I made it | Stripe Edge Beanie


I was inspired a couple of months ago by Treena-Marie’s lovely striped beanies that she had crocheted for her yummy boys and decided to give one a go myself (in quite ugly rugby club colours but that’s what was called for!).
It turned as well as you would expect from a crochet novice, but I’m happy with it and I think I finally get what is so nice and satisfying about making something with our own hands – Ethan loves this beanie! That simple fact that he loves something that I made for him warms the cockles just a little bit you know?

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35 Weeks Preggo


Oh Lordy. How’dya like that 8 pound bump o’ baby? At this stage it’s like I’m carrying a bowling ball around, he is SO heavy.
I am;
– Exhausted
– Uncomfortable in bed, ergo not sleeping well
– Worried about how how big this kid and I are going to get if he hangs in there to term, (visions of Octo-Mom are further tormenting my sleep)
– Finding day to day tasks more difficult, bending down is nigh on impossible
– Still working and enjoying it
– Very very excited
– Very very much looking forward to sushi
– Missing my lovely clothes and looking forward to shopping once I lose some weight!
– Loving that E came to the growth scan this week with me, it was his first of the whole pregnancy and it was awesome. Because the hippo is so big it was easy for E to understand what he was seeing on the ultrasound. Leftover paranoia from my miscarriage that was discovered via a routine ultrasound – with E present – meant that Dave and I have gone to all previous scans sans E.

35_weeks_pregnantSkirt: Egg maternity, passed on from a friend
Tights: KMart
Tank: Oversized from Cotton On
Top: Kmart

Jacket: Esprit
Shoes: Sperry

New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards | My Brothers War

New Zealand Post Children's Book AwardsThe New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards celebrates annually the depth and range of talent our home-grown authors can offer kiwi readers.

I pre-read a chapter of My Brothers War by David Hill before I unleashed it on Ethan and I’m glad I did. This book is definitely better suited to a reader aged 12+. In saying that, I couldn’t put it down and finished it in one sitting.

Hill offers a graphic, historical novel set in a young New Zealand torn between colonial allegiances and a new mind-set exploring a peaceful anti-war feeling that will persist to the current day (thank goodness!).
Two brothers write home of their very different experiences both before and during the war. William and Edmund, once divided and estranged by their polarising stance on the conflict find themselves on the French battlefield, each reconsidering the views held by the other and finding respect and validity where there was once only animosity and anger.

Make no mistake, the war is in no way glossed over, it is described in all of its gory, heart rending detail complete with imagery that pays tribute to the lives lost in Europe.

My Brothers War is a perfect novel for parents and young teens to read together and discuss. There is so much historical value in this beautiful novel it should be prescribed reading.

Five stars for sure.


My Brother's War cover image

Pregnancy Cravings | Fresh Sammies

Corned beef sandwich

I haven’t (yet!) experienced any mad pregnancy cravings, though there is still 6 weeks remaining before I am full term!  There were a couple of weeks when I spent a LOT of time thinking about cream doughnuts, with real cream of course, but I can truthfully say I only indulged in approximately four.  Go me.

One thing I have consistently enjoyed throughout the last 7.5 months is bread, rolls, bagels, crumpets and carbs in general.  I hadn’t eaten carbs for 18 months before this pregnancy so I have really enjoyed cutting myself a bit of slack and chowing down on some good sammies.

At this late stage of pregnancy, fibre is very import {for reasons we shan’t speak of} so I was very happy to be able to enjoy a loaf of lovely, soft, white toast bread guilt free thanks to  Natures Fresh Simply Fibre.  White bread is a treat in our house due to it’s generally useless nutritional properties, however I will happily add this bread to our shopping cart as being able to enjoy thick white toast {smothered with Marmite and butter} without sacrificing fibre content is a definite win!


Dream Catcher Workshop | ALAS & The Department Store


My darling Mother’s Day began earlier in the week when Dave asked me what I would love to do on Sunday; my reply surprised him as it did not involve either he nor Ethan, and it did not involve shopping (technically)!  I had RSVP’d to a morning celebrating the arrival of ALAS Women’s Sleepwear at The Department Store.

We were treated to a scrummy brunch by Little Bird Organics whilst we got the chance to get acquainted with the gorgeous organic/Fairtrade textiles used in the sleepwear range and the inspirational ladies behind the ALAS brand and philosophy, Kelly and Betony.

Alas Pyjamas


After the eats and greets concluded {actually, if I’m being truthful the eats continued throughout the morning!}, we settled in to our crafting, and whipped up some beautiful dream catchers.  I had been wanting one for the nursery so was quietly chuffed that I made my own and was able to incorporate some special bobs and beads from broken jewellery that I had saved over the years – for no good reason until now!

