My favourite time of the day

I love 3pm. Ethan has just arrived home, he had fun on the bus and is happy to see me (or the plate of afternoon tea, who really knows?). We sit down while he eats and talk about our day and then he does his reading for me. It’s that nice time of day in between driving from work or uni and the dinner, shower, bed race which I loathe.

Just for PNUTS

There are some people out there that don’t have a twitter account :::::GASP:::::

I know.  The accepted colloquialism for these souls is PNUT, or Person Not Using Twitter.  They aren’t required to wear badges yet so you may not be aware when you are face to face with a PNUT, but, they may or may not still be using dial-up.  This is not contagious however, my nana stil has dial-up and I am happily packing the gigs away.

So, for the benefit of the PNUTS, here are my fave tweets of the week:

All the PC nerds are freaking out because a radio station has deemed Friday “Hug a Ginga Day”.  Get a fucking grip people, gingas need love too, it’s about time people stepped up and organised some sort of charity event to help them out!

The scandal continues;

ROFL.  That means rolling on the floor laughing.  Your welcome.

What the hell was this about?  There must be a gas leak in my house or Dave is paying Jenny Craig to infiltrate the fridge.

Yes, it’s all true.  On one day this year I was the picture of domesticity.  Unfortuneately no-one took a picture so you will just have to take my word for it.  #twitterdoesntlie

Oh faux BP account, you are so funny!  (But I’m sure the rednecks will appreciate the cigs).


I have lost my cooking mojo. It disappeared when I was pregnant and was seasick 24hrs a day, it hid after the miscarriage when I straight up didn’t want to do ANYTHING, and it hasn’t returned. But, tonight at approximately 5pm, when I should have been cooking dinner, I looked at the nasty-ass brown bananas that I had been saving for Chef Dave to bake up – and my mojo returned (somewhat) in the form of banana choc chip muffins.  It was almost surely my mojo or the fact that I couldn’t stand those bananas hanging around any longer.

Mama's Back in the Kitchen!

Last Days of Summer

Better late than never!

Abby, Jo and I took the kids to Waiwera last month and scored a beautiful day.  I haven’t been in years and had so much fun.  I had forgotten how exhausting those hot pools are though!

Ethan had a wicked time, his confidence in the water was amazing, he even hit up one of the big (ish) slides.  The best part was just seeing all the kids having so much fun together, they are a great little tribe – just as their mummas were back in the day xxxx

Good Day Stats

CRAVE:  Mainland Special Reserve Blue Brie

COOKED:  Turkey Meatballs

OMG.  I have a new favourite meat.  Turkey is a staple in the states, it is super lean, yummy and really cheap over there.  Quite the contrast to here.  However, Dave and I were shopping in Countdown and I saw 500gm of turkey mince for $5.50.  I admit it has been in the freezer for a month as I never enjoyed turkey mince in America.  Tonight I mixed it with breadcrumbs, 1 egg, onion, garlic, coriander, S & P and a dash of Worcestershire sauce, rolled into small balls and baked at 200 for a while.  These little meatballs were so good!  Turkey NEVER tasted this good in the states, I am hooked and the best part was, there was NO fat or greasy after taste.  Highly recommended by The Jacks.

LOVE:  My New iphone

How sexy is that?  I am completely enamoured with the myriad camera apps available, they are so much fun for the little hobby photographer in me.

HOPEFUL:  For more rain, we got a fair bit today, but the ridiculousness of having to stress about water is really wearing me down.

Chur Chur

Have I told you lately how much I love Poi E?

Campbell Live had Patea Maori Club on live tonight and it made me cry with joy as I danced and pretended I had some poi.  Seriously.  The song first came out when I was 4 and I would be willing to bet that I saw all 22 episodes of RTR Countdown when it was number one in New Zealand because I know for a fact that my Mum loved it as much as I did and we turned it up loud on the old Thorn TV every time it was on.  Number 1 by Christmas!

The Little Rascals

Ethan’s soccer team are ruling the competition this year, they have won every game so far!  The talent in this team is insane, some of the boys look like they came out of the womb kicking goals.  Ethan was awarded Player of the Day on Saturday which was special as it was their hardest game yet and he scored 2 of their 4 goals.  About his long sleeve shirt he is wearing under his soccer shirt…..he wouldn’t take it off, told me it made him run faster!

Monday. It’s over

After my most marvelous day yesterday Monday morning came way too quickly. So quickly in fact that I remembered about an 8.20am physio appointment while I was in the shower. No problem, I was a little rushed but I made it. Except the appointment was not this morning, it was for Tuesday morning. Sigh.
Work was good, aside from the copier technician I called in to pull out a plastic tray. Yes that’s right. Sigh.
But there was something I was forgetting…… Oh yeah the lecture at 1pm that I have only been attending for oh, TEN FREAKING WEEKS! So I made it to class sans notes and legislation but hi ho.
Ethan had a great day, he auditioned for a little tv show at school and I successfully got him to soccer practise and even remembered all of his gear! It was a stunning afternoon with very strange warm winds and a clear sky that made my bumbling day seem kind funny.