Play | 23-17

Yay!  I played my first game of netball in 3 years tonight and my team won!

To be entirely honest I was dreading the game.  8pm on a Monday night in winter is really not prime Melissa time.  Dragging yourself out of the house in shorts and sneaks when its RAINING does not bode well for me.  I was also secretly nervous as I only know one person on the team – and what if they were all amaze-balls netball players and I was the social netballer that kinda sucked?  It wasn’t to be, the ladies were super nice and we were all of a similar level – luckily this white girl can jump so I busted out some ok defence {quietly…..I was chuffed that I didn’t suck}.

Me time was fab.  It’s a hard time-slot to make work, but I am so glad I said yes to the offer to join the team.  Why is saying yes sometimes so much harder than saying no?



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