This day. These hours.

I have been selfishly pining for this day all week.

I have;

  • silence
  • light rain
  • an empty house

and holy shit does it feel good.

Dave spent the week working in Wellington and upon his return yesterday, Nixon gave him a cursory glance and a quick high five then resumed following me around, tugging on my shirt, standing on my feet {which I hate more than anything} and yelling “MAMM, MAMM” every five seconds for around 8 hours.  I just sat here holding my head after typing that, feeling like a bit of a failure for complaining about my beautiful little guy, but yesterday was a struggle – on top of a myriad of 10 year old struggles over the past 5 days ::::::shakes fist at Xbox – bane of my life:::::.

When Dave did arrive home at around 10am, he was so busy with work that he spent the day chained to his laptop, no relief in sight.  Except naptime.  The day before, Nix had napped for 3 1/4 hours so my respite expectations were high.  Too high it seemed.  1 hour was all we got plus a screaming wake-up after which it took me about 25 minutes to calm him down.  I ended up popping him in the baby seat on my bike, grabbing E and cruising the streets for a while simply because surely no-one could demand anything from me when I’m on a bike right?

We salvaged the afternoon with some ice cream and a lemonade popsicle for Nix {oh yes I did!} and headed home for the dinner shift.

Keeping me going throughout the day was the promise of an evening run.  Headphones in, Hole, Dinosaur Jr and Nirvana spurring me on as I try not to die from breathing in the hottest, most humid air ever.  Pumped.  Until E decided to run with me.  He normally rides the 5.5km so I was really unsure about how it was going to play out.  I imagined him giving up 1km in and me having to drag him home, totally gutted because I couldn’t get a good workout in.  Kid smashed it.  He power walked when he needed to, told me to go ahead then chased me down, he filled my mama-cup to bursting just when I needed it.

Need it I did as Nixon fought bedtime {something I had also been looking forward to all day} for like, the first time in his life wtf.  9pm was when Dave and I sat down to eat dinner.

Oh day of days.  Nothing totally bad happened, so……so,  gawd, it must have been me.  Me at the end of 5 days of solo-parenting through the last week of the school holidays.  That and I’m still pissed about getting attacked by a rooster.

So, I don’t have a whole day to pull myself back together into the Model of Motherhood perfection that I normally am HA, but I do have about 3 hours until the boys arrive home from their trip to the museum – overtired and overdue for a too short nap no doubt, but ready for a cuddle with a grateful and recharged Mama.

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Mummy multi-tasking and the demise of productivity

I was phaffing about the other morning trying to do All The Things simultaneously as per usual. I wandered out of the bathroom whilst brushing my teeth, thinking that I would put the washing on.  En route to the laundry I spied an errant plate, scooped it up and headed for the kitchen. On my return to the laundry I was caught in a quandary, I had noticed we were running low on dishwash liquid and really needed to add it to the shopping list before I forgot, but the washing really needed to get started, oh yeah, and my teeth were clean by this point so I also needed to head back to the bathroom before that ” I’ve had something in my mouth for WAY too long gagging” began.
At this point I was actually rooted to the spot, turning back and forth, 180 degrees in indecision.
Enough is enough. My focus is shot and adult onset ADD is not something I’m keen on adding to my list of mental tics! It’s time to turn back the clock about a decade I think, back to a time before the crippling blight of mummy multi-tasking got its hooks into all of us. Now keep it in context, when I talk about multi-tasking, I’m not talking writing spreadsheet macros whilst working on a presentation and simultaneously translating my blog into Chinese for the wider enjoyment of my readers. I’m a stay at home mum, no, a decrease in productivity will not have a major effect on the GDP of New Zealand, but it does frustrate me enough to want to do something about it.
So, I’m going to try to slow my body and more importantly my mind down and practice a few simple things as I go through my day, task by task, moment by moment.

