Wednesday……it's what's in my head

(Formerly known as Tuesday…’s what’s in my head)

  • Today’s theme song is 10 years old and is still the shit.  I was taken back to my days of flatting in Ponsonby, bar-tending and not going to my masters classes in Sociology by the fab DJ on bfm this morning when he whipped out this little beauty; (hang in through the mellow 1st minute for a banging chorus)


  • Dave turns 33 in 7 days, what to do, what to do?
  • I have 3 hard, painful lumps in my lymph node region under my arms – they better not be swine-flu repositories
  • There are blossoms on the trees!  Perhaps winters misery-grip is slipping?
  • After forgetting to bake date scones last night I had to resort to a bakery morning tea shout for my work-mates.  This was lucky as I discovered that NONE of them like date scones!  WTF?  What is wrong with these people?
  • I won a double pass to The Rialto Cinemas yesterday and Dave won free Burger Fuel today – that means a cheap date night is on the cards!
  • If any of you have noticed the addition of scarves to the masthead, you might be interested to know that Ethan is solely responsible for their fluoro palette, he did the photoshop work for me.  I swear, he did it all.  NERD ALERT.  Another mouse-potato in the family as my Dad would say.

Kindy Art

Ethan's Art



Ethan is loving the family portrait at the moment, he is also working hard on his sewing – yes Bush, they let pre-schoolers use a REAL needle to do this!

Maths & Art

This one is fab, it is a maths / art combo as they had to use the stickers to create a pattern for the border.  Check out how happy we are – apparently we are at Ethan’s soccer match, he is subbed off and we are all cheering for the Wizards !

Ethan and his mates

Driving to the playground yesterday Ethan was telling me about his day at kindy;

Ethan: “I put my arm around Sinead and patted her on the back ’cause she is my bestest friend”

Me: “That was so sweet,  I bet you made her very happy”

Ethan: “Yes, but I just can’t wait to grow up, sometimes I just can’t wait!”

Me: “Why?  and what has that got to do with Sinead being your bestest friend?”

Ethan: “Well, when I grow up I want to be just like Daddy and be Daddy’s bestest friend”

Me: “I think you are already Daddy’s bestest friend, why do you need to grow up quickly?”

Ethan: “So we can hang out….and drink beers….as well as go skateboarding, Daddy is REALLY into skateboarding and drinking beers”

The boy speaks the truth, can’t argue with that!

Is that not the sweetest thing ever?  Nothing like beer to bring a father and his 4yo son together.


That’s the time the alarm goes off.  My alarm.  It isn’t Ethan, it’s a real clock and it goes off each morning to wake me up.

After four years of SAH-mumming, getting a job is a very interesting thing, and has very interesting effects on our daily routine.  Or my daily routine at the very least.  No-one else notices my gainful employment too much except for Louie – and he is hating it – I might even say that he is back on the brink of depression.

So today I was out of the house for 10 hours in a row!  I know.  That is a lot of time out of the house, my house, the place where I love to be more than anything.  Here’s a quick recap;

  • leave for work @ 8am
  • work 8.30-11.30
  • pick E-man up from kindy
  • go straight to playground for lunch and play (can’t go home first too far)
  • off to swimming
  • back to work
  • mum scoops up E-man
  • work til 5.30
  • meet Dad, scoop E-man
  • home @ 6pm

Then….fill Ethan’s tummy get him in bed with a story by 7pm and all of the usual household stuff I normally have a whole week to do.  I know I have it relatively easy as Dave vacuumed this morning before he left for work and also made tomorrow nights dinner (he’s a legend for sure xxxx).  Funny thing is, even though we did not plan for this job, it just happened, our routine is adapting and we are all getting used to Mummy actually having shit to do.  I haven’t been happier for a long time, yes I have had a stressful week, a print deadline that was exacerbated by meddling, erroneous workmates but I finished the job and all is well.  It’s 9.30, I am in bed and exhausted and trying to figure out how to do all of the above and pass two papers this semester.  Studying is the only thing falling by the wayside, but that is always the case and I haven’t failed yet!

