Things I’m Loving | School Holiday Edition


So, so loving the amazing holiday my Big has had with his Nana and her partner up north.  I drove him up and stayed Monday and Tuesday and he is coming home today!  He is quite the wild man so has been thrilled no end with 24-7 eeling, rock pooling, driving tractors and whizzing along the wide open beaches.  He is such a lucky boy and I’m so proud of him for stripping back the gadgets and toys and relishing his barefoot ways this week.  He is a real boys-boy and doesn’t need much to make him really, truly happy. 


Bonus Loving

Bonus Loving

1.  Pink Leather Pouf My lounge revamp is just about complete thanks to an amaze oppy find this week, I think it needs a splash of pink though?

2. Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals I ordered this through The Book Depository with a coupon I had and got it for $35!!!!  I love it, beautiful photography and bright, bright colours

3.  Loving my new water blaster, our old Ryobi kicked the bucket mid-way through the exterior spring clean so bought a new one which is awesome!!!!  I hate dusting but could seriously water blast everyday, such a shame that we are on tank water, I have to reign myself in…….

4.  I have just ordered my second lot of Sukin organic cleanser and moisturiser for the year and cannot recommend these products enough.  I’m not a organic/earth mother type but I really do love these products.  They are super cheap at $12 each, they last for ages and are just beautiful on your skin.

5.  Cadbury Old Gold Chocolate – my current crave

6.  Tried and true.  So glad to have found these Berlei sports bras to get these breastfeeding boobs under control before touch season starts, I also LOVE that they are not white.  I picked up mine on the clearance rack at Rebel Sport YAY.

Things I’m Loving | Hello Weekend!


* this has to be one of  my most favourite photos, so many things I love in one frame, and completely candid {proven by the dogs, posing in just the right spots!  you could never make them do that}

loving Dave having a leisurely Friday working from home

* loving sunny warm weather after some serious rain – I haven’t turned the heat pump on all week, hooray says my power bill!

* loving The America’s Cup racing, this country is going to go mad when the boys win, also loving that my new SAHM status means that I’m usually curled up on the couch watching in my dressing gown at 8am

loving you, bloggy readers who leave comments and make me laugh, especially when you also make videos – I’m pointing and whistling at you Maria!

loving remote access {I think} which lets me log in to my work computer at leisure and work pitifully small amounts whenever I can.  How can 14 weeks paid leave go so quick!

loving having my Mum around to share our baby with, we ALL missed out on so much when Ethan was born in the USA.  There is nothing better than seeing someone else love your bubba and think they are just as delicious as you do x

loving letting my big boy walk home from school, a little extra exercise and independence is just what our 8yo needs {plus I gain an extra half hour in my day – everybody wins!}

Bonus Loving


1.  Cake.  Any kind,  Can’t get enough right now

2.  Ecostore Coconut Soap.  My fave.  Smells like summer

3.  Daniel Wellington watches, which one?  I just can’t decide

4.  Citta Sola Cushion I love their whole new summer range, will be replenishing our couch cushions with a selection of their new Greek inspired furnishings.

5.  Karlsson Mini Flip Calendar Wall Clock, trying to justify this in my wallet head

6.  Rekorderlig Cider – omg yum.  Available at all the usual boozy haunts

7.  Ambrosia apples have been my all time fave this winter, so crispy and sweet and juicy

Have a wonderful weekend!

Things I’m Loving | Hello!

It has been SO long since I have written a T.I.L post {Hi Meg!} but in celebration of  – hopefully – putting the baby-who-does-not-nap down for a sleep, I will type like a bat outta hell and try to actually finish a post.

So loving our Mountain Buggy and the freedom it gives me.  I know that sounds silly, I mean I have a CAR after all, but being able to get out the door and exercise in a moments notice does me more good than shopping and happy pills combined!  It’s a wonderous thing; fresh air and rediscovering muscles that had turned to jelly over the past 10 months.  I stopped at the Four Square on the way home from our walk today and the lovely owner commented that it was a shame I had gotten caught in the rain.  I must have hesitated in my reply as she looked at me and said “I guess it doesn’t really matter though does it?”.  She could tell that I was so happy to be outside that I could care less about the rain!  Thanks to Abby and Vicki for my awesome storm cover, Nixie stayed warm, dry and asleep the whole time x


Loving the spring-y-ness that has been popping up in the neighborhood.  Our cars are now dusted in yellow pollen, the magnolias are blooming and everyone is getting excited about the return of warmer weather.  A new baby brings lots of visitors and some bring spring flowers – Thanks Judy for these gorgeous daffodils and tulips x


Loving new traditions that sneak into family life.  Ever since we brought Nixon home from the hospital, Sunday night has become fish dinner night in our house.  Dave has perfected shrimp risotto and serves it with whatever fish takes his eye that day at the supermarket.  It’s a divine meal, inexpensive and healthy and I look forward to it every week.


I love seeing Dave with his boys and at the moment Nixon is his wee mini-me.  It’s early days yet, but that baby is the spitting image of his daddy – I’m crossing my fingers Dave has passed on his lovely, chilled out temperament as well as his large head!


