Stella, Ethan & Oskar - My Son and his 2nd Cousins

Finally there was sunshine!  After a spring wetter than the wettest winter I can remember (it just doesn’t seem right to me?) we scored a beautiful respite today.  Blazing sun and a blue sky above us the WHOLE time we were at the pools.  Considering I had booked my little couzzies in for this playdate over a week ago I would say we scored big time.

I had the best day in so long I can’t even remember.  These three little people are so cool.  Fun, spunky, well-mannered, caring and gracious – and Ethan tried really hard too lol!

Today I ……

    1. ….was late to work. Ethan slept in until 8.47am. Not a big deal? The kid barely stays in bed until 7. The best part was no-one cares if I am late for work! Love my job.
    2. ….think I may have broken my little toe rushing out of mums house this morning, goes well with the massive swelling on my shin from where a door fell on me yesterday. This shit happens in threes right?
    3. ….loved work. You know how a change is as good as a vacation? Yeah right, but, we moved into our new building in the weekend and it feels so good!
    4. ….came home to a clean fridge and bathroom thanks to my amazing husband xxxx
    5. ….am ticking things off to-do lists finally and really l loving the To-Do list app that’s now included in IOS5. But when will NZ get IPhone 4S? Dying down here!


Half done can be Monday’s finish line

* The house is half way vacuumed.
* My baking this afternoon was almost a success (not my fault, I’m pretty sure in hindsight the recipe missed an egg) and may prove to be lunchboxable after some time in the fridge.
* My spring cleaning is half way done.
* The beds are made but they now are now covered in laundry piles.
* The dishwasher is empty but there are dirty ones stacked on the bench.

Things aren’t finished but most have been started, Monday is over and Ethan’s eating homemade pumpkin risotto and marinated chicken burgers for dinner. Things could be worse!