Hello Nixon | 3 Months!!

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Wow.  Three months is kind of a milestone isn’t it?  Not so much for baby, but for Mums and Dads.  Three months is coming out of the fog, settling in to the demands of the new babe, figuring your sweet little person out a little more each day and learning to roll with whatever the day brings.  Three months is being able to breathe, being able to put baby down on his play mat without him screaming, being able to take a shower while he sleeps {because you know he will stay asleep!}, knowing how much time you have before he is hungry and planning accordingly.  Three months is good.

Three months is also a bit sad.  It’s 1/4 of baby’s first year.  Gone.  So quick it’s hard to even remember the winter that brought sweet Nix to us, so grateful for 9000 photographs.  I was looking back at Ethan’s pics at the same age, guess how many there were?  Seven.  Seven photos for the month of February 2005.  Unbelievable!  The numbers quickly jumped up as we invested in our first good digital camera shortly afterwards.

Nixon, sweet boy.  This week, your 12th, has been amazing.  You gave me hell in the weekend and as I regrouped and came up with a new strategy you responded perfectly – with naps!  Lots of naps!  You have learnt how to sleep during the day and I am oh so grateful.  You are so much happier for it, especially in the evenings when you love to chat with your Daddy.  It was during one of these 9.30pm discussions that you started to giggle.  You did it again and then again the next day!  The BEST sound in the world is your little laugh and you have the whole house performing like monkeys trying to get you to giggle again.

We went out for lunch for the first time this week, you and I and Sheryl and baby cousin Ayla, you two were perfect in the cafe and left us Mummies feeling so proud of ourselves {and rather brave!}.  You have started getting terrible frights when all of the Bad Dogs bark, which is most times when someone arrives home, you like to keep an eye on me wherever I go, even if you are being cuddled and loved on by someone else, you are VERY strong and pushed and kicked the Doctor away yesterday when you were visiting for a check-up.

You are still sleeping 10-5 at least every night, so to be honest I can’t actually say that Dad and I have ever been without much sleep since you arrived!  You’re always a grumpy waker though, you like to complain and fuss and squeak to get someone over to the bassinet as fast as possible to pick you up.  We don’t mind.

You are not a big hippo anymore, I was so surprised at our Plunket visit this week to find that you are now in the 50th percentile! You had such a head start when you were born that I think you are evening out now, and it also means you get to be wee for a little bit longer which I love.