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  • Realising we’ve all been scammed by this Easter/school holiday combo deal.
  • Listening to consecutive tantrums and headbanging on the concrete floors.  What the f*ck child?  
  • Needing to sleep for at least 4 days straight.
  • Enjoyed a lie-in this morning until 7.06am at which time the boys descended armed with balloons and proceeded to volleyball slam them into my face at which time terrified shit-zu pounced on my victimised face with his paws claws seeking refuge.  Good morning indeed.
  • Admitting that I despise balloons and will be popping them as soon as children are out of range.
  • Needing someone to take children out of range.
  • Acknowledging that there are only two concerns in my ten year old’s head right now; food and wrestling.  Everything else gets lost in the large void between his ears.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with school holidays, the loss of my Nan, paid work commitments piling up, toddler Mummy-ing and the neglect of my lovely blog :  (
  • Feeling overwhelmed at balancing all of the above whilst Dave travels to Wellington AGAIN next week for work.
  • Wishing Dave and I could go on all of The Bachelor Dates together, without The Bachelor ’cause that kinky stuff is not my jam.
  • Rueing the freaking ball pump that seems to grow legs and relocate from the garage to my living room over and over and over again #nonixonno (Edit: ball pump now joined by inflatable flotation ring and Ethan’s bike helmet, items I handle at least three times per day, when really……. IT’S FREAKING AUTUMN! Piss off pool floatie!)
  • Thinking that the recurring ball pump et al are actually very minor blips in the totality of The Demise of Housework right now.
  • Setting myself mini-tasks to displace the so-much-to-do anxiety.  This looks like; peg out 25% of laundry, retreat to pantry for chocolate reinforcements and hide from kids.  Repeat.
  • Trying to bolster spirits and prop eyelids open for a Pinterest-perfect end to the first week of the school holidays.  Tomorrow.  Not today mmkay?



T-7 Days. You know what I’m talking about.

I’m not going to write my usual bitch ‘n moan style post about the school holidays as I’m not feeling it this year.  E and I have had some hard days, but we’ve moved on and had some totally kick-ass days too.  Those days make it all worth it.  Being 10 is hard but I think after a lot of talking and thinking on both sides, Ethan, Dave and I have landed at a good place to kick off Term 1.  One of the most amaze qualities I’m noticing in my big boy at the moment is his ability to completely separate whatever feelings/frustrations he has going on with his Dad and I, and still lavish heaps of love and attention upon his little brother.  Nixon is so lucky to be forever under the wing of such a natural big bro.

Dave is heading to Wellington to work for the next week so the boys and I have some fun activities lined up that we will mix up with low-budget days exploring and beaching.  Aside from the  l o n g  days of solo parenting when Dave’s away, I’m feeling a bit stressy about my running – I won’t be able head out first thing in the morning for 5 days!  I’m such a massive creature of habit that the thought of running at night once mum gets home and it finally cools down kinda fills me with dread.  To say I’m inflexible in my routine is a bit of an understatement!  This weather has made for such a stunning January it’s been easy to maintain my little goal of saying ‘yes’ and milking summer for all it’s worth.  The flip side of this {of course there is always a flip side right?} is that my blogging motivation is lacking, but I’m definitely not beating myself up over that.  It’s not the season for me to write, but I have been working on some exciting plans and partnerships for the months ahead, things are ticking along at The Best Nest and I’m so excited about 2015!  

That’s all, go forth and may your Sunday be maxxed out with awesomeness!

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2015. Start as you mean to continue

2015 Resolutions Mummy Blog NZ

We’re not quite at the post-Christmas, New Year reflection period yet, but 2014 has been such a great year for me that I’m eager to keep the momentum going and launch into 2015 feeling focused, motivated and goal-directed. This requires a little thinking about what I want to achieve and how I’m going to get there.
I’ve used the four pillars of health identified by Sovereign as; exercise, eating well, sleep and happiness as my starting point for this wee introspective exercise that will hopefully set me on the right path to achieving my personal goals in 2015.


