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I haven’t managed to get my mojo back yet, but Wardrobe Wednesday perks me up a little bit, at least enough to pull a post together {even if I can’t pull together an outfit to save my life this week!}.
Ethan and I attended a ‘special engagement’ a couple of weeks ago which I was invited along to simply because I am a mummy and probably because I am a blogger – so I had to look the part.
I thought this outfit fit the bill, comfy casual and fitting for a mummy that is 8 years out of diaper days and in the workforce 5 days a week. Sometimes I miss those days spent in yoga pants and sloppy tees!



I had another pic similar to the one below.  A picture that didn’t show my puffy eyes and wrinkles.  But I kind of like my eye wrinkles in a strange sort of way.  They don’t bother me at all compared to other wrinkles I shall not mention.


Cardigan: Country Rd Merino

Shift: Federation

Jeans: Wrangler

Sneaks: Supergas

Create Hope Inspire Wardrobe Wednesday

Things I’m Loving ::::caution:::: Whining Mummy Blogger ahead


That’s it people.  That’s all I have this week.  The last bite of bakery caramel slice that just went up in price .60c and simultaneously shrunk.  The nerve of you Hollywood Bakery!

I am tired, I don’t feel good, my bank manager is away and the women who is supposed to take care of his customers is a fucking moron {just thinking about the immense headache of trying to fix my mortgage makes me feel stabby – 5.1% for the angry lady though hello!}.  I guess I am loving that.  So now we are up to two.  Two Things I am Loving.

What else?

I can only think of things I am Hating.  This is the sad truth.  I am prepared to concede that this is probably in part due to a new lack of antidepressants in my system, my happy pills have succeeded in making me happy-ish for a good number of years now, but it is time to bid them adieu.  We’ll talk more about that later.

So instead of  a stream of happy iPhone photos, depicting perfect family life, I present to you a short bullet point list of thinks I Kind of Like this week;

  1. Diet Coke
  2. Hot cocktail sausages
  3. Bread
  4. Ethan {he has been perfect this week, bless his filthy wee feet}
  5. Friday after 2pm.  Kind of.  There is a Tupperware party to go to tonight which really could go either way.

Happy Friday!  Let’s cross our fingers for Rainbows and Unicorns over the weekend shall we?

Dita de Boni hates Halloween, oh my

Here’s a wee tip fellow bloggers; whenever you are lacking in inspiration and have reached the very bottom of your creative souls, head over to the New Zealand Herald website and have a quick browse among the Life & Style section – there is no end of bullshit here which should either; enrage you to the point of seeing red  > hello opinion piece, or will make you giggle so much you will feel compelled to write a scathing post on the author’s complete lack of sensibilities.

Of course I have done all of these things:

and I’m about to again.  Because I have opinions people and sharing is caring right?

Dita de Boni do you actually have a soul, or a scrap of imagination or motherly fun tucked away in your Journalist of the Year cap?  This weeks Keeping Mum blog titled, “I Hate Halloween” seems to be written from the authors usual high moral ground, empahasizing her hatred of Halloween, apparently stemming from our country’s love of sugar!  The ample baking at her husbands work place contributes to her Halloween-phobia, as does free Mr Whippy’s as a treat for for employees, apparently Halloween angst takes many forms and to top it all off HER KIDS ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

The horror.

If your kids are super excited about Halloween simply because of the possibility of free lollies, maybe evil sugar has become just a tad bit marginalized in your household?  There is so much to enjoy about Halloween least of all is the candy, let us count the ways;

  1. Dressing up is fun
  2. Scaring people {or trying to} is super fun when you are a little kid
  3. Being out and about in your neighbourhood dressed up, possibly with your friends in the early evening when you’d normally be doing homework is ace
  4. Anything that is a break from routine is fun
  5. Lollies are definitely fun.
  6. Traditions are fun – regardless of whether or no they originate from America for gods sake!
  7. Having something to look forward to is fun, and if a cheapie costume once a year makes your kids happy then so be it.
So let the kids eat lollies I say!  Get the rod out of your back and have  a little fun.  Our neighbourhood has a system where houses ‘opt in’ to Trick or Treating and are provided balloons to decorate their mailboxes with.  This way, no-one like Dita gets bothered if they are that annoyed by Halloween.  The hundreds of kids in our neighbourhood all meet on the local tennis courts and are handed out maps showing where the Halloween houses are, last year there were over fifty!  We had such a fun time walking around between 5-7pm, having a very specific time frame helps limit the obvious annoyances of Halloween ; ).  It was great to meet our neighbours and their kids and enjoy the season.
One year when Ethan was younger I hosted our own Halloween party.  We decorated, had a sausage sizzle for the kids and parents and I supplied a few of our immediate neighbours with a bag of lollies each and we visited them for some ‘pre-arranged’ Trick or Treating.  Safe, fun and just another excuse for a party really!
Happy Halloween!
Ethan's 1st Halloween


