Sunday. Mother’s Day 2013

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Breakfast in Bed

Mother’s Day was perfection this year. Textbook even {until 1am when I finally conceded that sleeping in our bed was a battle I had lost and it was time to try semi-upright snoozing in the Lazy-Boy. Belly-too-big!). Ugh.
Back to perfect Mother’s Day.
There was brekkie in bed with little man, thoughtful, kind gifts of a pregnancy massage and manicure/pedicure vouchers (!!!) and then three blissful hours of adult time, crafting with one of my oldest friends at a gorgeous product launch for ALAS Sleepwear @ The Department Store in Takapuna – more on that later.
The sun was shining, and though real life returned later in the day and slapped us on the ass a bit it was a glorious Sunday x

PS.  I hate that first picture with a passion unlike any other, but there I am people, huge and morning-ified in jumbo sized striped purple flannel PJ’s.  You better be feeling good about yourself right now!