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Perfect Timing, as per usual

Because, you know, everything in my life is so well planned and equally well executed {HA, I jest}, I obviously thought that getting a full foot tattoo and moving into our first home {!!!!!!!!} in the same week would be no big deal.  Because I am Super-mum, I feel no pain and I can organize the shit out of anything.  Right?

oot Tattoo

So anyway, tattoo on Saturday afternoon – all good.  Two hours later and I couldn’t walk.  At all.

Today is better, my hobbling is less cripple-like, though I am still down one ankle due to massive swelling.  This is all fab news considering moving day is Friday, I work on the second floor of our building and I can garner NO sympathy because my discomfort is entirely self-induced {aside from Dave of course, he is sympathetic on a daily basis even in the best of times because after all I HAVE no choice but to live in MY head aka CrazyTown}.

But I LOVE it.  I have thought about this tattoo for a year at least.  It is for my Dad and I and it means so many things to me.

At the very least I am totally predictable and useless, but may have a couple of days up my sleeve to recover enough to drive the stick in my work van come moving day.  Bring on the mortgage!



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4 thoughts on “Perfect Timing, as per usual”

  1. Gorgeous tattoo! And congratulations on the new home, how exciting. I also have a tattoo on my foot, not a full foot one though. Did your leg also twitch when certain points on your foot were getting done?

    1. Thanks so much! It’s been a 2 month settlement so the excitement is just now starting to build. No twitching on my foot, solid as a rock the whole time, was so unprepared for the healing though, my others are small in comparison.

  2. If I were going to get a tattoo I think a foot is a great place for it. Plenty of room to get something cool and easily covered up when necessary.

    That sword looks pretty cool.

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