  1. Be still. Remain where I am. Sit.
    I tend to look at my house {and my day in fact} as a series of individual blocks, or tasks that make up the whole.  Instead of roaming the house getting caught in the pattern of ‘pick something up, put it away, repeat’ in which I end up doing laps of the house but never completely finish tidying any one room, I’m going to try to completely finish one area/task before moving on to the next {or getting distracted by FB!}.  When I – rarely – sit down, I want to make it count.  I plan on sitting and eating breakfast and lunch with the kids instead of standing in the kitchen, sitting and replying to all of my emails at once instead of pounding out one and forgetting the rest for days and making down-time phone free time.
  2. Prioritize and stay on task accordingly, kids being #1 priority!
  3. Allocate a certain amount of time for productive housework, cooking, blogging and stick to the time limit.  Knowing I don’t have all day to vacuum and mop the floors will certainly help me knock it out super fast.  This will also free up more time for things I actually enjoy doing.
  4. STOP procrastinating.  Tackling issues as soon as they arise or completing undesirable jobs asap will stop them becoming bigger than they are and taking up more mental real estate then they deserve.

Ok, I’m really good at making lists, the hard part is implementing these simple ideas into my day-to-day life.

2015, I deem you the year of Unitasking!  Who’s with me?

p.s This post took me 24 hours and approx 6 sessions of up-down computer time before I hit publish arghhhh!  It’s time to stop the madness.



Monday | Crash & Burn. Rest & Revive

A lovely, but hectic weekend of dinner dates, bbq’s, skateboarding, eeling, family workouts, playdates, cycling, swimming and the endless minutiae of weekend chores came to a head last night when Dave and Ethan finally returned home for the ER at 10pm!  Nothing major thank goodness, a suspected fracture in one of the small bones in E’s wrist sees him in a splint for 2 weeks with more x-rays to follow.  Dave and I were getting Nix in his bike seat after a lovely swim in the school pool; E was practising riding his bike with no hands……..

With one week left before he returns to school, I caught a glimpse of how tired Ethan had become over summer.  Slightly later nights and jam packed days have left him with little in the tank so a slow, quiet Anniversary Day is pretty much perfection for us right now.  

Dave left for Wellington at 5.30 this morning so I needed to get the week off to a relaxed and easy start for both the kids and myself.  I may not have had a shower yet but I have pottered, and tidied, gardened and played with the boys.  I have tackled some easy {but mundane & dreaded} tasks like the fly spots and cleaning the high chair – pretty much my most despised tasks around the house.  The whites are flapping on the line, the baby is asleep, the frog is chomping all the flies I’m catching to prevent any more fly poo on my ceilings {I wish!} and big is lying on the couch, reading and relishing a bit more screen time than normal.  

So by most accounts, a totally lame Auckland Anniversary day, but life is allowed to move a little slower in the SAHM lane right?  Knowing I’m not rushing off to work tomorrow allows a little chance to breathe and remember that the beaches and the parks, the pools and the ice-creams will all still be there on Tuesday and may just taste a little sweeter after our absence today.

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T-7 Days. You know what I’m talking about.

I’m not going to write my usual bitch ‘n moan style post about the school holidays as I’m not feeling it this year.  E and I have had some hard days, but we’ve moved on and had some totally kick-ass days too.  Those days make it all worth it.  Being 10 is hard but I think after a lot of talking and thinking on both sides, Ethan, Dave and I have landed at a good place to kick off Term 1.  One of the most amaze qualities I’m noticing in my big boy at the moment is his ability to completely separate whatever feelings/frustrations he has going on with his Dad and I, and still lavish heaps of love and attention upon his little brother.  Nixon is so lucky to be forever under the wing of such a natural big bro.

Dave is heading to Wellington to work for the next week so the boys and I have some fun activities lined up that we will mix up with low-budget days exploring and beaching.  Aside from the  l o n g  days of solo parenting when Dave’s away, I’m feeling a bit stressy about my running – I won’t be able head out first thing in the morning for 5 days!  I’m such a massive creature of habit that the thought of running at night once mum gets home and it finally cools down kinda fills me with dread.  To say I’m inflexible in my routine is a bit of an understatement!  This weather has made for such a stunning January it’s been easy to maintain my little goal of saying ‘yes’ and milking summer for all it’s worth.  The flip side of this {of course there is always a flip side right?} is that my blogging motivation is lacking, but I’m definitely not beating myself up over that.  It’s not the season for me to write, but I have been working on some exciting plans and partnerships for the months ahead, things are ticking along at The Best Nest and I’m so excited about 2015!  