Happy Halloween from Bob the Builder!

Happy Halloween 2007!

Pumpkin Carving



What I Wore | Jeans, Leggings, Boots


The weather in Aucks {and the rest of New Zealand} has been totally shit lately. Super cold, windy enough to blow one of our huge palms over and rainy rainy rainy. Hate. Every time I wear these boots I think “this HAS to be the last time I wear these guys in 2012”. But they always pop out of the closet for one last cameo.  What’s weird about this outfit is that the night after I wore it, I was flicking through my Pinterest Boards when I came across this pin – obviously the outfit had been filed in my subconscious for future inspiration!

I was also inspired by Kelly’s Preppy outfit post last week – loving this style, it’s very ‘me’…….somedays lol.



This outfit was definitely warm and cosy but I STILL had to layer up with my pea coat before we went out to dinner!  Brrrrrr.

Boots: Country Road, Thrifted

Leggings: MAX

Shirt: Levis

Jersey: Country Road

Create Hope Inspire Wardrobe Wednesday

Christmas Shoebox Project Completed!

We finished picking, packing and wrapping our families contribution to Operation Christmas Child this weekend. I have discovered that I am absolute rubbish at wrapping cardboard shoe boxes {how can it be so hard?}.
I thought I would share what we included in our gift box in case you needed some ideas or are still undecided about whether or not you will contribute to this amazing charity.
So, we decided to prep our gift for a young boy around Ethan’s age (7);


  • 1 exercise book
  • 1 spelling notebook
  • Coloured pencils
  • Writing pencils and pencil sharpener
  • Cars posters to colour in, markers and stickers
  • Toy car
  • Marbles
  • Funky pen
  • Cuddly alligator
  • Glow stick
  • Lego mini figures
  • Flannel and soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Squishy ball
  • Frisbee
  • 20121022-172604.jpg

    There is a drop off location just off Lincoln Rd in Henderson so we plan on delivering our Christmas Shoebox on Wednesday!
    How are your families donations coming along?

Things I’m Loving | Matakana, Skateboards & Long Weekends

How nice would it be too have a sunny  l o n g  weekend?  No wind?  It would be delish.  But at least there was yesterday.  Mum and I set off to visit my Nana and check out the new retail area in Silverdale.  Turns out we were yakking too much and missed the exit.  Onwards to Puhoi!  And then why not just keep going to Matakana where there was sun and no wind.  We split a muffin and enjoyed a cider sitting by the river.


Of course refreshments come after a spot of shopping.  Loving my new Swarovski crystal ring on a rubber band!  Bold rings are def on my list of favourites this season.


 E is loving his trampoline these days, he spends so much time perfecting his tricks and “working on his lines” {he means his six-pack lol}.  Keep jumping son x 


Dave gave away his last skateboard deck to some little kids in Paris so he has been itching to put together his new set-up.  He took advantage of the sunshine yesterday to sand the graphics off his deck, make a stencil and spray paint his own art work on his new board.  I love the finished product.



Dave also sanded an old deck down for Ethan to decorate with his own stencil.  He picked an eel, we drew it out then he made his stencil on a heavy piece of card.  He did all the spraying himself and now he wants to hang it on his bedroom wall.  Ummmm…..

Ethan's Skateboard

Most kids might use an IPad for games.  Mine uses ours for researching animals.  Love him.  His brain is like a little sponge and he retains everything.  Ask him how many pounds of pressure a American Alligator can exert when biting you.  He could tell you.  No joke.