Crafting is good for the soul, as is beautiful, soft sleepwear {you wouldn’t believe how soft}.  Thank you ALAS for a lovely Mother’s Day with some fab ladies x

Dream Catcher Workshop

Dream Catcher Workshop

Dream Catcher Workshop

Dream Catcher Workshop


Dream Catcher


Sunday. Mother’s Day 2013

Breakfast in Bed

Mother’s Day was perfection this year. Textbook even {until 1am when I finally conceded that sleeping in our bed was a battle I had lost and it was time to try semi-upright snoozing in the Lazy-Boy. Belly-too-big!). Ugh.
Back to perfect Mother’s Day.
There was brekkie in bed with little man, thoughtful, kind gifts of a pregnancy massage and manicure/pedicure vouchers (!!!) and then three blissful hours of adult time, crafting with one of my oldest friends at a gorgeous product launch for ALAS Sleepwear @ The Department Store in Takapuna – more on that later.
The sun was shining, and though real life returned later in the day and slapped us on the ass a bit it was a glorious Sunday x

PS.  I hate that first picture with a passion unlike any other, but there I am people, huge and morning-ified in jumbo sized striped purple flannel PJ’s.  You better be feeling good about yourself right now!



New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards | Uncle Trev and His Whistling Bull

New Zealand Post Children's Book AwardsThe New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards celebrates annually the depth and range of talent our home-grown authors can offer kiwi readers.

Ethan devours books at a rate that is hard to keep up with, so we were so happy to receive a package containing novels for review from two of the finalists in the Junior Fiction section.

First on the reading list was Uncle Trev and His Whistling Bull by Jack Lasenby {with the most beautiful dust jacket I have ever seen on a paperback btw!}.

Ethan and I (and of late Dave has joined in) have been taking turns to read chapters from the book, each one a hilarious, stand-alone vignette detailing rural life in 1930’s New Zealand. The characters are rich in personality and gorgeously attractive to young readers. Ethan adores the wild story telling of Uncle Trev and the plucky precociousness of his neighbour Gotta Henry – we all know a character like this, a friend, relly or acquaintance that is forever asking if you’ve “gotta hammer mate?”. I think the familiarity of the tales and the characters they expand are what makes this book so endearing, Uncle Trev and his menagerie of animals, friends, family and others in the wider community could happily exist in any town, in any corner of New Zealand.

Ethan {8.5yrs} has been kept guessing and questioning as he is not sure of the credibility of Uncle Trev, some of his tales seemed to be a little tall – but they are so convincing! Who wouldn’t believe in a man-eating Kauri when it comes from such an esteemed story teller!
Our family has loved reading this book together, there are moments of pure hilarity told in a beautifully ‘kiwi’ way that is warm, recognisable and endearing to readers of all ages.


Image(s) via Booksellers NZ.

Happy Mother’s Day to us!

I’m writing this on Saturday evening, the night before Mother’s Day, thinking about what it means to me this year, 7 weeks (hopefully less) away from becoming a Mama of two.
I just read Ethan a chapter from his book, snuggled in my bed, Dave is now reading him a second chapter, snuggled in Ethan’s bed. They are giggling at Dave’s brave attempts at rural NZ place names and 1950’s colloquialisms, they are planning Mother’s Day breakfast and sneaking gifts in and out of rooms…..
Mother’s Day is Ethan and Dave. Without Dave, there is no Ethan or baby hippo on the way, and for him I am so grateful.

Mother’s Day is also about listening to Dave and my Mum conduct their morning ritual – weather analysis; double checking of iPhone apps and arguing about who’s is right when cross-referenced with the weather outside…….. They love it, and I love them both for living together so easily.  Happy Mother’s Day Mum, thank you for everything xx

Mother's Day

Nursery Sneak Peek | I hung the bunting!

So, so much to do and so, little energy! Todays few pain free hours were spent yelling on the sidelines of E’s rugby game {I’m told this can induce labour so am vigorously practicing for the opportune moments coming in the next few weeks}.


I haven’t done too much in the nursery over the last couple of weeks as I’m waiting for some prints to arrive, and then …….. I will frame and hang everything, and see what else Lil Hippo’s room needs before it is just right (I’m thinking what we need now are the boring essential-unmentionables like giant maxi-pads and nipple cream), can’t wait to go shopping for those!

But, I did hang the lovely fabric bunting I purchased form Crave a few months ago and I’m rapt with it! It’s bright and vibrant and matches the rest of the nursery in that it matches nothing. I think once I have finished there will be a couple of colours that tie everything together – at least that’s the plan!