That’s all, go forth and may your Sunday be maxxed out with awesomeness!

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The Valentines Day Edit | Michael Hill Jewellers

Dave and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary last month {yay us!} which understandably resulted in a wee bit of time spent poring over glass display cases, searching for the perfect sparkly something to help celebrate such an awesome milestone in our lives.  Needless to say when Michael Hill Jewellers asked me to curate a selection of my favourite pieces for Valentines Day I already had a few in mind!

Jewellery trends are shifting quickly alongside the fashion seasons so it was refreshing to see a change of direction in the aesthetic of the new collections at Michael Hill.  On-trend geometric shapes, rose gold and stacker rings all make the edit this season and are wish-list must haves!

 Michael Hill Jeweller Valentines Day Mummy Blog NZ

  1. Sterling Silver Flower Filigree Ring $149
  2. Diamond Arrow Necklace $79
  3. Sterling Silver Infinity Bracelet $65
  4. Sterling Silver Triangle Necklace $79
  5. Black Leather Double Length Charm Bracelet $95
  6. Black Onyx and Sterling Silver Bracelet $69
  7. Black Cubic Zirconia Stack Ring $79
  8. Sterling Silver Filigree 35mm Drop Earrings $95

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  1. Diamond Snowflake Pendant $179
  2. Diamond Set Sterling Silver & Rose Gold Charm $299
  3. Diamond & 10ct Yellow Gold Ring $449
  4. Diamond Sideways Cross Pendant $299
  5. 10ct Rose Gold 7mm Stud Earrings $149
  6. Diamond Cross Ring $449
  7. 1/4 Carat TW Diamond ‘M’ Pendant $849
  8. Stainless Steel & Rose Tone Watch $499

Childhood Unplugged

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t realize it at the moment, but I’m hoping that this Saturday just been will firmly cement itself in Ethan’s head in an “oh yeah, that’s what we did when I was a kid” kinda way.  It won’t be a Best Day of My Life kind of memory, more of the Normal Day in the Neighborhood variety; similar to the memories I have of riding bikes until dark {sans helmets of course!}, playing tennis on the road, rollerskating and pole tennis tournaments.  Awesome memories that make me smile every time I cast my mind back.

E’s rugby coach came and picked him up in the morning to assist in a working bee at the clubhouse.  He got stuck-in with his friends and teammates, scrubbing the tackle-bags, hopefully doing a good job and learning a thing or two about chipping in and helping out, pride in your club and team spirit.  He had a great time by the sounds of it, yet I can’t even imagine what would happen if he was forced to clean anything at home that took longer than 10 minutes – it doesn’t bear thinking about honestly!

Whilst he was at the club, two of his other mates that live close by had popped over twice, desperate to go eel fishing with E in the river.  Despite his protestations, we sent him off to find his friends when he arrived home.  He totally wanted to stay at home, sit on the couch and play Xbox or Clash of Clans or some other waste of summer.  It was worth the fight and the filthy looks as Dave and I knew he’d be stoked within 5 minutes of walking out the door.  These are the battles that are worth fighting.  These are the ones that matter and will have a bigger long-term impact than policing wardrobe choices or riding his ass about every, single manners slip-up.

The three boys had an awesome {muddy} time down at the river and caught themselves an eel which they decided they were going to gut and eat.  They took care of business, hopped on their bikes and headed to another part of the river for an afternoon swim, supervised by one of their lovely Mums {not me, I was in DIY hell with a paintbrush and polyurethane but that’s another story}.  Following this they headed off on their bikes again to the third amigos house where their eel was pan fried and they shared dinner together.

Ethan arrived home on his bike at 8pm with some of their {surprisingly delicious} eel for us to try.  He was tired, happy and satisfied after a day which couldn’t really have had too much more ‘boy’ squeezed into it.  Good, old-school fun with an absolute minimum of screen time.  Loving it!

We live in a pretty special little pocket of Auckland that is very small {at this stage} and still very safe.  Ethan is 10 years old.  It’s time for him to experience independence {within clearly defined boundaries of course!} and having a little bit of freedom on his bike and with his friends is part of that imminent transition from child to teenager that is creeping ever closer.  Without showing him we trust him to make good decisions, he would be bored at home and we would be forever battling the screen.  It certainly helps to know other parents in your community and be able to quickly reach out and communicate with them via text message etc.  If you can find a lovely place for your children to spread their wings in a safe community, it’s worth every penny.

