“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

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nixon: truth be told, when i was pregnant we joked that there was surely no way we would get another strong-willed, fiery, know-it-all baby like ethan. well, you showed us.  you are filled with so much sass and mischief i really do think i’ve met my match.  i’m quite scared of you baby hippo xx


ethan: on holiday with nana and geoff, barefoot and deliriously happy.  outside is your happy place, with the eels and dogs and diggers, swimming at the beach at the end of april.  you are my little polar bear, never feeling the cold xx

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“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

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ethan & nixon: you are so lucky to have each other.  everything is better for e now his brother is here, and though nix is not aware of it yet, he has the best mate a wee boy could ever ask for; patient, kind, fun, always up for wrestling and getting dirty.  you two are going to catch many eels together i can feel it.

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Show & Tell | Pillowcases for the Boys

OK.  Before we begin, let’s clear the air: yes, I know it’s completely ludicrous that I am sharing a post on the inter webs about how I sewed pillowcases {possible the easiest, most beginner sewing project of all time?}.  However, I am a complete novice and I give you permission to laugh yourself silly over my wee project here.  Go on, let it out!

Ethan loves flannelette pillowcases.  Never, ever since he was 18 months old has a cotton case touched his sleepy head.  I purchased him a new duvet cover from Cotton On in black and white with orange piping but there was no flannelette to be seen.  Luckily Ye Olde Spotlight is on the cusp of trendy flannelette prints and these two seemingly non-complimentary fabrics actually look quite smashing together – to my quirky eye at least.  Feel free to admire those non-lined-up seams, they are a thing of beauty!


Nix likes to snuggle into pillows so I wanted a cool pillowcase for his cot but didn’t want to pay mega bucks for that one with the bear on it that all the cool kids of bloggers have ::: I think it’s actually compulsory for your baby to have that pillowcase and I missed the memo, shit :::  But how do you like these stylish flannelette numbers??  As my mum would say, a blind man would be glad to see these right? right?


I had fun sewing these up, I really, really like to sew.  I also really, really like looking at fabric and imagining………

Thanks to my Instagram girls for helping me trouble shoot the old Globe 877, a wee tension problem {i.e. me not knowing where the tension knob was} set me back for a few minutes, but the bobbin was soon whirring away again.  Slowly whirring of course!




Easter with TWO

Two boys that is, hope no-one thought that Easter may have passed by with two eggs or anything ridiculous like that.  Because I would actually die if I only had two eggs.  Each day.

I am a chocolate addict and Easter is my Las Vegas baby!  Hello Creme Eggs.

Pretty much the best thing ever about the addition of Nixon to our family is how much his presence multiplies everything that Ethan enjoys and experiences by a factor of like, a million.  Five minutes after waking up and beginning his egg hunt {which involved E carrying around his 11kg baby brother and letting Nix grab all of the eggs}, Ethan declared 2014 The Best Easter Ever.  Considering he received the smallest stash of chocolate ever in his 9 year Easter history, I’m going to claim that as a big fat win!




We ‘pottered around’ over the long weekend, ticking off to-do list chores.  We rented a Rug Doctor and I cleaned all of the carpets {a job I kinda love, almost like water blasting you know? No?}.  We visited my grandparents, baked Hot Cross Buns, jumped with joy every damn time it rained – a full tank is the business people, my longing for rain is now over for another year.  I also started and completed my pillowcase project, sewing 6 in total for the boys.  I may like to shop but I will not spend $45 on one trendy pillowcase for a child ::am I wrong?::

So, with the help of Team Instagram we troubleshot my machines tension problem and the little Globe-877-that-could whipped up some very cute flannelette pillowcases for the boys.

There were quite a few other mini-projects and bits and bobs either started or completed, plus we made time for drinks with a friend, a Date Night In and skateboarding for Dave and shopping for me {at Spotlight and Mitre 10 nonetheless!}.

Hope you and yours had a lovely break before winter sets in once and for all, chow down on those eggs mama’s you deserve ’em xx


“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


ethan: a stolen moment; i showed you how to use light from the windows to trace cartoons.  you were intensely into this project for two days, printed many pics, traced them, coloured them all in, made a big mess of the windows and then you were done.  that’s how you roll baby, you gather no moss.


nixon anthony ray: everything has since been removed from that chest and every other surface you can reach.  i wasn’t going to do that but you are a ‘special’ baby, one that moves faster and with more intent than any i have encountered before.  my patience for saving the crown lynn finally wore out and now we have empty shelves and happy hearts because you are just too cute.

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What’s shaking kids?

I’m pretty sure I have finally shrugged off the funk that has settled over me for the last month, thank god {collective sigh of relief heaved in this house}.  The daily grind, injected with some super busy commitments wore me down for a while there.  I felt locked up tight by The Routine and the anxiety that was imminent after any deviation.  Finding joy, happiness and even laughing had become too hard for a while there.

Strange how the remedy was something that I had been dreading, something I had humphed over as just-another-thing-I-had-to-do.

Dave had volunteered me to cook in the kitchen at the Rugby Club.  I was freaking dreading it.

