The day we all look foward to

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Your wedding?  of course.  The birth of your child?  Obviously, the 9th month isn’t exactly a walk in the park.  But the day us SAHM’s all look forward to has to be the day we get our hair done.  I’m serious here people.  This is exciting stuff.  You usually put it off as long as possible (money is tight, you have to pretty much rearrange the whole family’s schedule, you have to remind your husband a million times that he will have to take the boy to his myriad social engagements on the day of the appointment and did I mention that money is tight?  Yeah, good).

So last week when I could stand the state of my roots and ends not one day longer I did it, I made the appointment and the anticipation began.  I had 24 hours to wait until I looked and felt like a normal person again.

My hairdressers name is Bushra #1.  That’s her name.  There is a Bushra #2, but she is obviously number 2 for a reason so I don’t go near her.  I was referred to Bushra #1 by a friend who has fab hair – always the best way to find a new hair stylist FYI. 

2.30pm rolled around and that expectant anxiety has set in.  When your hair looks like ass 95% of the time, your GHD pretty much has cobwebs on it because, lets get real, who among us SAHM’S has the time to straighten?  you look to those hair appointments with the kind of miraculous hope that one might otherwise reserve for Barack Obama.  

My foils seemed to be on for much longer than I remembered, when I peeked underneath them (and inadvertently bleached my hand) my hair looked flaming orange, and I began to worry that my few grey hairs would become a worry of the past as I lost them all due to rapid onset hair loss due to over-bleaching breakage.

After two marathon toning sessions, Bushra#1 had everything under control, my hair was – in her words – beautiful ‘creamy blonde’ with not a hint of brassy-ho-bag-blonde as I had requested.  I was happy, but seriously are you sitting down?  $145 INCLUDING a cut.  I kid you not.

BAM.  I’m back in the game.