Christmas in January

I sent a lil message out via bookface before Christmas to our American friends.  I thought Ethan might LOVE one of those elusive Zhu Zhu pet hamsters that were flying off the shelves in the states.  Well.  Some people ignored us (as they normally do) and others simply lost the plot.  Tara lost the plot.  She became obsessed with hunting hamsters, made friends with shop assistants, visited EVERY Walmart, Target and Toys R Us in coastal San Diego and eventually came face to face with her quarry.  And then she shopped.  And then she shipped.

This is the result; (click on images to enlarge)

Thank you so much Tara, you are the kindest, most remembering-est friend stateside that we have and Summer is just not the same without you!

Something I haven’t mentioned yet…

Is that Ethan has two pet frogs.  Tim and Mike.  One is shy, one is not.  I don’t know which one is which but they are WILD creatures, caught fresh by Steve Irwin Ethan himself in his Nana’s pond.

So, five minutes ago I went into the boys room to take him to the bathroom before I went to bed and a sound like I have NEVER hear before ERUPTED from the floor and the brave frog hooned past me making his cacophonous run up the hallway into our room.

It was the most exciting Friday night I have had in a while, I have never had to deal with so many freaky animals in my whole life.  I am on animal duty at the farm this weekend, so I am feeding chickens and an extra dog as well as Lou and the frog brothers.

In other dog-related news, Lou got a mani-pedi today.  I asked the groomer how much to get him shaved, not ‘groomed’ just shaved, as if he was being admitted to prison shaved.  She was not happy with this request and told me $30 but said she would  not be able to make Lou beautiful without the whole she-bang.  I told her Louie may look like a prized pedigree Shi-Tzu but he is really a farm dog that needs the hair out from between his toes so he is able to stalk chickens and protect his girl Mollie from Boxer dogs and huntaways.  The groomer didn’t know WTF I was on about so I wrote her a cheque.  Cause that’s how I roll.

My day you ask?

It was pretty sweet really.  Lets recap;

  • It was sunny
  • It was hot
  • My bro is back in tiz-own, but without his beautiful Joanna : (

  • Ethan and I had a wonderful lunch with Mum and Hadyn today complete with Chocolate Zucchini Cake and homemade strawberry icecream
  • My bad back is finally feeling a little better thanks to the Alexander Technique (suggested by Hadyn).  This simple position has made the world of difference

  • I may not love the way I look in a bikini, I may have a few extra curves, but at least I don’t look like this fossil, and by fossil, I mean Donnatella Versace

Back to Work

This week really feels like I am (slowly) getting back into the work routine, though the work isn’t being as obliging – coming thick and fast.  Our ENTIRE work website needs to be updated, hundreds of catalogues need to go out, two new cataloges need to be created, press releases finished and promo material for The Boat Show needs to be designed and printed.  All on my to-do list!

On the days when I am at work, and Dave works both of his jobs I get a tiny ‘glimpse’ of what it is possibly like to be a single parent.  Except not, because I know that Dave will be here even if he is home late, and that as tired or over it as either one of us might be, we will always be there to help each other in the mornings.

Last night I left work at 5pm, drove 30min to meet Mum and pick-up Ethan who had spent a wicked day at the beach.  My brain was still working at that point so I had the wherewithall to throw together a chicken, zucchini and mushroom pizza.  We have zucchini with EVERY single dinner at the moment and made zucchini chocolate cake tonight!

Anyway, I digress.  So dinner, then a shower for E, then while he was getting in his jammies I quickly vacuumed and mopped his floor, gave him a kiss and said goodnight.  I think I saw him for an hour and a half.  And every minute of that time was spent trying to fit everything in I needed to do with him; food, water, shower, aloe vera on sunburn…….

What remained of my evening was spent cleaning the rest of the house.

One parent families how do you do it?  I take my hat off to you, I really do, because as tidy as my house was last night when I went to bed, it is possibly 1000x messier now, only 24 hours later.  Although there is a kick ass big ol chocolate cake in the kitchen which surely constitutes an improvement of sorts?  right?

7 Days

Project 365:  Week 4
The week that was Monday January 18th – Sunday January 24th, 2010

Monday - It is so dry, only the weeds in the lawn are growing
Tuesday - Ethan is mad about Pokemon and despite our best efforts we cannot find any stores that still stock the toys here. Ethan is a bit behind the times it seems. But, there are Pokemon a-plenty on Ebay. So little boy gathered up whatever currency he could muster, including ALL of his pocket money and Christmas money and gave it to me so we could buy the Pokeball of his dreams. And a little boy waits. Now we just have to survive until the package finally arrives from the states.
Wednesday - Ethan was called upon to rescue our neighbour Sarah from a giant Weta that was dozing on her couch. He was no match for Big E and his Creeper Keeper. Tagged and released of course!
Thursday - These were so velvety and vibrant in the midst of the dry brown garden I couldn't resist.
Friday - Ethan has been spending the days I work with his Nana and they ALWAYS do something fun. Like fish for sprats. Boy-child that hair.....
Saturday - Was rainy and dull and cold. So we cooked; muffins, fruit leather and homemade strawberry ice-cream.
Sunday - There are no words for how much I love this child and his Daddy, who strum and sing and enjoy EVERYTHING together.

Fun with Nana & Grandad

Ethan should be Molly's boy and vice versa but they don't belong to each other so make do with sleepovers. Molly plays in the sprinkler with Ethan & tirelessly pretends to be a marlin while Louie skulks off to the back of the house in case and rogue sprinkles hit him.
Nana always takes Ethan strawberry picking in the holidays, it's 'their thing'. God knows what would happen if I wanted to go strawberry picking!
Nana also spends countless hours indulging the fishing obsession down at the pond where it has been discovered that tadpoles don't really take well to sprat lines. Who knew?
And then there is Marley. Safety first Marl, where's your life jacket hmmmm?

Random Thoughts

  • I may have quit alcohol for 19 DAYS NOW (are you proud of me ’cause I damn sure am), but you can’t make me give up Coke Zero Dave Jack.  When I wake up after horrid dreams about arguing with my mother-in-law via IM, I feel like I am entitled to a ‘little’ crutch to help me through the afternoon.  Ya’ll obsess about your coffee and drink a tonne of it, I like my Coke Zero.
  • I am back at work this week and it’s good.  It’s nice to be contributing to the bank balance again after a fairly ‘tight’ 3 weeks off.  It has really made us realise how much money we were spending on ridiculous things though.  Start as you mean to continue and I feel like we are starting off in the right direction this year, hooray!
  • We will be kicking ass come Monday if we can hold onto the top spot in the photo contest I am entered in, thanks so much to everyone who has been voting we really appreciate it!
  • Auckland’s weather has no in-between, no happy medium.  It either rains continuously for 4 months in winter or is complete drought for summer.  I keep waiting for the tanks to run dry.  It makes for very anxious showering.
  • There is a major blogger hiatus going on it seems, some of my favs seem not to have picked up the mouse again after the holidays – COME ON LADIES
  • Ethan goes back to school in 2 weeks.  It seems to me that the holidays were SOOOO much longer when I was young, perhaps it’s just part of the time speeding by phenomena that happens post-25.  ughhhhhh.
  • There is nothing good on TV at the moment and I don’t have any good books to read either.  I feel this might be some kind of karmic book thing after the two lousy reviews I gave my last reads.  The first novel in the stack I picked from the library was put down again never to be finished because of how utterly shit it was.   Hopefully I will win Sarah’s giveaway of a copy of The Lovely Bones over at Bobby Robin, fingers crossed!

Have a great week!