Acquisitions | Tiny Eyes Winter Collab Doll

IMG_5509When Dee (who is the amaze creative behind Tiny Eyes Dolls first posted the sketch of the Little Lion Boy I knew he had to be mine Nixon’s.  As the auction for the collaboration dolls drew to a close I was at my Nana’s enjoying a birthday lunch. Nana has dial-up so I had to rely on my phone to win the auction via Facebook comments. Stressy!
Luckily buying stuff is totally my jam and the gorgeous Lion Boy arrived yesterday. We love him!
The details are perfection, he is WAY bigger than I anticipated and will be loved in this family for a long time.
Tiny_Eyes_2 Tiny_Eyes_1

Monday, 9am

It’s Monday morning, 9am.

I have just brushed bagel crumbs out of my boobs (breastfeeding + breakfast) and extricated myself from the bed like a contortionist so as not to wake the mythical miracle aka sleeping bebe. Did I mention he is sleeping on his tummy, in my bed, happily guarded by his three dogs? I should have told you to prepare your disapproving looks first shouldn’t I?
I have also just snapped off a full row of Cadbury Caramello chocolate, I mean, if I ate breakfast at 7am it is surely time for morning tea yes? I am considering seconds.
It’s time to begin the post-weekend walk through. The visiting of each room in the house, collecting the foreign detritus that has been left, abandoned, In The Wrong Place and returning everything to its rightful home. This is where you get distracted and bounce from room to room, toys, hats, drink bottles in hand, re-homing everything but never quite finishing The Tidy in any one room.
Then there is the central collection point, my desk, that needs to be cleared. It is in just the right spot for anyone entering the family room to immediately empty their hands and pockets. A communal dumping ground of weekend stuff.
Magical bebe is awake after sleeping for his requisite 5 minutes so now I return to our regular schedule of holding, feeding and cuddling all day long. And you?

(the second row of chocolate was excellent btw)

Things I’m Loving | Hello!

It has been SO long since I have written a T.I.L post {Hi Meg!} but in celebration of  – hopefully – putting the baby-who-does-not-nap down for a sleep, I will type like a bat outta hell and try to actually finish a post.

So loving our Mountain Buggy and the freedom it gives me.  I know that sounds silly, I mean I have a CAR after all, but being able to get out the door and exercise in a moments notice does me more good than shopping and happy pills combined!  It’s a wonderous thing; fresh air and rediscovering muscles that had turned to jelly over the past 10 months.  I stopped at the Four Square on the way home from our walk today and the lovely owner commented that it was a shame I had gotten caught in the rain.  I must have hesitated in my reply as she looked at me and said “I guess it doesn’t really matter though does it?”.  She could tell that I was so happy to be outside that I could care less about the rain!  Thanks to Abby and Vicki for my awesome storm cover, Nixie stayed warm, dry and asleep the whole time x


Loving the spring-y-ness that has been popping up in the neighborhood.  Our cars are now dusted in yellow pollen, the magnolias are blooming and everyone is getting excited about the return of warmer weather.  A new baby brings lots of visitors and some bring spring flowers – Thanks Judy for these gorgeous daffodils and tulips x


Loving new traditions that sneak into family life.  Ever since we brought Nixon home from the hospital, Sunday night has become fish dinner night in our house.  Dave has perfected shrimp risotto and serves it with whatever fish takes his eye that day at the supermarket.  It’s a divine meal, inexpensive and healthy and I look forward to it every week.


I love seeing Dave with his boys and at the moment Nixon is his wee mini-me.  It’s early days yet, but that baby is the spitting image of his daddy – I’m crossing my fingers Dave has passed on his lovely, chilled out temperament as well as his large head!


My awesome Nana turned 83 this week.  Ethan, Nixon and I loved that we could have lunch with her and one of my cousins on Sunday.  She is such an amazing lady {who is quite besotted with her 11th great grandchild!}, we love you heaps Nana!


Finally I’m loving that this wee man is over the tummy bug that was hurting him so much earlier in the week.  We had a rough couple of days, the worst so far.  He spent the days crying and most definitely not sleeping at all.  I was so ready for some help at the end of the day when my Mum and Dave would return home.  But we have survived and I keep reminding myself that he will only be 6 weeks old for a mere 7 days!  It’s quite bittersweet when you think of it like that isn’t it?


PS Nixon stayed asleep the whole time I was writing this!!!!!  Mama’s winning at last.

Acquisitions | Move Your Art Wheelie Box


I spied these gorgeous wheelie boxes on Lee Ann Yare’s Facebook page when I was in hospital after having Nixon.  This one matched the quilts in his nursery just too perfectly and Brooke from Move Ur Art was lovely enough to drop it off at the hospital for me!  Childbirth doesn’t mean you have to take a break from shopping lol.

These boxes are super sturdy, constructed of thick natural coloured ply with heavy casters – I am so happy with the quality, plus it’s just the perfect size for a little man’s toy box.  Custom sizes are available, with or without lids.

