Things I’m Loving | Happy Easter!

Oh Easter.  Perfect timing this year, 4 days in a row with no work, no rushing, no scheduling {rugby practice is still on this afternoon which has just sent Ethan into fits of rage}, but aside from that, nothing we HAVE to do.  This week has been a bit painful on the preggo side of things so I am so looking forward to slowing things down.

Loving that Mum and I are nearing the end of our first crochet project, a lovely {I hope} granny square blanket/throw for my lounge. We have had fun with it, Mum’s just busting to get it finished now so she can get on with knitting for baby and I’m not quite sure what my next project will be.

Granny Squares


Loving my braided bread, it’s coming along quite nicely now after multiple attempts and our bread recipe, when kneaded in the bread maker comes out silky smooth and so easy to use.  This batch was stuffed with mayo, salami, capsicum and yellow cherry tomatoes from our garden and was destined for our pre-season rugby bbq.


I’m trying to get more plants into our indoor spaces and love how vibrant and green this new fern looks, waiting for it’s new home in my macrame pot holder I thrifted a couple of months ago.  Dave is not keen to hang this in our lounge I can tell but he has been overruled!  And yes, dinosaurs are still flavour of the month, the big white one was actually purchased for the nursery but has been ‘borrowed’ until little brother is born lol.

Potted Fern

So much loving having the black gold back in the pantry,  Dave and Mum don’t care for it too much but E and I have been enjoying Marmite on our toast and crumpets all week.  Just looking at this pic makes my mouth water.

Marmite is back!


Occasionally E will pick up mu camera and go snap-happy around the house, usually taking lots of pics of the dogs, things to note; he has remembered to put the strap around his neck: 10 points, yes, that is a commemorative ABBA plate on my wooden chest.  I love it when I download photos and find his surprise images.


Wardrobe Wednesday | Patch Maternity Maxi Skirt



Check me out, full maternity gears on for the first time!  (and I was comfortable!).  I splashed out in the weekend and found the maternity gear at The Warehouse, this Maya T was only $15 and quite thick, I’m hopeful that it will wash well. But that is me in a size large, this baby is huge.  I’m seeing my midwife tomorrow so will be interesting to get her opinion, my own fundal height measurement put me four weeks ahead!!!!!  Scary.

I had been looking for a comfy maternity maxi skirt for a while so was stoked to pop in to Pumpkin Patch and find this perfect knit maxi skirt.  The gusset is super comfy under my bump, though it’s not quite long enough to stay pulled up, and the length is just right on me – I’m 167cm tall.  I had visions of me wearing this all winter even after bubs arrives as it is a very ‘discreet’ maternity skirt, but there appears to be a problem with the fabric.  After one wear it has laddered in two places along the horizontal stripes, ending in a hole by the side seam, so I will attempt to return it and report back.  They have 30% off maternity wear online at the moment btw :  )

Wardrobe Wednesday Accessories


 Top: Maya Maternity Tee

Skirt: Patch Maternity

Shoes: Overland

Necklace: Forever 21

{closed} 24 hr Giveaway | Popsicle Tropical Fruity Multipacks

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 9.51.53 PM We have a winner! picked the first commenter, who was Treena-Marie!  Thanks so much for entering everyone, and sorry again for the stingy prize – everyone at home is watching me like a hawk to make sure I don’t throw away any other valuable items!



Popsicle Tropical Fruity

This summer was l o n g.  And HOT, and many of you basked in the sun and the heat and wished it would never end.  I however, am huge and pregnant  and we are on tank water.  I don’t begrudge you all your bikinis, and your paddling pools, your slip n slides and cute outfits.  I had my Tropical Fruity’s  – think pineapple, orange and passionfruit – so found solace in those {{{do you hear the tiny violins?}}}.

True story.

We all love these ice blocks and they became a regular in our freezer for the duration of the Summer-That-Wouldn’t-Quit, these aren’t a soft drink based flavour (think Lemonade, Cola, Orange) they are 99% real fruit juice with no added sugar, colours or flavours.  I really, genuinely love this product so was delighted to be asked to review them and give some multipacks away to you guys.

Therein lies the problem; see, my baby brain recycled the vouchers.  Gone.  You can rest assured they did not go to landfill, I removed two for the grocery store, used one, put the remaining vouchers back in the envelope they came in and put them out for recycling.  I know because I have done this before, with cheques and gift vouchers usually belonging to Dave.  What a terrible Mummy Blogger I am, sullying our good name and reputation!

So, I have ONE precious voucher for a Multipack of Popsicle Tropical Fruitys up for grabs.  We will do this quickly (so I don’t lose this voucher!), just make sure you Like The Best Nest on Facebook , leave a comment below and I will do a random draw tomorrow evening.  If you miss out you can pick up a multi-pack in supermarkets for RRP$5.99 (though I have got them at Pak n Save for $4.99).


Acquisitions | Fuchsia Flatform Brogues

These shoes were definitely a sale motivated purchase, however, they had been on my radar for winter for some time.  I purchased them online having got my sizing fairly well sussed from Overland and I was in love as soon as I opened the box.  How good are these going to look this winter with some black tights and a chunky cardy?  Hot pink leather shoes are a gamble, but I’m pretty sure these are a safe bet.

