More Reasons why I love Ethan

The precious one was laying on the rug today watching some shark DVD or other, I was putting away groceries.  Out of the blue and without looking at me he says

“Mama you’re not fat”

Delirious and a little giddy with joy;

“What did you say?”

“I said you’re not fat”.

That’s what I thought he said – and we’re not even in a toy shop!

“Why do you say that bub?”

“I just know that you worry about it, and I don’t want you to worry about it”.

Oh that is sweet and scary.  I need to shut my mouth more often – around Ethan and food!

And then, when I am rolling out the pastry for the steak and vege pie, he sneaks under the window and lays this pile of delicious spring flowers on the window sill – what a perfectly matched palette!Spring Flowers by you.

Friday Night @ The Club

I got to go out on the town last night without Dave for the first time in forever.  I was in good company though;


As you can see, everyone had their best ‘rave’ outfits on, complete with glow sticks, flashing necklaces and finger flashlights;

IMG_6351 IMG_6376

We ate at a fancy restaurant where we all had to act very posh


The club was pumping with awesome lights and special effects – the bubble machine was going off!  Freya had all the best moves;IMG_6357

I kind of felt like the third wheel – awkward!


But Ethan introduced me to one of his mates to even out the numbers;

IMG_6364 Club Queen Freya was fading fast so it was time to call it a night-  look at those bedroom eyes!

Cook Eat | The Best Pancake Recipe

On the Target product check on TV3 tonight, they road-tested store bought pancake mixes.  The host pointed out that the most basic pancake recipes only have 4 ingredients, so it’s a little disturbing when the ingredients listed on a pre-mix constitute an entire paragraph!

So in an endeavour to save you from the supermarket shelves, and maybe encourage you to branch out from the Edmonds Cook Book, I share with you our favourite pancake recipe (Dave should know a good pancake, seeing he grew up eating off the griddle an’ all!)


The Best Pancake Recipe

1 c. flour

1 tbsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. baking soda

2 tbsp. vegetable oil

3 tbsp. sugar

1 c. milk

1 egg

1/2 tsp. salt

Combine dry ingredients. Add milk, egg and oil. Mix until smooth. Heat non-stick pan over medium heat until water beads. Do not oil. Pour pancake mixture in 1/4 cup amounts. Turn when tops are covered with bubbles and edges look cooked. Remove from heat when pancake stops steaming.

These are THE BEST pancakes, we have them every Sunday.  This week Dave added chocolate chips and they were divine.  I love them with butter, lemon and sugar – that’s definitely the kiwi-connection as DJ considers this the most absurd topping ever.

Original recipe found here

What’s shaking on the farm

Auckland Sunset by you.Stunning Auckland sunset from our lawn, staining the sky tower bright pink IMG_6245I have been trying to get a pic of the lights at night since we moved in, this picture sucks but at least you get some idea of the fabulous view.  

 IMG_6217 IMG_6225

There is a new boy on the farm and his name is Jim.  He is a beautiful 18 month old boxer and he is figuring out how he fits in with Scooby and Louie.  There have been a few scraps but things are settling down and as you can see, Jim is quite fond of us – he would not get out of the car yesterday when we were leaving!

IMG_6253 IMG_6250


Ethan and his Daddy get to ride to kindy together every morning, they love heading off in the truck together, it’s their own stinky, diesel-y boy time and Ethan loves it.


After seeing his Daddy catching chickens Ethan began to practice Chicken-whispering himself.  After a few fruitless chases, he got his strategy sorted out and was so proud when he captured his first hen and safely returned her to the run.

Family Lunch

My uber-talented little brother leaves next week for his next international mission – off to Europe to gig on a luxury cruise for 4 months.  So we had a big family GTG for him today at Mum and Dads.  I think I weight about 5kg more than I did this morning.  swear to god.