Enjoy the long weekend everyone!  I am going to try my hand at a custard slice today, get organised with a monthly blog planner and enjoy my people x

Things I’m Loving is hosted by Meghan at MNM’s

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Christmas Giving | Lets do this! I dare you

I am SO excited about this project, I can’t stop thinking about how awesome it is, how easy it is, how absolutely meaningful it is and how much we are going to enjoy putting it together with Ethan.

Of course I discovered it on Create Hope Inspire, Miriam seems to know no end of awesomeness!  Let’s teach our kids {in a really hands on way} about giving this Christmas.  About sharing with a child in a far less privileged position then our own and lets do it now!  Well you actually kinda have to do it now before time runs out.  Intrigued?

Check this out;

Operation Christmas Child is a charity operating in Australia and New Zealand.  You decorate a shoebox in Christmas wrap, fill it with selected small items that a needy child would just love and be ever so grateful for {think small soft toy, pencils, school books, soap, flannel toothbrush, something to play with etc}, then drop your shoebox off at one of many locations around Australia and New Zealand {NZ list here}.  The boxes are gathered and shipped to locations around the world and children who would normally go without get to enjoy something just a wee bit special this Christmas.

So, are you in?  Here’s the simple instructions;

Operation Christmas Child

Our family is on this like white on rice.  We have our shoebox, I did the grocery shopping today so have picked out the first few items, Ethan has ideas about what he is going to contribute, Mum is adding some school supplies – I actually think there could be more than one shoebox leaving this house hopefully!  There is so much to love about a project like this.  Buying a goat for a village is a wonderful idea, but kind of hard and intangible for my son in NZ to get his head around.  Donating money is also a very practical and easy way to donate, but you just never really know where it ends up.  When you drop off your Christmas shoebox you can pick up a tracking label which will allow you to follow your boxes journey to the country of its intended recipient.  Love it.

So who’s in?


PS If you are even thinking about leaving some nasty-ass comment about how charity begins at home i.e. NZ…… don’t bother please and thank you : )

What I Wore | Jeans and Sandals

I am just itching to get into summer clothes, or at the very least some springy outfits but the weather is just not co-operating.  I am loving cuffed skinny jeans at the moment, at least I can wear some summery shoes and keep my layers and merino up top!

Be sure to visit Miriam who hosts Wardrobe Wednesday…..and Kelly who is one of my new fave fashion bloggers from right here in NZ!  Yah kiwi.




Jacket: Years old from Target
Jeans: Country Road
Tie dye tee: Country Road
Flannel Shirt: Country Road
Shoes: We Who See Flatform Sandals



Watching: My Kitchen Rules {surely the most drawn out show in the history of television?}, Finding Bigfoot – Ethan’s obsession, though he asks me every day I AM STILL NOT A BELIEVER!

Listening to: Nothing. New. The playlist of my life has not had a new addition since Pumped up Kicks, and that was at least a year ago. I drive in silence in the car and at drinks with friends on Sunday night I had no idea of the most massive song in the world (apparently?) that is sung by a Korean boy-man who cuts some mean shapes on the dance floor. Let me get back under my rock, hold on.

Thinking about: Shoes, this blog, new tyres for our NEW-er truck {at least buying a NEW-er truck is no longer taking up head space}, finishing my degree and completely changing my major in the third year {who cares? I did the exact same thing 12 yrs ago with my BA}, cancer scaring the bejeezus out of me, gastro bugs that keep coming back, my Mum and her busted face : (

Loving: Sugar free Jim Beam and Cola. Thank you liquor gods! Fab blog-ish opportunities of which I wish there were more, meeting cool Auckland mums (but then being dumb and not getting their contact details), finishing our New House budget.

Reading: David Foster Wallace’s post-humous novel The Pale King. DFW is hard. Harder in death. I had forgotten how much one must concentrate when reading his work. Infinite Jest was magnificent, but very heavy to transport all over America, but life changing almost, in a novel-can-change-you-life kind of way. Maybe it just changes the way you think. Yes. Also reading The Lovely Bones because sometimes I am just not in the mood for hard work reading.

Making me Happy: Getting most of the superglue off my teeth. Here’s a trick for young players; never under any circumstances use your teeth to open superglue. 9/10 times you will be successful and feel like the boss of fixing things. But a mouth full of super glue will one day remind you that you are actually not the boss and fast setting glue in ones mouth is quite problematic. And it tastes weird.

Thanks Danielle @ Sometimes Sweet for the Currently inspiration