Some days it’s hard to be a Mummy & other days you were right all along

I started writing a post on Sunday night after a very ‘ordinary’ day.  Don’t judge – this is life people, this is really how I felt, I am a great mother, a fabulous mother even but on Sunday I felt ordinary, acted ordinary and was definitely an ordinary mother;

Monday is so close now that I can almost feel the barrage of ‘hurry’, ‘don’t forget….’, ‘pack this’, get out of the house and don’t return for eight long hours. I do not like this feeling. Today has been a black day.
When I struggle with Dave being away for so long, I feel like a failure, the one-child mummy that couldn’t. As if having an only child doesn’t come with allowances for bad days. Everything is easy with just one right?
I’m not busier with Dave away, I do all the Ethan toting anyway, I’m not doing more chores really, I am cooking more eggs than normal but I can handle that, I’m not lonely – I have my Mum here so adult conversation is never far away. What I am is totally wiped from the massive emotional and attention requirement that Ethan now demands from just one person. That would be me.
I just wanted to run away {from him} screaming today. Far far away and screaming so I couldn’t hear MAMA? for the millionth time in an hour. Here comes the mummy guilt again. E has quite massive OCD tendencies and these manifested all damn day today. One thing after another, beginning with googling how to take care of catfish (this incorporated water temp, filter and pump requirements blah blah blah). He wants a catfish because he is obsessed with River Monsters and the Gooch catfish in India. We are not getting a catfish or a tropical aquarium. We have a perfectly good FREE Minnow type fish called Todd that was gifted to us (complete with tank and pump) just yesterday. Pet fish – check.
This was followed by the everlasting persistent request to move the aforementioned fish tank to the office by his laptop. I wasn’t getting to this fast enough and I was nagged about this relentlessly. The final round of the day was about getting a fishing rod down from the roof of the garage so he could play with it. Again, the nagging this child can inflict is without equal. God sure must love this little try-er.

The point of me even publishing this {I wasn’t going to, it was cathartic enough just to write it} is that today I got the damn fishing rod down from the roof of the garage, I found some hardy pliers and clipped the hook off the tackle, we found a suitable grab-nabber type toy and I tied this onto the sinker.  Ethan had his rod.  He was so happy, grateful and really just plain old dee-lighted to be catching giant catfish in the front yard.

I wondered why this was too hard for me to do on Sunday?  Why I hadn’t given him the 15 minutes it took to get the rod set-up?  Mama guilt.

Ethan played happily with his rod for at least an hour, how rad is my kid, I thought.  He could have been inside watching tv, playing on the computer or his iPod.  He could have been throwing a tantrum.  Oh snap, HE IS THROWING A TANTRUM.

A massive birds nest had snarled his line and oh god the world was ending.  And that was the end of fishing on the front lawn.

I knew there was a reason why I didn’t get that fishing line down on Sunday.



Christmas Post #2: The decorating. It is done.

Oh the weather outside is frightful,

But the fire is so delightful….

It has now been raining for about 3 days and I’m not quite sick of it yet as I’m pretty sure I can see my veges growing from where I sit.  Yus.


Ethan had the day off school today so we shopped and made like festive shopping-type-elves and it was so much fun.  He picked out a little tree for his room and picked out all of the decorations himself.  I held my tongue as he threw the MOST garish, tinny, gold and red Santa’s in his basket.  I looked the other way as he complemented them with a whole box of ugly, cheap ‘n’ nasty ornaments and I applauded his fine taste and good eye when found a pair of jandals and his red star for the top.  He was so happy and proud of himself.  He really pulled the whole thing together when he remembered his flashing dolphin Christmas lights and added those to the mix.  His tree looks awesome!

Ethan decorates HIS tree

Ethan decorates HIS tree 2

Ethan decorates HIS tree 3

Ethan decorates HIS tree 4


So we finished that project right as Dave arrived home which was too perfect as Ethan had asked me ten bazillion times when was Daddy coming home, so we moved on to stage 2  – The Big Fake Tree.  Ethan and I decorated while Dave hung Christmas lights.

Ethan decorates the Big Fake Tree

Ethan decorates the Big Fake Tree 2

We finished up this arvo with the building of the Gingerbread House (so shoot me I BOUGHT the pack, it’s not homemade yadda yadda.  It smells divine anyway) and then an awesome Christmas roast chicken, potatoes, broccoli and corn.  Such a great afternoon!

Gingerbread House 1

Gingerbread House 2

Louie was NOT missing out on the festivities!

Gingerbread House 3

Gingerbread House 5

It’s here! It’s here!

The first Christmas Post of the year!!!  Excited much?

