Hello Nixon | 3 Months!!


Wow.  Three months is kind of a milestone isn’t it?  Not so much for baby, but for Mums and Dads.  Three months is coming out of the fog, settling in to the demands of the new babe, figuring your sweet little person out a little more each day and learning to roll with whatever the day brings.  Three months is being able to breathe, being able to put baby down on his play mat without him screaming, being able to take a shower while he sleeps {because you know he will stay asleep!}, knowing how much time you have before he is hungry and planning accordingly.  Three months is good.

Three months is also a bit sad.  It’s 1/4 of baby’s first year.  Gone.  So quick it’s hard to even remember the winter that brought sweet Nix to us, so grateful for 9000 photographs.  I was looking back at Ethan’s pics at the same age, guess how many there were?  Seven.  Seven photos for the month of February 2005.  Unbelievable!  The numbers quickly jumped up as we invested in our first good digital camera shortly afterwards.

Nixon, sweet boy.  This week, your 12th, has been amazing.  You gave me hell in the weekend and as I regrouped and came up with a new strategy you responded perfectly – with naps!  Lots of naps!  You have learnt how to sleep during the day and I am oh so grateful.  You are so much happier for it, especially in the evenings when you love to chat with your Daddy.  It was during one of these 9.30pm discussions that you started to giggle.  You did it again and then again the next day!  The BEST sound in the world is your little laugh and you have the whole house performing like monkeys trying to get you to giggle again.

We went out for lunch for the first time this week, you and I and Sheryl and baby cousin Ayla, you two were perfect in the cafe and left us Mummies feeling so proud of ourselves {and rather brave!}.  You have started getting terrible frights when all of the Bad Dogs bark, which is most times when someone arrives home, you like to keep an eye on me wherever I go, even if you are being cuddled and loved on by someone else, you are VERY strong and pushed and kicked the Doctor away yesterday when you were visiting for a check-up.

You are still sleeping 10-5 at least every night, so to be honest I can’t actually say that Dad and I have ever been without much sleep since you arrived!  You’re always a grumpy waker though, you like to complain and fuss and squeak to get someone over to the bassinet as fast as possible to pick you up.  We don’t mind.

You are not a big hippo anymore, I was so surprised at our Plunket visit this week to find that you are now in the 50th percentile! You had such a head start when you were born that I think you are evening out now, and it also means you get to be wee for a little bit longer which I love.


Throwing in the towel for today

I have paid work to do, deadline tomorrow. I have a half finished painting I would dearly love to finish.  I have washing on the line that has been out too long and will now be damp.  I have chipped nail polish on my fingers and the reason I can’t attend to any of these things is because Nixon is sleeping.  Here in my lap.  Nowhere else.


We have gone back to the horrible land of No Naps.  It makes me mental.  Monday to Friday I can cope with mostly whatever Nix throws at me but when the weekends come along and Dave and E are home from school I feel this huge amount of pressure for everything to be amazing and for us to make the most of each day.  To fill Saturday and Sunday with adventures and yummy food and friends and fun.  But this actually never happens, the baby never sleeps in the morning {or the aftenoon or the evening} which throws everything off track and makes me explode.  And then there is just a big, angry Melissa mess to clean up.
I tried for an hour to get Nixon to sleep in his crib to no avail. He doesn’t cry a whole lot, he is more like a grumbly whinger, but he is losing his voice so he now sounds like Joan Jett, making it even harder for me to let him cry it out even for a little bit.

So we sit and I will give up on all expectations and enjoy this little babe while he can still sleep on my lap.
This is all very hard.

Show & Tell | Crochet Baby Blanket

This wasn’t a well planned out project, I didn’t have a pattern and I didn’t buy wool especially for it.  I kind of wish I had put more thought into it considering how attached I feel to it – I worked hard on this while I was preggo with Nixie and I have just finished the border and steam blocking it – at least it’s all done before he hits 12 weeks.  But it could have been prettier.  

Instead, I present to you, The Craft Mavens, my very earth toned, eco-looking, make it up as I go along, use all the scraps of wool, baby blanket.



