Uncle Toby's Berry Oats

Product Review | UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets Fruit Variety Pack

I am a HUGE fan of instant oats so was very happy to sample some new flavors from Uncle Toby’s.  I like to keep a pack in the kitchen at work for breakfast or a warm lunch and my 7.5 yo son will eat oats any day of the week for brekkie.  So, we had 4 taste testers and we all love the Berry and the Apple Cinnamon flavors.  I was disappointed in the Apple Raspberry, I really wanted to love it but it was quite bland.  Aside from that, very happy with the range of flavors in the box.  Pam’s Instant Oats have been a longstanding favorite in our house because of the Berry flavor, so am so glad to see Uncle Toby’s branch out from the solely sweet flavors.  Would LOVE to see apricot back, this disappeared off the shelves a few years ago and hasn’t returned.

The sachets look awesome, the perforations are slightly better but we still tore another pack when trying to separate them.  The exterior box could use a bit of a re-design, it’s looking a bit dated.  LOVE the addition of the measuring line for milk on the sachets, saves the guess work and extra dishes!


Uncle Toby's Berry Oats




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