One of the nicest emails ever

Mr Dave Jack, I have returned back to the states, and man what an adventure it was.  It would take more than a simple email to tell you of all the wonderful adventure’s we did, but the one thing I do know is, you live in an awesome country.  Not only is it beautiful but the people we meet and dealt with were the kindest I had ever meet, and were very proud.  Golf was unreal at cape kidnappers, I eventually bunjee’d in Queenstown, saw glaciers and milford sound, and got to visit one spot you definitely have to take the family, Stewart Island, south of the southern tip, and we even surfed in the coldest spot you could imagine, Invercargil.  Seeing you was a wonderful start to the trip, and one day I look forward to seeing you and hopefully your family soon.  You always have a place to stay in New Smyrna, Your friend Andrew.

Explaining life to Ethan

Today we were in the shower and out of the blue Ethan asked me if I was married, I said yes Daddy and I are married; he then asked if he was married, to which I said no, being married was for grown-ups. I showed him my wedding rings and said “look, Daddy gave me these when we got married, they mean mummy and daddy will be together forever”, he thought about that and replied “I am married. When I got married daddy gave me these sharks and they mean TOGETHER!”

What can you say to that?