My very own FOR REAL byline

I have one.  Have had one for (count them) FIVE WEEKS now.  I know.

This is why I have been tapping away for these past few years, writing shit that no-one reads or comments on, just so I could get a little better, and a little more confident.  Now I finally have an audience.

You can read my blog every Tuesday in the Lifestyle section of the website.  3NEWS PEOPLE!!!!  Loving it, aside from Monday nights when I have no idea what I am going to write about am left floundering (I kid, I kid!  sorta).

You can catch up on the last 4 weeks by clicking the links below;

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Disaster Day Tweets

Ok, I love Twitter…..a lot.  On a bad day of bad things happening in little ol New Zealand, there are still some funny bastards on twitter that literally made me laugh out lo….. {you get the rest}

@MaowreeDeaker (this guys name just cracks me up – kiwi joke) on the 7.1 earthquake that struck Christchurch today and has been rumbling aftershocks off continuously


Random on the 6.1 earthquake that hit Tonga 1.5hrs ago:

twitterand finally just a general funny;

twitterGoodnight, hope you and yours are safe wherever you are xxxx