I'm a team player. In a NETBALL team.

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I am Goal Defence and if


(I put that in red so you could see just how much the ref liked me and my friendly style of defence).

Here I am in action;

lady footy

Just jokes, even I know that they are playing some kind of rugger, but that looks like fun! (doesn’t that blonde chick look eerily like me though?)

So, I am in a netball team.  I’m not sure how this happened but in a moment of insanity I told one of Ethan’s teachers that, yes, I would LOVE to join her netball team.  I haven’t played netball in approximately 12 years and I was fine with the idea until this afternoon when I frantically began cleaning to distract me from thoughts of my imminent court debut.  I even used furniture polish ON THE FURNITURE.  That’s how nervous I was.  I even drank a bourbon.  But I was still nervous (this wasn’t such a good idea in hindsight).

I also didn’t know anyone in my team.

But I was brave and I went to the rec centre and played my little heart out.  I had to do two toss ups cause there was no way I was letting go of the ball once I had my mitts on it.  I lost both of them but I put this down to the fact that I forgot to cut my nails and I didn’t want to scratch the shit out of my opposition on the first day.  That would have made me a hot favourite with the ref for sure.  I got one mean intercept and once I was able to navigate the millions of lines on the court and figure out which ones were for netball I was ok.

We lost 24-14 but we played the best team in our grade so the girls did not think that was too bad.  Did I mention that the game was 40 MINUTES LONG and we had NO SUBS?   It was a miracle I didn’t throw up after I landed one of many many contact-inducing leaps at the opposing goal attack.

This sport business is hard work.  It’s really going to cut into my sitting on the couch and inter-webbing time.  On the plus side, Ethan should be happy that mama now has a hobby other than taking showers.