Shopping Bag: Maybelline Mascara

I have used the same brand of mascara for 15 years now, good old Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof in Very Black.  It’s reliable, it doesn’t give you Panda eyes and it is relatively cheap.  Keep in mind that the price of ONE tube here in New Zealand is $18.99!  Bush arrived last month and brought with her the spoils of the Great American Make-up Aisle.  One of my gifts was some Maybelline XXL Extensions mascara.  This is the fancy double-ended guy, one end is some white goo that you put on first and the other end is the black mascara.  Seeing as how I left the house today and forgot to put ANY mascara on, I thought I might as well go for gold and put on TWO different mascaras so we can judge whether the gimmicky XXL really does deliver.
Despite the fact that is does take twice as long to apply, the XXL is indeed MUCH superior to old faithful.  The white goo separates your lashes before the black mascara application and definately increases the lash length.  If you can get past the bung-eye look of the two pics below you can see that the lashes in the right-hand pic appear much more full and long than those in the left.
I sacrificed the symmetry of my eyelashes for these pictures people so I hope you appreciate this!


Maybelline Great Lash Maybelline XXL Extensions
Maybelline Great Lash Maybelline XXL Extensions

Writers Prompt – Little Kid List

  Writers Workshop from Mama Kat

This week my little-big kid

* told me I wasn’t to call him baby, babe or bubby any more.  Acceptable names are, mousey, mouseling, rabby, bub, melunkin (?sp?) and ratbum

* ate half of a family size pizza in one sitting

* decided he wanted a skip jack tuna birthday cake this year

* had a dream that he and his Nana went on holiday to Samoa by themselves

* named a previously un-noticed part of his body ‘the blob’ and decided it must be filled with peas

* asked his father if a song on the radio was sung by David Bain!!!! (a convicted murderer who was released 13 years later on appeal)

* told us he is NOT getting his hair cut anymore as he needs to grow his wool for summer

* has been banned from his computer twice because of bad behaviour,but has taken his punishments seriously and respectfully

* declared that he HATES Home & Away and tries to sabotage all my attempts to watch it – such as strategically watching his Outdoors with Geoff fishing DVD at 4:50pm

* decided that he does not like my pumpkin soup as much as pumpkin soup in a pouch from Pak n Save, and we should probably just buy that from now on (::gasp::: I thought my pumpkin soup was really good!)

* told me I am the most beautiful and sweetest mama in the whole world and that he loves me all of the stars.

Trampoline fun

The day we all look foward to

Your wedding?  of course.  The birth of your child?  Obviously, the 9th month isn’t exactly a walk in the park.  But the day us SAHM’s all look forward to has to be the day we get our hair done.  I’m serious here people.  This is exciting stuff.  You usually put it off as long as possible (money is tight, you have to pretty much rearrange the whole family’s schedule, you have to remind your husband a million times that he will have to take the boy to his myriad social engagements on the day of the appointment and did I mention that money is tight?  Yeah, good).

So last week when I could stand the state of my roots and ends not one day longer I did it, I made the appointment and the anticipation began.  I had 24 hours to wait until I looked and felt like a normal person again.

My hairdressers name is Bushra #1.  That’s her name.  There is a Bushra #2, but she is obviously number 2 for a reason so I don’t go near her.  I was referred to Bushra #1 by a friend who has fab hair – always the best way to find a new hair stylist FYI. 

2.30pm rolled around and that expectant anxiety has set in.  When your hair looks like ass 95% of the time, your GHD pretty much has cobwebs on it because, lets get real, who among us SAHM’S has the time to straighten?  you look to those hair appointments with the kind of miraculous hope that one might otherwise reserve for Barack Obama.  

My foils seemed to be on for much longer than I remembered, when I peeked underneath them (and inadvertently bleached my hand) my hair looked flaming orange, and I began to worry that my few grey hairs would become a worry of the past as I lost them all due to rapid onset hair loss due to over-bleaching breakage.

After two marathon toning sessions, Bushra#1 had everything under control, my hair was – in her words – beautiful ‘creamy blonde’ with not a hint of brassy-ho-bag-blonde as I had requested.  I was happy, but seriously are you sitting down?  $145 INCLUDING a cut.  I kid you not.

BAM.  I’m back in the game.