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How I started running and why I’m going to continue

Running in Waipu NZ Mummy Blog

So, a weird thing happened to me on the 23rd of December 2014.  We arrived in Waipu to spend Christmas with Mum and Geoff and those  l o n g, straight country roads began doing odd things to my head.  And I’m being very serious here; I couldn’t stop thinking about getting out there and putting my sneakers on, just to see if I could do it.  Now I know I can ‘do’ it in terms of running, I’m not totally unfit, but for me running is 99% mental.  My body can take it but my head just says “WTF are you doing woman?!?”.

Problem was I had left my sneakers back in Auckland.  This minor hiccup was easily overcome by a quick trip into Whangarei to choose between the two pairs of sneakers that Dave deemed favourable to the cause – meaning they were 50% off.  They were also hideously ugly and a brand I had never worn before, but as they were totally surplus to current sneaker requirements I had to behave and leave #alltheprettyshoes in the store.  Sigh.

Strangely, I had packed a sports bra.  I must have had a subconscious inkling that it was time to get cracking as aside from touch rugby once a week, I hadn’t been doing any regular exercise over the past couple of months – and it had begun to show.  I lost all of my baby weight {and a bit more} by the middle of the year when Nix had his pull-through operation, times were stressy and it showed as my pants began to fall down around my hips.  But since his amazing recovery post-op, Dave and I have been in full ‘happy’ mode, eating and drinking whatever we liked.  Hello 5kgs.  Goodbye bikini.

On the first day I power walked 4kms and ran 1km, just to test the water.  It felt good.  I felt good!  For the next 3 days I walked 3kms and ran 2km.  Since then I have been increasing the running distance by half a km every 4 days or so resulting in three workouts in Waipu this week of a 1.5km walk and 4 km run!

I’m so proud of myself!  I have always, always hated running with every fibre of my being, but I love the way it makes me feel; strong, capable and motivated.  I have been running in the mornings and it sets me up so well for the day ahead, gives me heaps of energy and seems to have reduced sugar cravings weirdly?!?  I have also stopped the 6pm for-no-good-reason cocktail hour and once again kicked the chocolate habit.  High fives all round I say!

My Running Gear

I have put together some of my favourite things that are helping me stay on track as I struggle to establish this new routine and hit my 10km target {eep!}

Running Gear for a Mummy Blogger

  1. Santa brought me a Fitbit Flex for Christmas and I lOVE this little gadget.  It’s super comfy to wear, syncs via bluetooth with my phone and tracks steps, km’s, calories, active minutes, exercise via GPS, weight, sleep patterns, water intake and caloric intake.  RRP $156 NZD, available at all good gadget shops.
  2. mapmyrun This app rules, it’s great for plotting routes and getting inspo from where others are running.
  3. This Pandora gold stacker ring is my motivation to lose the 5kgs, proving more difficult than I thought!  That’s the prize people, that’s what is keeping the booze fridge firmly shut lol
  4. I don’t take my Camelbak running, but it’s definitely helping me up my sometimes meagre water intake.  I’m supremely fussy about drink bottles, the back wash factor just grosses me out.  It’s actually impossible to back wash into a Camelbak, and thus, I’m in love!  I purchased one for everyone in the family for Christmas, they even make super cute ones for the little people > shop at Little & Loved for the wee ones, I picked up the full size ones at Rebel Sport when they were on sale for 30% off.
  5. This pic is terrible but the Active Intent Compression crops from The Warehouse are amaze.  The first time I wore them I couldn’t believe how hot they were, despite being so thin and comfy but wow, they make such a difference when you run.  Everything feels way more wobbly without them, and none of us like that feeling right?  These are $29.95 compared to god knows how much from a sports store.  I also purchased a dry fit tank top from there on clearance for $4.98!  
  6. A good sports bra is totally a worthy investment, doubly so if you are still breast feeding the damned baby.  These TriAction bras from Triumph are seriously incredible, zero movement and so comfy.  I found these on clearance at Rebel – such a bargain shopper aren’t I?
  7. I’ve only just switched my Spark plan to one that includes Spotify Premium and already I’m totally hooked.  You can make your playlist available offline so you’re not burning up data charges while away from wifi, plus I can listen to all of my grungy, indy favourites for free!  There is no way I could run without music, I need to be able to crank the volume just a little bit to certain songs to get the old legs home sometimes.  Whatever it takes right?

