The Bug in the Photo Frame

You know those little annoying 5min jobs that you put off and put off until it becomes so ridiculous that you haven’t done it yet that the job just becomes a write off?  No?  Perfect?  Well done.

Some of our friends in San Diego framed a photo taken of Ethan a day after he was born.  It is a beautiful, extravagant frame with a lovely beaded matt and totally unlike anything I would pick for myself.  There has been a bug preserved under the glass in this frame for about three years – I really should have named him and started a Facebook page, however I digress.

Ethan has been fighting a major head cold all week.  I know this for a fact as he has been sleeping in our bed with me while Dave nurses his big new tattoo on a mattress on the floor {Ethan’s room is currently undergoing a major makeover so we are all camping together. yay}.  He has soldiered on at school all week but today just wasn’t going to fly.  He got dressed, all ready to go and then I had a long hard look at him and realised that it didn’t matter if I didn’t get paid today;  my boy was sick and needed a day in bed.  At this point I had forgotten about my nifty remote access which means I can indeed work from home, but it was time to get my priorities in order.

So there we were, Ethan rugged up and watching fishing shows, me deciding that a day when I can finally clean the bug from the photo frame really wasn’t that much of a sacrifice anyway.

Sick little boy


Acquisitions | Darah Tan Wedges

I wasn’t shopping for shoes……..but you know how that goes.  E and I were at the mall and I caught sight of these little beauties and I was drawn into the store for a wee try on.  I LOVE these wedges.  The platform makes them a very comfortable height and the brogue styling is perfectly practical for winter.  I have worn these for a full day at work, and my feet were trés happy!

Honestly though {will anyone else even admit to this?} the p.i.t.a that is taking my lovely heels and boo0ts on and off when driving so as not to ruin them leaves me in my casual shoes and jandals more often than not.  I need to get over it.

Tan Brogue Wedges
Darah Wedges from Overland

Play | 23-17

Yay!  I played my first game of netball in 3 years tonight and my team won!

To be entirely honest I was dreading the game.  8pm on a Monday night in winter is really not prime Melissa time.  Dragging yourself out of the house in shorts and sneaks when its RAINING does not bode well for me.  I was also secretly nervous as I only know one person on the team – and what if they were all amaze-balls netball players and I was the social netballer that kinda sucked?  It wasn’t to be, the ladies were super nice and we were all of a similar level – luckily this white girl can jump so I busted out some ok defence {quietly…..I was chuffed that I didn’t suck}.

Me time was fab.  It’s a hard time-slot to make work, but I am so glad I said yes to the offer to join the team.  Why is saying yes sometimes so much harder than saying no?

Things I’m Loving

So much to love right now and so few photos to show!  Highly unlike me.

I am loving quick and easy bacon, chicken, brie frittata for Friday night dinner, so yum there was no leftovers : (FritattaI am loving little pieces of boy that I find around the house in odd places.  He is not a “lie on the floor and play” kinda kid.  He plays standing up 90% of the time so window-sills, bench tops and mantle pieces are often victims of Ninjago onslaughts.Ninjago

I’m loving these two idiots.  Furry Shi-Tzus are excellent winter companions xShi-TzuHow handsome, I die over this pic.  Lady killer huh?RugbyI’m really loving finding new places for ‘old’ things in our new house.Affirmation Get Going

So, so happy that I found snippets of time this weekend to finish the freaking Hunger Games trilogy.  Book 1 was a fast absorbing read; it was downhill from there.  The Mockingjay dragged and dragged.  The Game of Thrones series is loaded on my Kindle and ready to go, onwards to a REAL series!Game of Thrones

Things I’m Loving is hosted by Meghan at MNM’s

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful matter how simple it is.

Changing Moods

One month on and the stress of moving house {2 houses in our case} is fading and life is settling into a new routine; one which feels deliciously concrete and complete.

As we packed, cleaned, organized then reversed the process in our new house and then threw a box of spanners in the works by beginning renovations the first week in, it was easy to think that Ethan was cruising along, oblivious to the process and going about his 7yo life.