Show & Tell Thursday's

Things I’m Loving | Hello Weekend!


* this has to be one of  my most favourite photos, so many things I love in one frame, and completely candid {proven by the dogs, posing in just the right spots!  you could never make them do that}

loving Dave having a leisurely Friday working from home

* loving sunny warm weather after some serious rain – I haven’t turned the heat pump on all week, hooray says my power bill!

* loving The America’s Cup racing, this country is going to go mad when the boys win, also loving that my new SAHM status means that I’m usually curled up on the couch watching in my dressing gown at 8am

loving you, bloggy readers who leave comments and make me laugh, especially when you also make videos – I’m pointing and whistling at you Maria!

loving remote access {I think} which lets me log in to my work computer at leisure and work pitifully small amounts whenever I can.  How can 14 weeks paid leave go so quick!

loving having my Mum around to share our baby with, we ALL missed out on so much when Ethan was born in the USA.  There is nothing better than seeing someone else love your bubba and think they are just as delicious as you do x

loving letting my big boy walk home from school, a little extra exercise and independence is just what our 8yo needs {plus I gain an extra half hour in my day – everybody wins!}

Bonus Loving


1.  Cake.  Any kind,  Can’t get enough right now

2.  Ecostore Coconut Soap.  My fave.  Smells like summer

3.  Daniel Wellington watches, which one?  I just can’t decide

4.  Citta Sola Cushion I love their whole new summer range, will be replenishing our couch cushions with a selection of their new Greek inspired furnishings.

5.  Karlsson Mini Flip Calendar Wall Clock, trying to justify this in my wallet head

6.  Rekorderlig Cider – omg yum.  Available at all the usual boozy haunts

7.  Ambrosia apples have been my all time fave this winter, so crispy and sweet and juicy

Have a wonderful weekend!

Acquisitions | Kate Sylvester Pink Ceramic Swan

Chastise.  Go.

I thought about this swan for a long time.  And then I bought it.


I’m wanting to bring a few different colours into this room, so this was like my ‘gateway’ knick-knack to opening up the colour palette.  Gateway anything sounds a bit dangerous to the bank account doesn’t it?  Don’t worry you’re safe from buying pink ceramic swans as I just tried to find the link for you and it appears they have been removed from the Kate Sylvester website.  Phew!


Op-Shop DIY | My first foray into refinishing furniture!

A project, started and completed within a week!  That deserves some more chocolate.

I spotted this desk at Junk & Disorderly whilst on a scouting mission for a little cabinet to sit at the end of our kitchen.  We had a vacancy for a small piece of furniture that did not need to do anything nor hold anything, a corner that just needed to be filled.  I couldn’t find anything to meet such lowly requirements.  But I thought about this old desk for a week.  I thought maybe it would work, maybe I could be handy enough to re-finish it and at just $25 I wouldn’t be investing a whole lot of money in it if I didn’t love it.  We went back the next Saturday and it was still there, hidden under a pile of old typewriters.  It wasn’t pretty.

New Zealand Mummy Blog

A light sanding, two coats of primer and two coats of paint applied with a roller and the old boy looks a lot better.  I had some gunmetal coloured spray paint in the garage so gave the old brown legs two coats, I loved this step, it was quick-dry paint so all done and dusted super-quick.

It works, and I know that if I don’t love it forever I will easily be able to double my money by on-selling.  I just need to finish the corner off with a brightly coloured little stool and then E will have a little nook to do his homework while we are working in the kitchen.

New Zealand Mummy Blogger

You know I should………

…………….go to bed, it’s 10.05pm on Sunday night, everyone else is asleep, but, EVERYONE ELSE IS ASLEEP!  EVEN THE BABY!  Too good to waste.

…………….do at least 100 sit-ups, easy baby weight is long gone, the rest is going to be hard work.  Sigh.

…………….finish that crochet blanket for Nix that is 99% done before it’s too darn hot for him to ever use it.