On my wishlist is a pair of wireless headphones so would love some recommendations if you have them.

5 Tips for Easing into Potty Training with your Toddler

After Nixon was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s Disease we were told to expect that toilet training would probably be late, be very hard work and would likely take a lot longer than other children his age.
We were prepared for the worst basically.
What we have noticed however, is that post-op he does have sensation when he is toileting and he is letting us know when he has any action going on down there! Just more testament to the amazing skill of the surgical team at Starship I suppose, but our babes recovery has been nothing short of a miracle to us!
So, naturally, with all systems go in the plumbing department we have begun thinking about toilet training and all the trials and tribulations that go along with it.  We’re not going to rush things; potty training before a child is ready is totally detrimental to the whole process in my opinion, but Dave and I have discussed getting the ball rolling at the end of summer to capitalise on his cognition and the warm weather!
Trying to remember the process we used when potty training Ethan has been doing my head in, it’s a bit like dumpster diving into the depths of the mummy-brain archives. Much like the pain of child birth; I think the tricky times like bed wetting and endless laundry get buried amid happy milestones and cute Instagram photos lol.
I have remembered a few tricks that worked well with E so I’m going to document them here for my reference as much as anyone else’s!

  1. When we decided it was time to begin daytime potty training I ensured that we could have at least 3 days of uninterrupted home time so the potty was always easily accessible and accidents resulted in minimal fuss.
  2. We had previously planted the seed the month prior with lots of positive talk about using the bathroom and losing the nappies.
  3. Be prepared for no pants, hence we will be beginning potty training in summer.  Pulling pants, underwear, shorts, whatever, up and down is only going to complicate an already complicated skill your child is going to learn.  If they are bare bottomed the are much more likely to succeed in making it to the potty on time.
  4. Celebrate the victories and gloss over the accidents completely.
  5. Take the next step of night training very slowly.  When toddlers begin waking with a dry or slightly wet nappy and they have mastered day time training, you’re probably good to go!    We made sure we eased into this phase with supplies at the ready; mattress protectors or Brolly Sheets – make sure you have at least two so middle of the night accidents can be quickly cleaned up, and training pants such as Huggies DryNites to help ease the transition out of nappies and into underwear with minimal bedwetting.  These were invaluable for Ethan; they represented a graduation from nappies – a Big Boy pair of pants that acknowledged his successes.  To help establish the new dry-night routine, Dave and I always lifted Ethan to the toilet before we went to bed.  We did this for months which helped build his confidence and ensure we all got a good nights sleep.

So,  we’re going to think on that for the next 8 weeks or so and see how Nixon’s progressing come Summer’s end.  It’s good to feel like I have a little bit of a plan in place as we head into this next era of no diapers!

This post was sponsored by Huggies DryNites.




The yawn-worthy cesarean vs vaginal delivery debate. Let’s put it to bed.

