Captain Jack

Ethan and Dave are celebrating Isaac’s 5th birthday this afternoon. Me?……..I would actually die if I had to drive anywhere in the car this afternoon, or, at the very least cause huge amounts of laundry. Best to stay at home.
Parents take note; Pirate themed parties are the best! I love them. Easiest last-minute costume to throw together EVER. Ethan of course had previously stated that he would dress up as the pirate’s cheeter, however that leotard is now bordering on the obscene so I managed to talk him out of it thank you jesus.

March……march on

When almost a month passes with no bloggy, I must be in a serious funk.  I am all funked out that is for sure.  March has brought with it the stress and pressure of preparing all of our company’s media for the Auckland Boat Show, consecutive assignments at uni (one still to do this weekend), little design jobs here and there, Dave working mammoth hours (78 last week), Ethan’s schedule getting busier and busier, the tanks have run dry 3 times in the last 5 weeks! and the news of a new baby.  Mostly the latter has got me all funked out – 24 hours a day.

I was sick with Ethan, but only in the mornings, this time I am sick ALL DAY LONG.  A token spew can happen right before bed for example.  And the tiredness.  Oh how I had forgotten.  I just want to stay in bed all day, everyday.  Hence my house is a disaster and I eat lots of toast.

I wish I was excited about being pregnant again but even thinking about it at the moment is enough to send me running to the bathroom.

Oh, and the National Party?  Don’t even get me started, they can also be blamed for my general feeling of curl up in bed with a pillow on my head.

So, because Peta asked so nicely I will jump back on the blog-wagon and catch-up on all that March has brought for the Jacks.

I Like a Good Marrow

Giant Marrow Recipe
Who knew?  It tastes just like zucchini except it has seeds and these can be removed so then you just have a GIANT zucchini with a concave middle. Sweet.

We returned from our camping trip to find two giant marrow chilling in the vege patch.

What to do, what to do?  I have never cooked a marrow, or even investigated what to do with them.  The time for marrow was upon us.

So, I cut it in half length-ways and scooped out the seeds, leaving lots of marrowy goodness.  Then I emptied a drained can of chickpeas, a drained can of whole kernel corn, diced capsicum from the garden and a tonne of cherry toms from the garden into a pan with some EVOO and sauteed til goldenish.

Then I stirred in some feta, olives and jalapenos seasoned with ground pepper and rock salt and baked em.

This was sooooo good, I can’t wait to try it out on the next big boy!

BUT, I made a shitload of stuffing.

What to do, what to do?

The next night, I made fritters with the stuffing mix.  I added some flour, egg and milk and I was off.

Let me tell you, chickpea, corn, capsicum, tomato, feta, olive and jalapeno fritters are just about the best things ever.  Ethan can vouch for this I swear.

So, we have learnt from this exercise that 2 cans of vege plus some fresh can feed you many times over and that I MUST use leftovers.  It’s a compulsion of mine.  Enjoy!



The End of Summer

Today marks the first day of Autumn.  We have harvested an awesome crop from the vege garden this season and now have more  tomatoes than we can eat!  Dave has just whipped up his usual batch of late summer hot sauce with our tomatoes plus our  habaneros and red chillies.  AND IT IS HOT!  Mouth is burning but I must eat more of it’s spicy freshness.