Netball Update Week 2

  • Fitness, much better although NOT having fish n chips and a bourbon pre-game probably helped tonight.
  • Bitch-face ref still hates me.
  • I can’t walk, seriously.  Both hamstrings are screwed, I was almost in tears driving home as it hurt so bad to keep my foot on the accelerator
  • Our team name……wait for it “The Westie Mums”!  I am SO in touch with my roots, Te Atatu’s calling……
  • I caused this little Oompa Loomps goal attack to face plant tonight, not intentionally you understand, but it was the best faceplant I have EVER witnessed – & she totally deserved it, she is one of those sneaky contact people, and when she gets called up she’s all like “aw what?”.  Not me, I know when I have been bad and I “STAND DOWN GOAL DEFENCE“. Yawn.
  • Dave came to watch tonight, he was quite excited, he has never seen me PARTICIPATING, or GETTING INVOLVED.
  • The best part about my team is our name; The Westie Mums.  Shore girl over here has lost her bearings!

So, I’m not planning on being able to walk tomorrow which should make for an interesting day at work.  How nice.

My Guys Rip

We spent Sunday morning at the beach out west and both boys were charging!

Ethan has been riding without training wheels for just three weeks now and he charged the BMX track – HARD!  Louie was always right there to lend Ethan some moral support and add difficulty as a moving obstacle if Ethan was going a little too fast!

     Muriwai 012Muriwai 035Muriwai 204Muriwai 215   Muriwai 146  

Muriwai 248 Muriwai 124Muriwai 294

Bike Repair, who can complain though with the beach right there! 180 hippy jump for the kids

Muriwai 316Muriwai 323Muriwai 133

Muriwai 046family

I have really important things to do

yes.   I do.

I can’t currently commit to writing (and by writing I mean finishing) a post right now as I am far to busy

  1. being in bed.  Yes it is 8pm, a mere smidgeon of a Thursday night but Dave is at work, there is nothing on TV and everything I need is in a 2.5 foot radius
  2. perusing a very important text.  One that will change my life and my waistline and I know this because I paid $60 for it and its cute little companion book aka Pocket Guide.    Yeah, Dave better put a grate over the shower drain because Posh Spice is coming to town and that biotch be skinny yall
  3. watching Real Housewives of Atlanta S1E3.  Mmmmhmmm
  4. dabbling in a little bit of that Twilight series, I don’t know what it’s called but I’m up to book 3, or should I say .PDF #3, if you’re a REAL greenie you save trees and read books on you laptop…..get with the program hippy.

Shock and Awe – Shopping in Supré

In keeping with New Zealand Fashion Week……..

Dave and I had a rare Saturday to ourselves this weekend so we did a strange thing – we went to town.  The Big Smoke aka AUCKLAND CITY.  It was a long a tiresome 16.2km drive from The Sticks, but we made it mid-morning and set out with a compass and a cut lunch.

One of the ‘Must Sees” on our tourist map was Supré.  I have read and heard many fabulous reviews of this low-end fashion house.  Friends have  picked up some great jeans from Supré.  Bloggers of note have some fab pants sourced from Supré.  I was excited.

This is what we found at Supré;

Dave was so overcome with excitement about future dress-up ideas that he set-off around the store snapping pics of his favourite items.  He discovered Kylie Minogues Spinning Around gold hotpants, lycra tights screenprinted with  the image of stonewashed denim in you guessed it…, white and blue (I could hear the strains of PANAMA blaring from Dave’s ears at this point), and as many slashed ho-bag eighties dresses as you could possibly desire!

Except, when it comes to shopping in Supré it’s wise not to get distracted by the pretty colours.  I am a size XL in Supré land, and call me crazy but there is no room in gold lame tights for an XL pair of thighs.

Who wears this shit?  Seriously, and is it right I ask you, is it decent that there is a whole chain store dedicated to outfitting New Zealand tweenies as hookers and pole dancers?

I was so confounded I quickly purchased two plain tank tops and proceeded to back my car into a concrete pylon.  Dave barely noticed, he was still wondering if his high kicks could possibly do justice to those stone washed tights.

I'm a team player. In a NETBALL team.

I am Goal Defence and if


(I put that in red so you could see just how much the ref liked me and my friendly style of defence).

Here I am in action;

lady footy

Just jokes, even I know that they are playing some kind of rugger, but that looks like fun! (doesn’t that blonde chick look eerily like me though?)

