Dinner date with Ethan

We took our little man out for dinner tonight for the first time since we have been in New Zealand. Our friends in America know that we used to eat out a lot, not because we don’t like to cook (we both LOVE cooking), but because we also enjoy the cooking of others. So, tonight Ethan ate Indian for the first time and devoured it with the appetite of a long-standing devotee! Whenever the waitress passed our table he made sure to thank her for the samosas, or thank her for our ‘delicious korma’. It was an awesome family evening, overlooking the stormy pacific as we are currently being battered with a fierce nor-easter.

One down

One exam to go. Summer school sucks. I would quite like to never have to do summer school again, or first semester for that matter. I wonder if when Ethan is older I will be gutted that I didn’t just chill out and enjoy these precious 5 years at home with him. Instead my mind is consumed with the mundane details of contract law, tort, and the even more mundane and (I think) trivial musings of organisation scholars. YAWN. So, it’s 10.26pm and for a while longer I will frantically try and cram some more essays into my head to regurgitate in the morning.

And then, on Thursday I will begin to read a novel. The first one in over a year! I can barely contain my excitement.

Wish me luck!