Fitting this is first as it’s something I’m tackling  immediately in the New Year.  Training is underway for my first ever Triathlon!  Yes.  Running.  Swimming.  Cycling.  All in a row.  In one day.

So, I’m feeling good about everything except the cycle.  I don’t have a road bike so have been training on my mountain bike which is not ideal but it has wheels!  Looking further ahead, I need some yoga in my life and am hoping to achieve a touch more balance when Nixon eventually stops breastfeeding and becomes less dependant upon me in the evenings.  This will free me up to schedule some evening classes a couple of times a week and place more value on what I need to do for my body.


Lets just clear the air here;  living on cashews and dates is just not for me, in fact it is so far from me it’s never, e v e r  going to happen.  I like food and I like cooking and I LOVE butter, bacon, chocolate and wine way to much to partake in any raw eating diet.  That said, I am invested in healthy, moderate eating.  There are a few tweaks to be made in 2015;

  1. Increase my daily water intake dramatically – somedays I only take in 500mls!  Eeek
  2. Reduce alcohol consumption
  3. Increase green, alkaline veges
  4. Eliminate my daily chocolate habit
  5. Celebrate guilt free eating and enjoyment of ALL food, when the occasion arises.

Lord, this one’s the easiest.  My husband and I must start going to bed earlier.  Not just landing into the actual bed, but beginning our sleep routine earlier; brushing teeth, getting the dogs settled, taking vitamins {+ in my case medication}, face cleansing routine, reading, playing on the phones………for how long?  Right.  Everything needs to kick off much earlier so we can eliminate this lights off at 11.35pm business.


This one’s the deal breaker; I want 2015 to be the year of happiness.  This year I quit an unfulfilling job that was stressing me out and eating in to my family time.  Since then, I have been able to focus so much more energy on building my own brand via my blog and just simply writing.  This makes me happy and it is this route to happiness that I intend to chase throughout the year in 2015.  

I also want to focus more on relationships; building those that matter to me, working hard on investing in quality family life and recognizing those friends that lift me up and make my heart sing.

So, obviously this is no list of resolutions but a fairly fast & loose road map of how I plan to tackle the year ahead.

#LifeTakeCharge, who’s with me?


Good Advice | Stop Caring so much

Radio Hauraki is pretty much a part of my DNA. I grew up listening to Dad rock out to DJ Kevin Black playing Dire Straights, Led Zeppelin and ACDC while cruising in his ute, albeit horribly embarrassed by his ute as a teenage girl is prone to be! I always loved Dad’s music though. Now I’m all grown up I still listen to Hauraki though it has transitioned from classic rock into Melissa and Dave’s Ultimate alt/indie/pop rock station, which I LOVE.
I never considered my staple radio station to be a source of blog inspo, but I was driving to my hair appointment yesterday morning when I heard the best piece of advice given by the on-air dj;

Stop caring so much

The story went something like this; the dj had been having trouble sleeping for an entire week, so instead of worrying and stressing about it he decided to roll with it, grab an amaze book and make being awake in the wee small hours productive but still relaxing. Basically he decided to stop caring and accept the situation as a temporary bump in the road and try and find some positives in being awake at all hours.


  • Still eating carbs when everyone else is on the raw food/paleo/live on cashews and dates kick?
    Who cares? Make some scones.
  • Your blog’s not getting noticed, your stats are stagnant, and PR’s be like ??
    Who cares? Write on sister you didn’t start writing so PR peeps would read you blog {’cause they won’t} so don’t lose track.
  • Your kid is as addicted to Minecraft as you are to Instagram.
    Who cares?  Minecraft has excellent redeeming educational properties and if you have found a community of friends on IG go and hang with them when you need to.
  • Short poppies hating on your success and got you feeling self-conscious and stressy?
    Rise above. And stop caring of course.

“Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep”.