Contact: Brooke Adams, 0274422667


Breastfeeding Baby #2

Last week as parents around the world celebrated breast feeding and attended Big Latch On events, we found ourselves firmly back in breast feeding mode after a break of eight years.
To be honest, it wasnt going well.  Just like everything to do with Ethan’s arrival, breastfeeding was ridiculously easy {I have realized with hindsight!}.  He was hungry, I had crazy good milk supply and he just got it.
Nixon has turned my whole experience of baby rearing on its head and breast feeding has been no exception.  Nixon just didn’t get it.
His delivery via forceps nailed him. He was so tired and probably so sore that he would barely stay awake longer than three minutes once on the breast, and so the vicious cycle began. As his calorie deficiency became even more marked he had less and less energy with which to feed.  My big 10lb 2oz baby was fading away.
Week two resulted in another hospital admission so his weight could be monitored and he could be checked out fully.
It’s pretty common knowledge that bottle feeding is easier for babies, they don’t have to work so hard to get full.  Not one of the hospital staff or lactation specialists suggested this as an option for Nixon, even with expressed milk.  This would have saved us weeks of worry.
So we persevered with our sleepy giant but after a day long hunger strike enough was enough. Dave came home from work with a tin of formula and we gave him a 50ml top up after breast feeding. I felt sick to my stomach.
What had we done? Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined having to bottle feed either of my kids.  E wouldn’t take a bottle so I feed him every two hours, that’s right, every two hours for a year.  I assumed Nixon would be just as boob-loyal.

It turns out that formula didn’t kill my baby!  Huzzah!

It turns out that he didn’t get “nipple confusion”!

It turns out that my milk supply did NOT suffer from a formula top-up once a day!

There was light at the end of the four week old tunnel and this past week has seen a huge change in the little guy.  He has packed on half a kg in seven days, is happier and more settled and responds perfectly to every feed.

So, we are now breastfeeding, bottle feeding expressed milk for a top-up when needed and bottle feeding formula top-ups when needed.  It’s all good!  Nixon doesn’t care how he gets it, he just loves his milk!

As a second time mum, I was completely naive to assume that Nixon would follow the same path as baby Ethan, everything is different, not in a bad way, but just enough to remind us to keep open minds as we raise two individual sons who are their own little people.


Parenting Fail #611 | The Fake Injury


E has been limping around the house, limping around the rugby field and walking on his tip-toes for about 6 weeks now.

As he has some pretty brilliant melodramatic tendencies we just assumed his complaints were to be taken with a grain of salt. That his odd gait was something that had become a bad habit needing to be broken.  The arrival of Nixon pushed the issue a little further from my “immediate action” radar and so we did nothing.

Until last week when he asked me every day when he was going to the foot doctor.  Physio confirmed there was a problem with the growth plates in his heel causing him so much pain that he had been compensating by walking on the edge of his foot and on his toes, resulting in a secondary tendon injury.

Can anyone measure how shit I feel right now?  Poor guy.  He has thrashed his little body this winter, rugby training twice a week, game on Saturday, swimming lessons, barefoot rugby every day at school {I am sure this has done it’s fair share of damage}, plus rugby in the yard every fine afternoon after school.  He is now not just filthy, but filthy and injured and unable to play in the Reps rugby tournament he had been selected for.  He attests that the worst part is he has to wear shoes now.  Oh the inhumanity!

I have fully learned my lesson.  E has always been such a bullet-proof kid but I can’t take that for granted anymore; when you’re built like a WWF wrestler you play hard, fall hard and are hard on your body.  Injuries are going to happen and Dave and I need to be sure we give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to aches and plains.

Have you ever disregarded one of your kids myriad niggles?  Never again I say!



Hello Nixon | You are 1 month old

My beautiful baldy baby is now four weeks old.  Unbelievable. Though some days/nights have been long the weeks have flown by.  The simple fact that we somehow have an 8yo (!!!) reminds me that the years slip away just as quickly as these early weeks have. Sob.

Nixon has had his best week yet, he has up-skilled his breastfeeding technique, happily taken to a bottle for a top-up at night before he goes to bed and is sleeping like a champ {last night 10.30-4.30!!!}.  He is not a morning baby however, so this part of the day is full of cuddles and cluster feeding while I try to get morning chores done.  Ethan was back at school last week and we managed to get out of the house and walk him home 3 days out of the five!  We also watched him play in his inter-school Rippa Rugby tournament, made it to his swimming lesson and attended Blog Camp from 9-4.30 on Saturday!

Getting out of the house is such a thrill at the moment but the thought of it fills me with dread if Im being completely honest.  Nix is so unpredictable that putting him in his Ergo or the carseat results in tremendous, heart wrenching, bleating-like-a-wee-lamb crying about 50% of the time.  This is particularly hard for Ethan to hear, it worries him immensely.

We have all adjusted so well to our new addition, I am really proud of our family.  I honestly have never been happier in my whole life.  I feel so, so lucky to have two precious boys to love on, an amazing husband to share them with and my lovely Mum to rely on whenever I need her.

Nix, you are the cuddliest wee thing I have ever known.  You will sleep on me ALL day if I let you – in fact I did let you do this yesterday at Blog Camp and I didn’t miss a thing, you were so good (read: hungry and sleepy).

You pee on me when I change you about four times per day, you love having music on – early preferences are yay on The Flaming Lips and nay to Dinosaur Jr.  You adore being bathed!  I am sure you will be another little fish like your big brother as you can’t get enough of the water and wave your arms around and kick off the bath, content to spend as much time in the water as you are allowed.

You have put your weight loss days behind you and weighed over 4.8kg’s last week, I’m sure you’re going to crack 5kg on Tuesday when our midwife comes for her final visit.

You are a peaceful, calm little baby except when you have gas, and this is quite often.  Your tummy hurts you so much sometimes but we cycle your legs and rub your belly and help you through it.

I am hoping you like to wear shoes more than your brother and aren’t quite so feral, but realistically there isn’t much hope of that.