Eat | Pitango Solos

I was so happy to spend Wednesday morning as a guest of Pitango and learn about their new Solos range; fast, tasty, home-cooked style meals for one.

Monday nights in our house are particularly crazy, Ethan has rugby practice then has to be flanneled off at the field and bustled into his scouts uniform only to arrive home pretty exhausted at 8pm.  I like to keep an ‘easy meal’ in the freezer for these nights, something simple and unfussy that he can gobble back quickly and head to bed.  The Pitango Solos are perfect for nights like these plus they are organic, free range and affordable (RRP $3.99).  Fast food has never tasted so good or been so guilt free.  I’m in love with this range for real, the Free Range Chicken and Mushroom Risotto is amazing, you would never, ever be able to tell that it wasn’t cooked in your own kitchen, it’s seasoned perfectly and is thick, creamy and authentic – real comfort food for sure.

The Pitango Solos range will be available June 3rd in selected stores.


That hot babe in the middle is of course the lovely Vanessa from The Bubbalino Kitchen, and no, the photo on the right is not skewed, that is just how slim and tall Chelsea Winter really is!

Solo Thai Pumpkin Soup



Giveaway | The Collective Suckies Yoghurt Tubes

eeep!  New household favourite ahead!

The wonderful folks at The Collective sent us some of their fab yoghurt Suckies last week, and E has been putting the three flavours through their paces in his lunchbox over the last few days.  Our school has a no trash policy so everything we put in his lunchbox comes back home to be either disposed of or washed.  Traditional yoghurt pots are not school lunch friendly, they make a huge mess and also require a spoon {which contributes to the mess even further}.  The Suckies, by virtue of the sheer deliciousness I suppose?, get hoovered out of the tube by hungry mouths leaving behind almost zero rogue yoghurt splats yah!  We keep ours in the freezer which makes for a lovely cold treat come morning tea time or a healthy frozen dessert after dinner.  Each box also comes with a limited edition collect-a-bull ABC magnet, cuuute!

The Collective are giving away a years worth of Suckies on their Facebook page and we are giving five of you your own box of Suckies so you can give them the taste test yourself!  Winners everywhere hooray!

Entries close on Thursday night and if you win your voucher must be redeemed by the 18th of March 2014, so there’s no dilly-dallying ok?


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Acquisitions | Doidy Cup


A few months ago, ok, 6 months ago, when Nix was fresh and new and having a lot of problems feeding I received this strange looking wee cup in the mail for review.  As I was having so much trouble getting him to breast feed I was loathe to try anything that might muddy the waters any further.  We got over that hump pretty quickly thank goodness but now the summer heat and Nixon’s complete bottle abhorrence have combined to exacerbate recurring constipation in the poor chap.  Not that it bothers him at all or causes him any pain thank goodness, but hydration is of mucho importance right now.

I introduced the Doidy Cup to him about two months ago with immediate success – my baby who hates a bottle and is completely un-coordinated with a traditional sippy cup can drink with ease and drink a substantial amount from this oddly shaped cup.  We now use this exclusively every day in addition to breast feeding to up Nixon’s fluid intake with boiled water.  Such a great solution for us, we love it!  The cups design is so simple, but makes so much sense that I’m sure a mama must have designed it!  RRP $15.



The cup was provided to me for editorial consideration, but all opinions expressed are my own

Product Review | Oh stinky nappies……..Hello Munchkin!

So I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed two fab baby showers and received {and given} many lovely gifts to many beautiful bubbas over the years, however I never considered adding a nappy disposal bin to my wish list or gifting one either.

For me the convenience of a nappy bin in the nursery never outweighed the ‘yuck’ factor of having a bin full of dirty nappies in my baby’s room!

Considering my initial, somewhat negative view of nappy disposal systems, I was surprised by how quickly I got used to using the Munchkin Nappy Disposal Bin and how much I actually missed it when I ran out of bags! I was surprised to learn that instead of an expensive refill cartridge, the Munchkin has an easily refillable baking soda dispenser which shakes into the bag every time you close the lid.  One bag lasted us a week and was odour free the entire time.     I have to admit, although initially sceptical, it was nice being able to completely finish a nappy change in the nursery without having to then dispose of the diaper one handed while wrestling the baby – although it is amazing how quickly my one-handed housewife skills have returned to me over the last 4 months!

Though I’m still not convinced these bins are a nursery ‘must-have’ especially for those on a budget, they certainly earn their place on my nursery ‘Wish list’ or as a gift for a baby who has everything.  I can imagine parents of multiples finding the Munchkin bin very helpful!


The Munchkin Nappy Disposal Bin was provided free of charge for review, all opinions expressed are my own.

Pregnancy Cravings | Fresh Sammies

Corned beef sandwich

I haven’t (yet!) experienced any mad pregnancy cravings, though there is still 6 weeks remaining before I am full term!  There were a couple of weeks when I spent a LOT of time thinking about cream doughnuts, with real cream of course, but I can truthfully say I only indulged in approximately four.  Go me.

One thing I have consistently enjoyed throughout the last 7.5 months is bread, rolls, bagels, crumpets and carbs in general.  I hadn’t eaten carbs for 18 months before this pregnancy so I have really enjoyed cutting myself a bit of slack and chowing down on some good sammies.

