Writers Prompt – Little Kid List

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This week my little-big kid

* told me I wasn’t to call him baby, babe or bubby any more.  Acceptable names are, mousey, mouseling, rabby, bub, melunkin (?sp?) and ratbum

* ate half of a family size pizza in one sitting

* decided he wanted a skip jack tuna birthday cake this year

* had a dream that he and his Nana went on holiday to Samoa by themselves

* named a previously un-noticed part of his body ‘the blob’ and decided it must be filled with peas

* asked his father if a song on the radio was sung by David Bain!!!! (a convicted murderer who was released 13 years later on appeal)

* told us he is NOT getting his hair cut anymore as he needs to grow his wool for summer

* has been banned from his computer twice because of bad behaviour,but has taken his punishments seriously and respectfully

* declared that he HATES Home & Away and tries to sabotage all my attempts to watch it – such as strategically watching his Outdoors with Geoff fishing DVD at 4:50pm

* decided that he does not like my pumpkin soup as much as pumpkin soup in a pouch from Pak n Save, and we should probably just buy that from now on (::gasp::: I thought my pumpkin soup was really good!)

* told me I am the most beautiful and sweetest mama in the whole world and that he loves me all of the stars.

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3 thoughts on “Writers Prompt – Little Kid List”

  1. Stopping by from Mamma Kat's,

    Excellent List. "From the mouths of babes" I always say. I do find it interesting how children can say things that make complete sense to them but we find utterly hilarious.

  2. I found you from Mama's prompts and I loved yours. I am expecting my first child, a little boy, in less than 3 months and I can't wait to hear all those things said or done to me. How precious.

  3. Great list. I call my son "Babe" and hubby calls him "Bubba". He hates both and prefers "Manischewitz" or "Monchichi". Don't ask. My favorite soap is McLeod's Daughters. When it was on Tv lil' D was just a baby so he didn't mind it. The station stopped airing the show a few years back. I was devastated. Lil' D hates it when I watch Days of Our Lives or any other program other than Spongebob. Have a wonderful day and take care.
    If you get a chance I participated in Mama Kat's as well over at my other blog, http://www.thebabblebubble.blogspot.com

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