Namaste blog readers, namaste.

7 Days

7 Days Seven days = 168 hours.

I figure I spent about 42 of those hours sleeping and 100 hours cleaning the juicer so that leaves 26 hours I am unable to account for!  WTH.

What do I do with myself all day?  

This week has just whizzed by in a blur.  There were many highlights such as;

  • Discovering Nixon discovering the bastard dogs favourite way to torment me {this happened as we were about to leave the house to go grocery shopping >>>> praise be for Countdown, I have SO much time for online shopping, oh look, that’s another 30min accounted for!}.  In non-Melissa speak this means that Dash shit on the carpet and Nixon had a great time massaging his toys with it FML.
  • Discovering Nixon had discovered a full Damp Rid pot in an open cupboard {this happened as we were about to leave the house for the first time in 4 days – it was VERY sunny & lovely…through the windows as I washed, floors, toys and books, couches and shoes}
  • Discovering E has discovered how babies are made (about time, maybe this year we won’t have to wrap presents from Santa?) and is worrying about his future participation in said method {insert wine here}
  • Discovering my husband is awesome even in the face of being fully let down by a friend, BOO
  • Discovering that listening to a tradie-mates views on Mums wearing workout tights 24-7 when they never, ever work out is just about the funniest thing ever!
  • Discovering that TV on the internet is just about the best thing since sliced bread, holla at your girl LIGHTBOX! (Try it free for 30 days yo welcome)
  • Discovering that resigning from one job actually just gives you extra time to do more of all the other stuff ergo LESS time then before, I can’t figure this out HALP!



Nothing to see here, move on


Today I hung the washing out in the sunshine, listening to an Oprah and Deepak meditation on my phone {no, for real I was! check it here}.

And then it hailed.

I spent 10 minutes changing the baby’s diaper, blow drying his bum and gently applying lotions to his poor bleeding skin.

And then he poohed within 2 minutes of setting him down. {This happened about 12 times today actually}.  

I took a shower for the first time in two days and was reminded what a hassle it actually was. Being clean meant that I was then required to brush my hair and put moisturiser on etc and LOOK AT ALL THAT DIRTY LAUNDRY I JUST MADE!  Due to my nekid-face-state I was blindly slapping on some BB cream and bronzer, spilt the BB cream on my sweatshirt, washed that off then dropped the bronzer compact on the tiles where it of course shattered into a million powdery pieces much to Nixon’s delight.  It was just one of those days – and it’s my blog so I can whinge and stomp my feet if I want to, right?.

I didn’t actually have to leave the house until 3pm today when we went to swimming lessons, but the list of things to do before them seemed to grow every second so that my mind was spinning and I felt like I actually might get none of said things ticked off the mental list.  {The cookies didn’t get baked until 8.30pm but huzzah!  We have fresh cookies!}.

>>>>  This leads to something I can’t get out of my head; a former colleagues wife asked me after Nixon was born “so, what do you actually do all day?”.  And you know what?  I couldn’t think of a damn thing to say.  Seriously, surely as a second time stay at home Mum I must have some clue as to what I do between the hours of 5am and 5pm?  I just gawked at her with a blank stare so, so surprised that anyone would ever ask a Mum of a young child such a stupid question.  Everyone knows all we do is wait for Ellen to come on and read Home & Garden while sipping Nespresso right?


I was just walking by the computer and read an email, which led me to a new blog, which even though it ain’t pretty is full of some awesome content, and COMMENTS {remember them?  hello?  anyone out there?} and made me think, “wtf am I doing?” and why am I doing it so obviously wrong?  and who are all of these bloggers that I don’t know?”.  Is there now an Old School vs New School mummy blogger thing going on?  Have we who have been rumbling around these familiar blogs for years and years been laid out to pasture?  I don’t know.

So, if any one you have discovered a wondrous new blog of late please share!  And maybe you’ll come back again another day?  If I promise to stop complaining? {You all have days like these too, yes?}.