Monday’s Pics of Sunday

Another sunny, winter Sunday.  This has {so far} been one of the best winters I can remember, not too much rain and loads of glorious sunny, blue sky days.

Mum bought Ethan 2 massive shipping containers on Trade Me last week, so the boys project this weekend was to turn them into a play hut for Ethan.  After a few modifications the boys were ready to paint, although Ethan swears it’s not finished until there are rainbows and dragons painted on it (WTF?).

Well the paint had to dry, so we packed up and headed to the ramp at Muriwai for the afternoon.

It was so sunny and warm, Dave had a great session on the ramp, Ethan got his pushing sussed on the flat and I read my book in the sun.  It was lovely!

Awwww! He was writing "I Love Mum" with dirt xxxx

Blah blah blah

No inspiration.  Winter you are failing me!  Blogging is tres hard at the moment, but there seems to be a general consensus about this across the NZ blog spectrum so I’m not feeling too neglectful. So, in honour of having nothing to say, I present you with some photos of below average quality because I have also just realised I haven’t taken one picture on my DSLR this whole month! Gasp.  WTF?

The Jack luck appears to be a genetic thing, Ethan's name got pulled from the prize barrel on Studio 2 last week and he won a PSP + Game! Amaze.
The weather has been perfect these school holidays {aside from today when it has started raining}. Ethan has had the best time playing outside all day, sans mud!
Ethan and Dave got busy one sunny day and made me a vege garden out of railway sleepers! Love it.
...............and I looked on and soaked up the sun. Bliss.