Writers Prompt – Little Kid List

  Writers Workshop from Mama Kat

This week my little-big kid

* told me I wasn’t to call him baby, babe or bubby any more.  Acceptable names are, mousey, mouseling, rabby, bub, melunkin (?sp?) and ratbum

* ate half of a family size pizza in one sitting

* decided he wanted a skip jack tuna birthday cake this year

* had a dream that he and his Nana went on holiday to Samoa by themselves

* named a previously un-noticed part of his body ‘the blob’ and decided it must be filled with peas

* asked his father if a song on the radio was sung by David Bain!!!! (a convicted murderer who was released 13 years later on appeal)

* told us he is NOT getting his hair cut anymore as he needs to grow his wool for summer

* has been banned from his computer twice because of bad behaviour,but has taken his punishments seriously and respectfully

* declared that he HATES Home & Away and tries to sabotage all my attempts to watch it – such as strategically watching his Outdoors with Geoff fishing DVD at 4:50pm

* decided that he does not like my pumpkin soup as much as pumpkin soup in a pouch from Pak n Save, and we should probably just buy that from now on (::gasp::: I thought my pumpkin soup was really good!)

* told me I am the most beautiful and sweetest mama in the whole world and that he loves me all of the stars.

Trampoline fun