Mark your calendars, for today the 3rd of December is the all-time Melissa’s Best Day of 2009 Winner.  Don’t ask why, just tip your cans and wine glasses and give us a big ol cyber hug!


Now, on to Christmas.  I started and finished ALL of Ethan’s shopping today with the exception of the fish tank which is not in stock yet.  So, again, yay me.  I think even Dave is happy with the budget which is a small miracle considering my penchant for blowing exorbitant amounts of money on the little prince and Dave’s rather conservative Southern-boy expectation of acceptable amounts to spend on lil chil’ns.

After I picked Ethan up from school we headed a  l o n g way away to Christmas Wonderland for the first time – and it wasn’ t that far really.

Oh my Jesus.  Holy smokes.  That place is awesome.  There are like 160 bee-ootiful Christmas trees all decorated with different themes, some people have worked on this display for 5 months!  Imagine dedicating 5 months of your life to Christmas.  If anymore people start doing this there will be no-one left to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day and then where would we be?

So I may or may not have taken pictures.  With my camera, which is not that small (hello big ol Canon DSLR), but somehow these pics have found there way into my hands – I know people in all the right places.  This was a covert operation so there is some blur due to adjusting settings in the dark and shooting from  out of a purse which may or may not have been mine.  I have told you before, I live on the edge people.

Polar Bears & Penguins on a Christmas Tree?

Living off the land. Or trying.

I am soooooo excited about my vege garden this summer, I haven’t felt this excited since the summer of 2006 which is when we moved to opposite land and I couldn’t stop planting shit because we had a GARDEN AND WE DIDN”T LIVE IN AN APARTMENT!!!!

Anyway, here is what I have planted so far;

This thing is going off, see those lil baby zuchs!
This thing is going off, see those lil baby zuchs!

1st bedThis is the sunny bed out of the two, L to R I have, tomato, rosemary, zuch, tom, lettuce, zuch, eggplant, tom, zuch, lettuce, thyme, lettuce, capsicum x2, parsley in the herb patch and swan plant for Ethan to grow monarchs on.

2nd bedThis is the shadier bed which I have left pretty empty for the 2nd batch of seedlings coming soon.  In here I have cucumber, 4 tomato plants, zuch and scarlet runner beans.  At the back under the bird cloth are my 6 strawberry plants.

Seedling nurseryThis is my little seedling operation down at the pool shanty.  The spa is enclosed with big glass doors so it is super warm and sheltered for the babies.  In the big pot on the left is a habenero pepper which is kicking ass, more scarlet runners are in the hanging basket, the bushy pots are heaps more toms (god kows where I will put them all), then there are tonnes more capsicums, eggplants, zuchs and basil.

It has rained for almost 5 hours straight today so I can’t wait to go out tomorrow and see how much everything has grown, LOVING this time of year and loving that we have charged our planting and are looking pretty good for a fruitful harvest, if not a little late, but hey.

Tomato seedlings


The nice flip-side of my darling boy growing up and starting school dawned on me today.  I mean, I realise that there are many flip-sides such as the confirmation that Dave and I have seemingly done a great job these past five years and have raised a pretty well adjusted little kid who after being at school for five minutes on his first day looked at me and told me ::very s l o w l y in case I might have trouble understanding:: that it was time for me to go now, he had school to do.

But today….Oh my goodness.  I haven’t had a hair cut in approx 6 months.  I have had my colour done but not a cut, so basically it looked like the remnants of a hay bale stuffed into a hair tie.  I was that girl who entered the salon wearing a hat.  But I left with the best haircut I have ever had.

I figured that it was my duty to go clothes shopping, you know, doing it for all the recently-separated-from their-kids-by-school mothers out there.  So I took one for the team and picked out a new outfit for the Pearl Jam concert tomorrow.  Let me tell you, if you are not a fan of your mid-section or if you straight up hate it like I do, GO AND TRY ON A MAXI-DRESS.  I did, I bought one and I am going to rock it tomorrow.  They are so slimming, the long full skirt just draws the eye down and of course there are no muffin-top-nasties anyway because you’re not being cut in half by your waistband!

After that I met Dave for lunch and we sat poolside at The Backyard and soaked up the sun.  Yes it was sunny.  I promise.  We enjoyed prawn and sundried tomato fritters and split a Backyard Burger.  So good!

Best day I have had in a long time.  And all because I can work three days and make the same hours I was previously doing over 5 days.  Bless you school, I am definitely Thankful for you!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  Here are some shots from Halloween / Thanksgiving 05

Melissa & Dave's Yearly Excursion Out Late at Night


I was on my way home from a fab Cocktails & Canapes Baby Shower last night when Dave called from work and said he had finished early and why didn’t I join him for a going away party for one of the staff at the bar.

