t really think I had felt it.
So.  Nixon has Hirschsprungs Disease.
Basically, Hirschsprungs is a congenital disease (meaning it was present prior to birth) resulting in a lack of nerve cells in some or all of the large intestine. Nerves are essential in causing muscles to relax and contract, so an absence of ganglionic cells results in a large intestine that can’t move waste down the line.
The only fix; surgery.
Many of you have followed my pregnancy and our lives over this past year, you may remember that Nix had a pretty traumatic birth, that even at 10 lb 2 oz / 4.52 kg he was hospitalized with Failure to thrive, he struggled to feed and had a hugely distended belly. But, he did pass meconium after birth.  I had never given any thought as to why every medical professional asks the question of every baby, “did they pass meconium?”.  I now know that failure to do so is an early indicator of Hirschsprungs.
So Nix flew under the radar for about 4 months until we started experimenting with solids.  This became the season of month long stretches between bowel motions.  He was never in pain or seemed bothered, but all of the usual remedies failed to help him.  The only thing that would get him to poo was a suppository.
Fast forward to today, and my poor baby has chronic diarrhea multiple times each day, between 3 and 5 huge blowouts.  I’m about at the end of my rope with exhaustion and worry and his pull-through surgery is scheduled for Monday.  This is where they will remove the diseased portion of his large intestine and reconnect the plumbing, hopefully without the need for a colostomy.
Holy shit.

Nixon turns One | Needle and Nail Rustic Mini Mailbox


There has definitely been a theme to the shopping I have done so far for Nixon’s first birthday, everything purchased to date has been wooden!  Yah, go me, slayer of trees.  I find that much like his big bro, plastic ‘baby’ toys don’t really hold his attention for too long so I’ve been trying to think outside the box and pick out a few, really beautiful toys that will grow with him and stimulate his imagination. As soon as I saw the first release of toys from the amazing husband and wife team that are Needle & Nail I was in love.  With everything!  The Rustic Mini Mailbox is perfect for the developmental stage Nixon is currently at; he loves opening and closing things, putting things in and taking them out – over and over again.  The finishing is gorgeous, this is an individually numbered heirloom toy that you will want in your family for years to come.

$65 available in white or original from the Needle and Nail Etsy Store



WIDRN | One of us is sleeping!


So we are waiting to be discharged after our third day here at Starship.  Yes, it is taking an age, but one of the lovely cleaners figured out that a breastfeeding mummy really needs an armchair in her room and she made it happen.  Right away.  Praise that women and her good sense!
So, baby boy is napping hard out on my lap for the second time today and that is just a minor miracle after a sleep strike yesterday from 10am to 1am. 
I can wait on doctors all day long if my bubba is sleeping and comfortable.