In hindsight, as we struggled with 2 weeks of bad behaviour, talking back and being mean to his friends, I see that even though he wasn’t burdened with the actual physical and mental process of the move, the emotional lack of control he was experiencing was having a large effect on his behaviour.

Though we knew where most things were, or at the very least in which general direction, Ethan knew nothing.  He didn’t know which boxes contained his things, when those boxes would be opened, where his books were or even who would pick him up from school that day.  How unsettling must that feel when you’re 7.5?

But we and he have survived, he has had a much better week and has been trying extra hard both at home and at school.  I have been giving him more of my time and remembering to say YES, I would LOVE to play with you {on the rare occasions he asks}.

Shop | Country Road Winter

I am in LOVE with this seasons range from Country Road.  It’s super comfy, classy casual and bright, which makes such a change from the usual drab tones of winter.  I was having a particularly unfashionable day during the move; Ethan arrived home from school, looked me up and down and said

“Mum, if you walked into Country Road right now they would take your membership card away!”

I swear to god he said that.  VERBATIM.  Obviously it was time to go shopping!

  1. Country Road, My Winter FavesCheck Shirt $109 This shirt is so soft, just like the Farmers bush shirts of old we used to wear while crying about Kurt Cobain :::sigh:::
  2. Lattice Knit 100% Wool $169 I’m a wool snob, I won’t buy anything with acrylic in it, often blends are the same or a similar price and they don’t wear as well = wasted money.  This shirt is perfect over a blouse for work or with jeans in the weekend – most worn winter item so far.
  3. Hooded Zip Through Knit 100% Merino/lambswool I surprised myself by buying this, it’s not my usual style at all but it’s so warm and quite versatile.
  4. Relaxed Shirt $109 This shirt is effortless.  No accessories needed.
  5. Skinny Cord Jean in Burnt Orange Country Road jeans sag and bag like no other so I was a bit skeptical about these.  I got a size smaller than normal and they are perfect.  Warm and comfy and they don’t loosen up too much.

Daily Look | Oh how they barked

This rather large spiky guy bravely traversed the driveway this afternoon, well out of sight of the four dog army and their two mates next door.  They all knew he was there though and I’m pretty sure I heard Louie say “Let the wild rumpus begin!”.  They barked like the hounds of hell in other words.  {Look at his little feet!!}.  I would so tickle them if I wasn’t sure I would catch ringworm.


House Update | Week 3

Things are happening!

Yesterday was about as good as a Monday gets, or at least better and more calm than last Monday.  We can now find our clothes, shoes and television!

A good 35% {I would say} of the interior plastering and painting has been finished, our room, our lounge and office, toilet and bathroom are all freshly painted with glistening white wooden joinery!  Love it, and the half-tea walls.  We are no longer living off the dining room table and huddling in Mum’s lounge, Dave and I have our fab wardrobe in operation and we have sheets on our bed!  (as we had to pack our bedding away every morning while the plasterers were covering our life in dust, we slept with a minimum of bedding).  Life is good.

Three weeks in, and the budget is making me nervous, the bigish bills are starting to come in and though I feel quite sure we have allowed plenty for the reno, I have never spent so much money in my life!  Thank god for spreadsheets and my ever-dependable Type-A personality to keep track of things.

Picking out little bits and pieces for our new home is beyond exciting, I am holding off on any big-ish purchases until rennovating is complete, but accent pieces are allowed ;  )

Owl Cushion, Freedom FurnitureFreedom FUrniture Prints

Owlton John from Freedom just had to come home with me {pictured with the Dalilah cushion $39 and $25 ea}, as these prints will one day…….I need both of them you see = spendy.

Picking out fabric for the Roman Blinds had to be the most boring, exasperating, difficult task so far.  Picking new guttering was much easier.

Dave and E make everything so much fun, they even managed to whip up a Pancake brekkie on our first Sunday in the new house.  I love our family traditions, they make anyplace feel instantly like home.