Isabella Anselmi Flatform Brogues

Isabella Anselmi Flatform Brogues

Poppy Flatform Brogue available on sale now at Overland


Wardrobe Wednesday | 25 Week Pregnancy Update

25 weeks pregnant

Oh lordy, feeling the physical strain this week.  The 25 week milestone has brought more fatigue and lots of belly / ligament pain.  Any item of clothing that sits under my bump is just torturous, read: I actually purchased an item of maternity clothing this week!  A lovely stretchy maxi skirt from Patch that I’m sure I will wear all winter, even after bubba arrives.  I am happily keeping up with all of Ethan’s commitments and work, Dave and Mum are a big help, but the notorious baby-brain I suffered with Ethan is back with a vengeance.  I recycled a bunch of vouchers I had been sent as giveaways for the blog!  Oh the shame of typing that email.

Mainly I just feel so excited.  Every time I look in my rear vision mirror I have to remind myself that in 15 weeks there will be a little baby cruising around back there, though it’s surprising this ever actually slips my mind as the child is constantly ninja-ing my insides.  I am a wee bit scared that baby is going to be ginormous.  At my last midwife visit I was measuring two weeks ahead so it will be interesting to see if this has changed at my appointment next week.

By the way, do you love this top as much as me?  Bargain of the year, nicely spotted by me a The Warehouse for $20!  The other colour-ways were quite ugly, which is actually fortunate as I would have bought them all if they were half decent!  A perfect bump-coverer in comfy cotton spandex.

25 weeks pregnant20130320-175434.jpg

Shirt: Maya @ The Warehouse $20

Skirt: The Gap

Necklace: The Warehouse

Shoes: Superga Polka Dot Sneakers

Dog cameo: Louie

Cook Eat | No Bake Muesli / Granola Bars Recipe

Dave disappeared for a while on Saturday and when I found him again he was in the kitchen whipping up the first batch of what I’m sure will be a regular on the baking circuit – or non-baking actually!
See that pile of packaged muesli bars in the background? We have no less than five different varieties in our pantry at any one time! Ridic. I am probably the biggest consumer of the humble muesli bar in our house, yet they are always a super quick go-to snack for any of us in a hurry.

No Bake Muesli / Granola Bars



1 cup honey
1 cup packed brown sugar
1 cup peanut butter
6 cups rolled oats
2 cups of extras (eg coconut, choc chips, dried fruit)

In a large saucepan bring honey and brown sugar to a boil, constantly stirring. Turn heat to low, add peanut butter, mix until smooth.
When smooth remove from heat, add dry ingredients, mix until evenly coated.
Line 9 x 13 pan with baking paper and press mixture evenly into pan.
Refrigerate until firm then cut into desired size. Store in an airtight container.

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Argghhhh! So Long Google Reader

I have been using Google Reader to follow and enjoy all of your amazing blogs for years now.  I love it.  It’s simple, it works and I valued being able to sign in to Gmail and all of my shit was in one place.  Sigh.  So now we are moving on and though I have a couple of other apps I’m trying out on the iPhone and iPad, Bloglovin’ is looking good as my new RSS reader on the computers.

If you have migrated from Google Reader and you are already a follower of The Best Nest you should be good to go, if you have just noticed all the hub-bub about RSS readers and are about to create your own list of feeds you can find The Best Nest on Bloglovin’ here.

The Best Nest on Bloglovin'


Wardrobe Wednesday | Little Preggo Black Dress



This dress is the BEST dress I have ever purchased, I can’t believe I haven’t featured it on Wardrobe Wednesday yet.  I purchased it very early in my pregnancy in a larger size than normal as I just knew it would become a go-to favourite.  It’s got bat-wing sleeves, is a soft silky material and has a loose waist tie that I am able to position above the bump for these next few months.  The detail is lost in these pics so here is a beautiful person showing it off;




Dress: Country Road

Bag: Country Road

Shoes: Kathryn Wilson Dhalia Sandals {{{ON SALE NOW}}}

Wardrobe Wednesday

The Never-Ending Summer


I looked outside yesterday and couldn’t help but appreciate the sight of two loads of whites drying on the line, yes the water truck came {FOR THE 5TH TIME} and so we washed.

I hate to begrudge people a long, amazing summer, seeing as how the season of sun is sometimes so fickle here in New Zealand; but enough is enough!  I’m in danger of losing a small dog down the cracks in our front yard, paspalum stalks are the only grass form still alive and growing and our bank balances have had enough of water cartage costs.  I can’t even imagine how much stress this draught is bringing to farmers.  It’s time for a rain dance people, and prayers and all of the fingers crossed that we get rain soon {the sight of 11,000 litres of water pouring into our tank yesterday was just about enough to make me dive in – it looked that amazing, I stood there and watched every drop of it come out of the pipe}.

Until then, may you all enjoy the satisfaction of line-dryed laundry as much as I do x