So here’s a ranty post.  Things were getting strangely nice around here but luckily FB came to my rescue with an annoying item in my feed which got me riled up enough to get the creative juices flowing.
See, I just read another (there are millions of these right?) post from a blogger discussing her multiple cesarean sections.  She was discussing the social repercussions of non-vaginal birth, the ‘stigma’ and patronising glances she was subjected to.  The disappointment of long labour that didn’t bear fruit through the birth canal as one would hope.
Can I ask you something? Is this really a thing? Have you ever stooped so low as to judge a woman by how she gave birth?
I guess I’m just a bit over the ‘poor me, I had a cesarean and find myself a victim of an un-empowered birth’ line. 
Some births, I imagine, are empowering, wondrous moments, filled with a feeling of innate physical prowess and accomplishment – a real “we knocked the bastard off” moment of satisfaction.  But let me set the record straight, having a birth without intervention is no guarantee you are going to conquer your own vaginal Mt Everest.
I have never written my birth stories because I personally don’t need to.  Dwelling or reminiscing on details immediately prior to the MOST important events in my life serve no purpose for me and don’t really need to be rehashed, especially in the case of Nixon’s birth.
You see, Ethan arrived in a very textbook way I suppose.  18 hours of labour, epidural, epidural wore off, I screamed and pushed and he was born.  7 lb 12 Oz of sweet baby Ethan. Did I feel super proud of delivering him vaginally? Hell no. I was just glad I survived it and have never given it too much thought since.
Two of my oldest and dearest friends gave birth within the next year or two, both enduring such traumatic vaginal births that they were visibly uncomfortable talking about them, I’m pretty sure one of them was brought to tears when we were discussing future siblings.  They did not feel like the empowered, magical super heroes oft imagined by other women who have had cesarean sections.
8.5 years later I experienced my own horrendous, nightmare of a vaginal birth.  I WISH I had been offered a c-section.  You don’t hear that often do you? 10.4lb of Nixon showed up on D-day posterior and uncooperative.
We had plenty of warning that he was large.  I had insisted throughout the pregnancy that this baby was big.  The scans showed he was big and continually tracked above the 97th percentile.  My midwife paid no heed to my warnings, confident in her profound knowledge that every third trimester mother insists her baby is huge.

With every fibre of my being I wish I had a team of professionals that noticed he was posterior well before the 11th hour and said, “lets cut our losses here and deliver your 10.4lb baby via c-section?  Hmmm?  How about that?  We can save you the excruciating pain of having that jumbo head stuck upside down in your pelvis FOR HOURS, save your baby the trauma of being ripped out via forceps and save you the intense recovery and utterly demoralising consequences of literally being ripped in two – from your VAGINA onwards and inwards”.

Fuck, that sounds like a plan.  I would have said. Spare me a week in hospital and countless breakdowns at home wondering if feeling in my lower spine and continence would ever return?  Hit me with that c-section I would have said. 

I guess what I’m saying is, when you’re flat on your back and the doctors are looking at each other with their Holy Shit faces on; when the surgeon on duty the day your son was born comes to your room to repeatedly apologise for what happened in theatre, you really, really do not care one iota that you can claim victory over an ‘empowering, vaginal birth‘.  Pffft.

All that you should be doing is counting your blessings that your baby was born healthy, full term and full of fatty delicious chub to help him recover from the horror of his hugely violent and undignified entry into the world.  

Because, it’s not about me anymore anyway.



Rescue your summer feet with my fave product + giveaway {CLOSED}

Congratulations to Karen Young!  Thank you all for entering xx

My poor feet are total victims of jandal abuse right now.  New Zealand summer has arrived in spectacular fashion, leaving my feet dry, a little bit rough, a little bit tough from cruising barefoot too much {only ever around the house mind you ::::shudders at the thought of barefeet in public:::::}.  They totally need some TLC but a pedicure is out of the question due to the New Years austerity measures imposed by my husband.  Gosh.

No big deal as the absolute 100% BEST product for your feet isn’t even used at any nail salon I’ve been too, plus it’s available at pretty much every chemist and supermarket around New Zealand.

Scholl’s Eulactol Heel Balm Gold and the original Heel Balm have been used by my grandmother, my Mum and myself for years.  And years.  I genuinely love love LOVE these products, they work absolute miracles on feet {and dry patches on my elbows too!}.  I’m being completely honest here, everyone needs a tube of this stuff in their bathroom cabinet.  It’s like the most hard-core wrinkle eraser for your feet that actually works and only takes a couple of days.  If their was an equivalent for your face, no-one would ever book Botox ever again, I promise!

Beautiful feet are easy to achieve and attainable by everyone.  They are non-discriminatory; no-one expects beautiful feet to be a certain size or certain colour.  A little bit of attention goes a long way and ensures your toes will be in tip-top condition to show off all of your super cute summer flip flops and sandals.  Or just plain old jandals.  Either way.

Because Scholl are the experts when it comes to foot care, they have put together a comprehensive guide to help you solve a myriad of foot problems.  They also want to take care of your feet!  In fact we have a bumper pack of Scholl Foot Care products to give away to one lucky reader!  Just comment below and let me know what colour you’re sporting on your toes this summer.  Winner will be drawn on January 13th.

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