Twist my rubber arm.

Some observations from the evening;

  • Jason Mraz impersonators may strike at any time, complete with full gesticulating dance moves and a flawless performance fully focused on the mini-skirted, pool-playing hottie he is trying to bed.  Mraz impersonators are oblivious to the stares and admiration of others, when I’m Yours plays, they are in the zone.
  • Random chick I may or may not know “That girl is way too tall for that dress, someone should tell her” Me “You’re way too tall for your skirt and you’re a midget.  Bad outfits are contagious around this place”
  • A covers band that plays Toto, Kenny Loggins, Dire Straights, Oasis and many other pearls may sound like a good idea at the time, but calls many strange creatures out into the night.  Some who answered the call of 80’s synth-pop have never been seen before on the North Shore.  Awe-inspiring people watching.
  • Smokers are incredibly rude and loser-y.  Major social fail.
  • 18 is way too young to be out in a bar with Mraz impersonators and shock-and-awe creatures of the night
  • Supre has a lot to answer for, dressing girls like K Road hookers lost in time IS NOT FASHIONABLE people

Boring-ass Stuff I have Bought that Works Perfectly & Reminds me How Old I am Getting

Fact:  I have been in bed since 8.30pm

Fact:  I am eating hummus, with nothing, just my finger ::::::GASP::::::

Fact:  I have just finished reading the New Zealand Healthy Food Guide November Edition

Fact:  I purchased The Jack Family’s First Freezer today

Cumulative total of facts = I have definately hit the ground running into my thirties and it appears there is no return.

This is the guy that’s got my heart all a flutter.  I knew I had to do something when I came home from grocery shopping and realised there was no way on gods green earth that I was getting 2 loaves of bread, english muffins, pita bread, pastry, 2 packs of chicken and a size 16 chicken into my shoe-box sized freezer which was already bursting at the gills.  Enter Trade Me.  I found my freezer, it appears to be an incredible bargain, is less than a year old and lives in Remuera.  Hell, if you are going to buy second hand whiteware you might as well buy from the best right?  My parents freezer was purchased before I was born.  That’s right people, if you follow along and can do The Math, that means the freezer is at least THIRTY YEARS OLD.  And still freezing shit.  So, I look forward to sharing many fond family memories with my new freezer, fingers crossed he will be around to dish out Flavr Ice to my grandkids.

Another useful and boring thing I have bought lately is;

My Zyliss Can Opener.  After the third crapola can opener in a year refused to open my refried beans last month, I finally did it.  I spent $30+ on a can opener.  This guy was worth every penny, 5 stars.

So, the moral of the story is; avoid whiteware for as long as you can, but if the day comes when you need that bit of extra space to store your reduced meat bargains and your butter stockpile, embrace it, run with it and relish the fact that next time you see two size 24 chickens on sale for $12 YOU ARE FREE TO BUY THEM, no longer constrained by the small freezer, YOU CAN BUY IN BULK.  Finally.


Best Blog Spam of the Week

I would like to present my site:
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Thank you!
Bye to everyone!

Hmm, your list of available narcotics is …..ok…..but where’s the rest of the alphabet, what about Mummy’s Little Helpers? V is for Valium and X is for Xanax.  You are doing the drug trade a huge diservice by only stocking products A-D!

Facebook Status of the Week

Obama CondomsDude I saw Dudes on the street selling Obama Condoms, with the tag line “a stimulus package for hard times.” Made my day.

New Website Lurve

This site is gorgeous.  Beautiful images, engaging articles and a huge range of surf related content without all the bro-brah.

My week in tweets

Mike Havoc on bfm talking about new Black Crows album: “this is what Kings of Leon would sound like if they weren’t too busy modelling” amen3:59 PM Oct 9th from web

It’s only a SMALL bourbon & coke5:10 PM Oct 9th from web

There is a fishing rod IN my bed and I watched Bill Hohepa Goes Troppo this afternoon.ARE YOU STARTING TO UNDERSTAND MY LIFE? That child9:06 PM Oct 9th from web

It is possible that there are any Aucklanders who have not mowed their lawns today? HELLO SUN!

2:54 PM Oct 11th from Power Twitter

Goodnight #aisling, never forget your little ones New Zealand xxxx11:12 PM Oct 12th from web

Boxer dog dragged new bag of potting mix to middle of lawn then ripped and shredded it. Laugh or cry?

1:18 PM Oct 14th from web

::::::YAY!!!::::: whispers quietly that husbands fishing contest has been cancelled this weekend

about 8 hours ago from web

OMG we named our Shi Tzu after you Captain Lou Albano & now your dead. RIP wrestle-man

about 8 hours ago from web