So, I am in a netball team.  I’m not sure how this happened but in a moment of insanity I told one of Ethan’s teachers that, yes, I would LOVE to join her netball team.  I haven’t played netball in approximately 12 years and I was fine with the idea until this afternoon when I frantically began cleaning to distract me from thoughts of my imminent court debut.  I even used furniture polish ON THE FURNITURE.  That’s how nervous I was.  I even drank a bourbon.  But I was still nervous (this wasn’t such a good idea in hindsight).

I also didn’t know anyone in my team.

But I was brave and I went to the rec centre and played my little heart out.  I had to do two toss ups cause there was no way I was letting go of the ball once I had my mitts on it.  I lost both of them but I put this down to the fact that I forgot to cut my nails and I didn’t want to scratch the shit out of my opposition on the first day.  That would have made me a hot favourite with the ref for sure.  I got one mean intercept and once I was able to navigate the millions of lines on the court and figure out which ones were for netball I was ok.

We lost 24-14 but we played the best team in our grade so the girls did not think that was too bad.  Did I mention that the game was 40 MINUTES LONG and we had NO SUBS?   It was a miracle I didn’t throw up after I landed one of many many contact-inducing leaps at the opposing goal attack.

This sport business is hard work.  It’s really going to cut into my sitting on the couch and inter-webbing time.  On the plus side, Ethan should be happy that mama now has a hobby other than taking showers.

Looking Back

September 18th, 2008

September 253

Impulse shopping – I purchased this wooden railway for Ethan for no other reason than it was on sale.  I know, I know……it came with a wooden storage box ON WHEELS YA’LL!

September 18th, 2007

DSC08039 DSC08031

A super fun play date with Freya at the beach.  They were SO little!  They had already been married for a year at this point I think ; P

September 18th, 2006

DSC01010 DSC01034 DSC01037

Morning play time at the beach, doughnuts at the bakery, bath in the laundry tub to clean up.  That’s freaking awesome.  I love this day all over again!

September 18th, 2005


My third cousin (I think?) had just flown into LAX with her two kids for a fleeting visit so we drove up to visit from San Diego and the boys had a blast in the pool.  Look at my champion swimmer!  Oh god, clucky much?

September 18th, 2004

misc 048

A dear friend in Encinitas, did this beautiful henna tattoo on my HUGE belly as a baby shower gift.  It was awesome.  BTW people are so uncomfortable with pregnant chicks in bikinis.  I felt like I was walking around nakey or something.  But what else fits you when you are that big?

That’s it.  Because was there really life before the belly?  The baby belly, then the post-baby belly and now the 4.5 years on belly.  Sobs into pinny “I’m waiting on the Flat Belly Diet Book, I swear I HAVE ORDERED IT!”

Writers Prompt: If you give a Mum a moment

  1. She might remember to take her Happy Pill, her iron pill, her vitamin C + zinc pill, her multi-vitamin, her antibiotic and wash them down with a big sip of Sav
  2. She might start putting away some stuff and then get distracted by something that needs putting away in the room where she was putting away the first thing  and move in circles throughout the house putting away some stuff but never really tidying up one room completely
  3. She might ignore all chores needing to be done and search for Botox prices online for over an hour
  4. She might pluck her eyebrows for about 17 minutes…..v e r y   s l o w l y
  5. She might lay down on the couch just so, because that is where the winter sun shines through the ranch-slider and is hot on her face and she can half-sleep and listen to the never-ending narration of the ITM Fishing Show and  uh-huh in all the right places one should express interest when your 4yo discusses the stomach contents of a broadbill swordfish
  6. She might eat 5 chocolate chip cookies….they are quite small
  7. She might not brush her teeth but rather go straight to bed and read New Moon on her laptop
  8. She might blog instead of studying
  9. She might LOVE the peace in her car as she drives to work on her own and can listen to morning radio and interviews with Prime Ministers without interruption
  10.   She might realise how lucky she is for her wonderful life xxxx.

Dog Control………Where you need it most

So I recently spent $99 on registering our guard dog Louie with our new local council.  This is the type of burn-your-money expenditure that comes with dog ownership and that is a fact of life.  However, we received in the mail today a Dog Owners Welcome pack, sent out by the council.  How nice!  It explained the dog bylaws, had info about puppy training classes and other useful ways to waste paper – I gave you my email address people!

All that aside, I did skim read the material and was especially intrigued by the section on dog control;


Hmmmm, yes.  Control of dogs in public places – very important.  But what’s that?  Is that a sticker…..right there….



Ahhh, that’s what I thought it was meant to say!  I often worry about dog control in pubic places and now I can rest easy knowing that there is a desktop publishing saboteur working for my local council who has put my fears out there, at the fore of every dog owner in the district!