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Win a NEW Mini Maker from EasiYo! (closed)


New mums will love EasiYo’s new mini yogurt maker. Ideal for making yogurt for baby, the new half-size model means less waste and easy storage. In stylish apple green, smooth surfaces make for easy cleaning and other user-friendly features include an easy-grip handle and non-slip feet.

For the freshest tastiest yogurt with no artificial ingredients and billions of live cultures in every spoonful, use with EasiYo’s new mini yogurt sachets, conveniently packaged in boxes of three. Just add a swirl of pureed fruit for a delicious, nutritious meal for baby – so easy and made by you!

Available at New World and Pak’nSave supermarkets nationwide, EasiYo mini maker RRP $20 and mini yogurt sachet three packs RRP $10  – Facebook


Win a ‘Baby Yo’ prize pack thanks to EasiYo. Ideal for new mums, the prize includes EasiYo’s new mini yogurt maker, two packs of mini yogurt sachets and a Breville Control Grip stick mix. Value $150.  To enter just comment below and tell me whether you’ve tried delicious EasiYo before.  Competition closes Friday 24th July ’15.

There is another prize pack up for grabs over on Facebook so head over and double your chances!



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  1. I have used EasiYo when my daughter was a baby, would like to get back into making my own again but find my big yogurt maker is too big for me now the kids are older

  2. We used to make EasiYo when I was a kid, I can remember having it on our cereal for breakfast and using way too much of the flavourings! Would love to be able to make healthy yoghurt for my kids now.

  3. Yes we had it all the time when I was little mum used to add it to her healthy muffins. They were so yummy

  4. I have been told by many of my friends and family I need one of these and how delicious these are. I have been looking on their website the past week at all the flavours, recipes you can use the yoghurt in etc and can almost taste them! Would love to win one of these please xx

  5. Love this product. Haven’t tried the mini version but would be great for Mr 4 months to use.

  6. we used to eat Easiyo yoghurt all the time as kids, and now with the arrival of number one I am thinking I need to purchase one for myself.

  7. We have one of the big old easiyo makers (actually, I won that one in a competition close to 20 years ago!). But we never get through that amount of yoghurt before it expires, so a mini easiyo would be fantastic. I also have #2 on the way, so it would be great to have for when she starts solids.

  8. I always had Easiyo when i was younger, My mother used to let me make it which i loved. I need to get one for my little boy!

  9. Haven't tried it before but would be perfect for our kids – we seem to plow through the yoghurt these days and I love the idea of adding your own seasonal fruit.

  10. We switched to home made yoghurt a few months ago and I doubt we will ever go back. The flavour and silky smooth, light texture is so irresistible. My favourite flavour is the vanilla with peach bits.

  11. My Mum has an Easiyo yoghurt maker and I have tried the Strawberry flavour at her house. It was delish! Would love to have one of my own.

  12. Mum had an easilyo when I was growing up. Would love one for my new baby who’s not long started solids. As I make all his baby food, it makes sense to make yoghurt for him too! What a great new size this is ????

  13. Yes I have tried, but haven't owned the gadget before. Would love to make them for my daughters lunches 🙂

  14. I find the larger original size yoghurt maker just a bit large for our family and feel the mini version will be ideal. Will love to win. We love Easiyo in this house.. The choice of flavours are wonderful …esp the ones with coconut bits…divine

  15. The big one is awesome for the kids school lunches for the week but man the little one would be so handy to make our 7month old plain yoghurt the kids won't touch ????

  16. I’ve grown up making EasiYo and love it. A smaller portion is a great idea and will be perfect to use for my 6 month old.

  17. EasiYo has been a favourite of our family for many years. This mini version would be perfect for my grandson.

  18. I have never made my own yoghurt before, but, i am very keen to. We go through a lot of pottles.

  19. Haven’t tried it since I was a teenager but have been wanting to get into making my own for my young children

  20. Never tried it but love to give it a go. Especially now I have little one to share it with. And I guess I could/should share with the hubby too ????.

  21. I had a EasiYo maker years ago but gave it away as it never turned out right for me, then last year for Christmas I got a new red one and have absolutely LOVED using it, getting it right every time 🙂 Every Sunday night we make up a batch for the week for my 4yo daughter lunches. I would love to gift the baby version to my stepdaughter for our granddaughter who has recently started eating solids 🙂

  22. I love making Easiyo esp. Forrest fruits. Would like to make smaller batches though so the mini would be perfect to make smaller quantities of plain yoghurt for my little one and also for cooking seeing as we don't use it too often to make a big batch.

  23. I'm the only one in our house that likes yoghurt – and EasiYo is my fav, the other one is just way too big.
    I'd love a small one just for me!

    1. Congrats Tara! Please shoot through your delivery address and I\’ll organize this wicked prize to be delivered! melissa (at)

  24. I would love to try this out. My one year old is a huge yoghurt eater and this would be great for us. Also it’s small size will mean it’ll store perfectly

  25. Would love to give this a go, my son & hubby have yoghurt twice a day, brekky & lunch. This would be much more cost effective than store brought & will always beable to make there fav flavours

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