The Pros: A little bit of pocket money, get out of the house, socialize {somewhat?  Would you like onion on your burger?}, a minor commitment that’s only once in a while, hang with other cool rugby club peeps who I actually really like.

The Cons: Leave the house, deep fryer duty, smelling like I’ve been deep fried, trying to figure out how we would deal with Nixon while I was gone {still BFing}.

Turns out, I had heaps of fun!  The kitchen crew are awesome, the time flew by, I got to chat with adults, I was home after 4.5 hours, Nix didn’t wither away, and though my pocket money is already gone – it was appreciated!

Those pesky old comfort zones aye.

I hate it when Dave’s right.


Acquisitions | Origrami Instagram Prints




Well now that we are well and truly addicted to the marvellous Instagram, the obvious next step is printing our hip, well filtered and curated images right?  Enter Origrami.  Product Perfection.

I’m pretty much gaga over the whole process here; the ease of ordering, the worldwide free shipping, the impeccable packaging, the fruity colours on the backs of my prints + the Insta info {I ordered the Retorprint style $23.95 AUD for 36 prints}, the quality cardboard…….what’s not to love?  The colours are a little muted compared to browsing Instagram on my HD amoled S4 screen, isn’t it funny that we have to make allowances for that now?

Fast delivery btw, and with the free shipping a set of Origrami prints would make a lovely gift for someone overseas – file that idea away for Christmas!

This is not a sponsored post, just a product I love and wanted to share with ya’ll x


2014 New Zealand Post Book Awards


I am so happy to be part of the blogging team promoting the New Zealand Post Book Awards again this year.  Ethan and I had a blast reviewing some of the Junior Fiction finalists last year and with baby Nixon on board this year we are all set to discover some of New Zealand’s awesome picture book authors and illustrators as well!

The finalists have been announced here, this is seriously an amazing collection of books!

My early picks for my boys would have to be;

Hunting Guide_9781775535126_cover

The Beginner’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing
Paul Adamson
Random House New Zealand
ISBN 9781775535126 pb
RRP $34.99
Target age 8+

How do you stalk a trout? How do you skin a rabbit? How does a bullet work? This is a beginner’s book of hunting and fishing for all ages, featuring the where, when, what and how of our most popular hunting and fishing pursuits. From rabbiting to duck-shooting, possuming to large game, eeling to whitebaiting, The Beginner’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing in New Zealand will give any budding hunter the basic skills and knowledge for a lifetime of adventure.


Felix and the Red Rats
James Norcliffe
Random House New Zealand, Longacre
ISBN 9781775533245 pb,
9781775533252 eb
RRP $19.99 pb & eb
Target age 9+

When David’s uncle comes to visit he sets off a bizarre series of events. Things become complicated when the pet rats turn bright red. David senses that somehow the rats are connected to the story he is reading, and becomes convinced when the colour red becomes contagious. A parallel story sees Felix and his friend Bella shifted into a strange land where they must solve a riddle that puts them into great danger. How will they escape home?

Toucan Can - Front cover

Toucan Can  
Juliette MacIver & Sarah Davis
Gecko Press
ISBN 9781877467530 hb,
9781877467547 pb
RRP $34.99 hb, $19.99 pb
Target age 3 to 6

Toucan can do lots of things!
Toucan dances!
Toucan sings!
Toucan bangs a frying pan!
Can YOU do what Toucan can?

A tongue-twisting, ludicrous rhyme full of escalating hilarity and off-the-wall characters. It will have you tripping and flipping and dancing and singing. If Toucan can, you can!

Machines and Me - Boats cover

Machines and Me: Boats
Catherine Foreman
Scholastic New Zealand
ISBN 9781775431596 pb
RRP $14.00
Target age 0 to 5

Boats with motors,
boats with sails,
boats to go out watching whales.

Children love machines! The Machines and Me series of four simple, well?written stories has a bold, clean illustration style perfect for pre-school children, by the award-winning author/illustrator Catherine Foreman.


“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


nixon: excuse my messy desk {it always looks like this these days}.  i couldn’t resist this picture of you, hard at work, printing documents and manifestos.  all the toys a boy could want and your favourite spots in the house are under tables with wires, cables or your piece of garden hose in hand.  watching you bully a three year old today was, um……………interesting worrying.  you are 100% bruiser, a 9 month old mastermind who has us all wrapped around your chubby fingers x 


ethan: first week of rugby under our belts and the countdown to the end of term begins.  you played so well on saturday, with barely a limp!  i was too busy doing the boring manager stuff and wrangling your brother to get any shots of you on the field my love, but you were great xx

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“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

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ethan: we went hiking again on saturday.  509 killer stairs on the way to the waitakere dam and 509 on the way down.  such a killer workout and you did it!  your dad and i were so proud of you, it was the hardest hike you’ve ever done and we knew you wanted to quit but you kept going xx


nixon: oh nixon.  how strange, your happy place is in the water just like your brother.  just out of shot is your dad, you crashed his shower and now beeline for the bathroom any time you hear the water running.  getting undressed?  ain’t no-body got time for that.

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