Hello Nixon | 4 Months!

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Nixie my boy, you are large and in charge.  There is nothing subtle about you, everything you do is magnificently exaggerated and full of sass.  I am so glad you are not a girl as I fear I would have met my match.  You have quickly skipped over cooing and babbling and now spend your days yelling at us and shrieking like a feral cat.  You are quite simply the loudest baby I have ever met.  Not that you cry at all.  Sadness is not an emotion you currently seem familiar with, if you are tired, hungry or bothered you don’t wimp and cry, you roar with anger.  Only one lonely tear has ever rolled down your cheeks.  Just one.  No time to cry as you are too busy practicing what sounds like new baby cuss words and perfecting pulling everyones hair.  This morning your daddy tried to put you down for a sleep and you told him {what sounded like} NONONONO until he thought better of making you angry and waited until I got back from walking the dogs.  You have trained your father well.

You are;

reaching out and grasping toys with both hands, spinning them around to try and find the right angle to get them in your mouth

frustrating yourself because though you still want to soothe yourself with your dummy you are constantly taking it out and inspecting it

eating rice cereal and pears once a day and loving it

charging your Jolly Jumper like it’s an Olympic event

splashing like Shamu and flooding the bath every time we put you in it

making your mama so deliriously happy it’s almost embarrassing.

I love you so much little hippo x

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