…………….remove my makeup each night before bed but I can never be bothered, gross I know

…………….drink more water each day as I’m always parched at night

…………….spend more time with my friends but life gets in the way, I miss ya’ll!

…………….not eat so much chocolate {before lunch!}, quite hard when Dave brought home 3 different king size blocks from grocery shopping this week.  I think he is trying to sabotage point #2!!

…………….actually attempt my Spring Cleaning plan of spending a day in each room thoroughly cleaning it – my allergies are playing up just thinking about dusting ::::shudder::::

…………….try to spend more time writing on my blog than thinking about writing on my blog, anyone with me on this one?

…………….spend more time commenting on all of your blogs that I LOVE, there are so many of you kiwi girls whose blogs I devour throughout the day while feeding Nix, I WILL try harder I promise x


Random thoughts on ….Friday!

  • Mum’s hand-me-downs rule, especially when they are this seasons Country Rd trackies! She said they make her butt look big (not true) but mine actually is big so no problem here!
  • You can’t go past Twitter for on-the-spot nutritional advice;

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 9.22.52 AM

  • I shaved my legs this week in anticipation of spring……………it’s so cold : (
  • I’m so used to making plans for a non-sleeping baby that when he does sleep I’m all ready to go and can’t leave!  I much prefer 3.5 hour naps though so don’t consider this a complaint!
  • My desk is too small to collect our whole families junk upon, I want this one 
  • Being at home a lot all the time is nice for a home-body like me, but you do start to notice things a lot more.  Like dust.  I was forced to dust this week, my most detested chore, I will try not to make a habit of this I swear.
  • Being home a lot also leads to much online shopping :::slaps hand:::
  • As lovely as having a big chubba baby is, he hasn’t been a ‘little’ baby for very long {if he in fact ever was!}, time and calories need to slow this boys growth just a little so I can savour my last little bub.

And finally, here is the best tip I can offer new mums;

NEVER, EVER, E V E R forget to remove your disposable breast pads before putting your nursing clothes in the washing machine.  Worse laundry disaster ever.  Little sticky silicone globs all over everything.

Major sad face as I was getting all angry at Dave and Ethan, sure that one of them had left paper in their pockets, until I realised I was the culprit.  I Need to  s  l o w down.  Sigh.

Thanks for the inspo Ange!


Mo money mo problems

As I listened with sadness and horror yesterday at yet another tale of a family we know torn apart by infidelity, drugs and lies I was reminded of the wise words of Biggy Smalls “the more money we come across the more problems we see”;

A man before his time, RIP Biggie.

Anyway, my point is this, you can be happy eating beans on toast if you are together as a family,  It’s pretty hard to be happy eating beans on toast because your husband spent all the money on P and hookers.

I look back at the ten years Dave and I have been together and some of my fondest memories are of times when we were as poor as church mice.  When I first moved to California from Florida I had no wheels and a sweet {but poorly paid} cash job earning $10 an hour.  Luckily I was a smart girl and saw a cutie blue scooter at the local car lot for $300 and sweet talked them into letting me finance it!  That’s right.  I had payments on a $300 scooter.  But I was mobile and as Dave didn’t have a car either we tandemed on the scooter all over So-Cal.  It was awesome and it cost $2.15 to fill the tank.  When we found out I was preggers with E we were flatting and we {still} owned nothing.  we didn’t even have a cutlery set or any plates we could call our own.  But we worked hard and saved hard for 9 months and by the time E arrived we were still living a block from the beach and had our first apartment furnished with everything a little family could need.

Dave has always maintained that if money is the only thing you have to argue about, then you are doing pretty good.  I’m not down-playing the huge stress financial worries can inflict upon a couple, but if your family is all healthy, you can manage to keep the roof over your heads and flour in the pantry for a batch of scones you can find some inkling of happiness everyday.  When we first moved back to NZ the cost of living was so high compared to what we were used to and our one measly wage was Dave’s apprentice rates, we had the grand total of $25 per week leftover after expenses – this was in the days when we were only paying $280 a week in rent!

Keep your family close and be grateful for what you have, just stay away from the P and hookers peeps!