My Family Dave and I Hadyn and Dogs H and DogsMe and my nanas IMG_6261 IMG_6274 IMG_6281 IMG_6288Ethan & his Great-Grandmothers; Other-one Nana (L) & Old Nan (R)

MUM Jackfamily IMG_6308

1 Tahi. 2 Rua. 3 Toru. 4 Wha. 5 Rima.

See!  You learn things on my blog – now you can count to five in Maori. You can practice while reading about 5 things that I noticed this week

1.  Tahi

I noticed that there is a new current affairs-panel-comedy show Friday nights.  I watched it…..and oh how I laughed!

I watch the 6pm news every night and usually the 10.30pm edition just for good measure, so 7 Days, hosted by Jeremy Corbett is right up my alley (as any good kiwi would say).  Basically it is a re-hash of the news of the week in comedic form and it involves two teams playing games to win points.  For what?  Not sure, but I sure did like it.  Watch the first episode here

2.  Rua

I noticed that 1-day deals had some cute Gallaz Trainers on sale this week for $29.99……so I bought some.  I am super happy with them, love the retro colours and the black patent leather detail.

3.  Toru

I noticed that there are always the most awesome news headlines in New Zealand.  Actually I noticed this a while ago when the lead story on the 6pm news was “Man wielding large stick holds police at bay for 3 hours!”  Anywho, New Zealanders learned more about Tongan cuisine this week than they probably ever wanted to know when this news story grabbed the headlines;

Barbecued dog OK if it’s killed humanely

Yes, that’s right, just so we’re clear, it’s all about how you kill your dog before you eat it.  I hope we didn’t eat any Shi Tzu’s when we were in Tonga!


4.  Wha

On his way to kindy one morning, Ethan noticed one lonely wildflower growing on a steep bank near our house.  He pointed it out to his Daddy and said that his Mama would love that flower.  Dave agreed that I would indeed love that flower.  Four hours later we pulled into our road and Ethan screamed at me to stop the car.  He scrambled up this steep-ass hill and picked this flower, the likes of which I have never seen before and proudly presented it to me with muddy hands, knees and shoes.  “I saw this flower this morning and knew I was going to pick it for you, do you love it?”  He is the sweetest, grubbiest little darling and I did love the flower very much.  He held it for me as I drove home and quickly told me not to sniff it as it smelled like bums!  Bless

5.  Rima

I was needing a Coke Zero this week after swimming.  Not just a regular can or small bottle, but a big one.  With ice please.  We were right by Wendy’s so I stopped in……look what they had for me!  This may highlight my inexperience at fast food restaurants in New Zealand, but I had no idea that there were drinks this big here!  I haven’t had a big cup’o badness like this since I lived in Florida.  It was fantastic, and it lasted for about three hours before I began grinding my teeth and tipped the rest down the drain.

My Fat Ass is taking a vacation

Anyone else’s Ass need to take a trip?

In the last two days I have done as much exercise as I have done in the previous 4 months. That’s right readers, I have been for TWO booty-be-gone walks in two days, and readers your deduction skills are especially sharp today, that also means I have only gone for two walks this entire winter!

But it has begun, the annual August “I’m so fat-athon”.  I do it every year.  I whinge and complain so much that Dave eventually loses patience and tells me to do something about it, like actual running, instead of just running my mouth.

So yesterday I set off on a 4.5km walk that includes 3 major hills.  And I did it again this morning.

Second time around was much easier as I actually made a playlist rather than just randomly listening to the 30gigs of music on the ipod;

So, if you want to send you butt on a holiday post your fav playlist of 15-20 songs below, ’cause I always need ideas for workout music.

1 Unless It’s Kicks Okkervil River
2 Caring Is Creepy The Shins
3 Move Cansei de Ser Sexy
4 Ruby Kaiser Chiefs
5 Crooked Teeth Death Cab for Cutie
6 Walk of Life Dire Straits
7 Santa Monica Everclear
8 Over My Head (Cable Car) The Fray
9 Behind These Hazel Eyes Kelly Clarkson
10 Don’t Look Back in Anger Oasis
11 Gold Lion Yeah Yeah Yeahs
12 Something More Sugarland
13 Born Into A Light Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
14 Moving Supergrass
15 The Fixer Pearl Jam
16 Better Man Pearl Jam
17 Desecration Smile Red Hot Chili Peppers