At this late stage of pregnancy, fibre is very import {for reasons we shan’t speak of} so I was very happy to be able to enjoy a loaf of lovely, soft, white toast bread guilt free thanks to  Natures Fresh Simply Fibre.  White bread is a treat in our house due to it’s generally useless nutritional properties, however I will happily add this bread to our shopping cart as being able to enjoy thick white toast {smothered with Marmite and butter} without sacrificing fibre content is a definite win!


{closed} 24 hr Giveaway | Popsicle Tropical Fruity Multipacks

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 9.51.53 PM We have a winner! picked the first commenter, who was Treena-Marie!  Thanks so much for entering everyone, and sorry again for the stingy prize – everyone at home is watching me like a hawk to make sure I don’t throw away any other valuable items!



Popsicle Tropical Fruity

This summer was l o n g.  And HOT, and many of you basked in the sun and the heat and wished it would never end.  I however, am huge and pregnant  and we are on tank water.  I don’t begrudge you all your bikinis, and your paddling pools, your slip n slides and cute outfits.  I had my Tropical Fruity’s  – think pineapple, orange and passionfruit – so found solace in those {{{do you hear the tiny violins?}}}.

True story.

We all love these ice blocks and they became a regular in our freezer for the duration of the Summer-That-Wouldn’t-Quit, these aren’t a soft drink based flavour (think Lemonade, Cola, Orange) they are 99% real fruit juice with no added sugar, colours or flavours.  I really, genuinely love this product so was delighted to be asked to review them and give some multipacks away to you guys.

Therein lies the problem; see, my baby brain recycled the vouchers.  Gone.  You can rest assured they did not go to landfill, I removed two for the grocery store, used one, put the remaining vouchers back in the envelope they came in and put them out for recycling.  I know because I have done this before, with cheques and gift vouchers usually belonging to Dave.  What a terrible Mummy Blogger I am, sullying our good name and reputation!

So, I have ONE precious voucher for a Multipack of Popsicle Tropical Fruitys up for grabs.  We will do this quickly (so I don’t lose this voucher!), just make sure you Like The Best Nest on Facebook , leave a comment below and I will do a random draw tomorrow evening.  If you miss out you can pick up a multi-pack in supermarkets for RRP$5.99 (though I have got them at Pak n Save for $4.99).


Yummy! | Popsicle Milkshake Swirls Giveaway {closed}


Our family LOVES sampling and reviewing products so last week we were so excited to receive a delightful {and beautiful!} package of Popsicle Milkshake Swirls to try.  We are mad ice cream fans, who sneak up to our local 4 Square far too often.  I justify my our ice cream addiction in the name of calcium.  I don’t like yoghurt, despise milk as a drink, don’t drink any hot drinks which I can add milk to, don’t eat cereal for breakfast and eat mainly protein.  If I didn’t eat ice cream my calcium intake is almost solely dependant upon cheese.  This is a serious issue; ice cream is my lifeline people – my bones depend on it.  And that is how I sleep at night mmmkay.

Back to the good stuff.  I wouldn’t endorse a product we didn’t genuinely love.  And by god we LOVE these things.  I took the 18 pack of Milkshake Minis (RRP $7.99) to share with Ethan’s touch rugby team after practice tonight and the kids were stoked!  And their parents were stoked too – There were plenty to go around.  All three flavours – Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla, received hearty approval just as they did at our house.

80% milk!!!!  Did you hear that bones?  Heart tick – check, creamy milky goodness – check.

Would you like some?  I have five vouchers to give away you lucky ducks!  Each voucher  can be used at any supermarket or food chain and can be redeemed for one Popsicle Milkshake Multipack, this can be the Milkshake 8 pack or the Mini Milkshake Multi Pack (contains 18 minis, this is what the kids are eating – perfect treat size!).


To enter simply like our Facebook page by visiting here and leave a comment below (pssstt, make sure you enter your email address so I can contact you if you win).  Easy-peasy!  Winners drawn 19/10/12, NZ residents only. *randomly sequenced the comments and the first five numbers generated will receive a voucher in the post!  Number 1 was the first comment on the post etc.  Congrats to Lara, Andrea, Teresa, Kim and Carly!  I will email you confirmation shortly.  Thanks for participating everyone, enjoy your long weekend!




*  I was given the sample Popsicles free but was not paid for the content of this post, my own opinions are expressed here.

Product Review | UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets Fruit Variety Pack

I am a HUGE fan of instant oats so was very happy to sample some new flavors from Uncle Toby’s.  I like to keep a pack in the kitchen at work for breakfast or a warm lunch and my 7.5 yo son will eat oats any day of the week for brekkie.  So, we had 4 taste testers and we all love the Berry and the Apple Cinnamon flavors.  I was disappointed in the Apple Raspberry, I really wanted to love it but it was quite bland.  Aside from that, very happy with the range of flavors in the box.  Pam’s Instant Oats have been a longstanding favorite in our house because of the Berry flavor, so am so glad to see Uncle Toby’s branch out from the solely sweet flavors.  Would LOVE to see apricot back, this disappeared off the shelves a few years ago and hasn’t returned.

The sachets look awesome, the perforations are slightly better but we still tore another pack when trying to separate them.  The exterior box could use a bit of a re-design, it’s looking a bit dated.  LOVE the addition of the measuring line for milk on the sachets, saves the guess work and extra dishes!


Uncle Toby's Berry Oats