My awesome Nana turned 83 this week.  Ethan, Nixon and I loved that we could have lunch with her and one of my cousins on Sunday.  She is such an amazing lady {who is quite besotted with her 11th great grandchild!}, we love you heaps Nana!


Finally I’m loving that this wee man is over the tummy bug that was hurting him so much earlier in the week.  We had a rough couple of days, the worst so far.  He spent the days crying and most definitely not sleeping at all.  I was so ready for some help at the end of the day when my Mum and Dave would return home.  But we have survived and I keep reminding myself that he will only be 6 weeks old for a mere 7 days!  It’s quite bittersweet when you think of it like that isn’t it?


PS Nixon stayed asleep the whole time I was writing this!!!!!  Mama’s winning at last.

Things I’m Loving | The Newborn Edition

What an amazing, {traumatic}, and very wonderful 10 days our family has had.  Baby Hippo finally arrived and we named him Nixon.  We are all so in love with him, it’s hard to believe we could be so lucky.

After 5 days in hospital I am loving that we are home.  Nix and I are taking it easy as my recovery isn’t going to be particularly swift, but I have no desire to take our precious newborn out in this freezing weather anyway!

So much loving all the lovin’ on his little brother that Ethan is doing.  He has surprised me with his complete adoration, patience and concern for Nixon – he has waited so long to be a Big Brother!  I have loved this kid for eight years now and somehow I love him even more as he grows into a new role in our family.

2013-07-13 13.40.50

LOVE busting out my Maya wrap again!  E lived in this wrap until he was too chunky at 18 months old for me to manage him and Nixon loves it too.  It was so nice to be mobile {I may indulge my children with cuddles on demand when they are this little and cute!}.  Would you just look at that sweet dollop of baby in that sling?  I die.


Finally, LOVING this amaze prize from the delight that is Sophie Slim and Ecostore.  It’s so awesome to have such beautiful products to use with our teensy little man, thank you so much xx


I Love….






1.  The morning light in the family room is lovely to catch my Big Boy snuggling in.

2.  Little Boy Baby socks drying in the sun, out of hibernation after 8 years!  

3.  Sometimes I still cook – do-able if I can get in and out of the kitchen before 4pm when the pain and fatigue set in

4.  Dog #4.  His night time spot, it doesn’t really matter which couch or which lounge but there has to be a cushion to sit-on and the arm of the couch to rest his head.

5.  My birthday breakfast.  I love you Dave Jack x

6.  My birthday manicure.  I love you Mum x


Things I’m Loving | Christchurch, you are Amazing

Not many words this week, aside from that I LOVE Christchurch.  It’s people and it’s resilience in the face of unimaginable natural adversity and a bureacratic nightmare are astounding.

I simply cannot imagine a more wonderful city to host the first ever Around the Table Bloggers Conference.  Thank you so much, you know who you are x

Christchurch Cathedral



Christchurch Earthquake Damage

Christchurch Victims Memorial

Saving the Christchurch Facades

Christchurch Cardboard Cathedral

Christchurch Earthquake Damage

Christchurch Containers holding up Facade

Old Christchurch Council Building


C1 Cafe Christchurch

C1 Cafe Breakfast Burritto

Billet Gift

Ohhh, Treena Marie.  I was staying at her house, with her family and she leaves me a welcome gift.  Too much xx

Things I’m loving | Away from home Edition

It feels a little premature to be writing this now as I’m sure I will have a list as long as my arm after this weekends Around the Table Blogging conference! This may also be the very first text only Things I’m Loving post as I’m posting from my iPhone {carry on luggage only, XL preggo clothing requirements and warm outfits mean I have left the DSLR at home as well as lappy and iPad}. Let the blogging in miniature commence!

    I am so loving what E and Dave have achieved this week. They have ridden to school every day! E needs to sharpen up on cycle safety before he can ride solo – I meet him at 4 Square in the afternoon and shadow him home, but the extra father/son time has done wonders for their relationship.

    Loving being able to travel relatively hassle and worry free this weekend thanks to Dave and Mum. Rugby is a home game today meaning no one has to drive anywhere. Sunday will be quite hectic as E is participating in his first WeetBix TryAthlon! So sad I will miss it but I know he’ll have a great morning with his Dad and Nana.

    Hitting third trimester status has been good and bad. It’s nice to have reached another defining mile marker but energy is definitely waning. I can no longer cane along at speed whilst dog walking with Mum. A slow somewhat side-to-side waddle is the best I can manage. It was very nice to confirm at a growth scan last Friday what I already knew; this baby is a whopper. I was getting a bit worried that my massive size was all me, but bubba is measuring three weeks ahead and over 98th percentile, so at least I have an excuse!

    Loving Treena Marie and her awesome family for being my billet hosts this weekend! It’s so nice to be staying in a ‘home’. Team Boy and little feet in the morning are the bestest. (Flannel sheets rule btw!)

Have a great weekend everyone! Linking up with Meghan at MNM’s {who is just as lovely IRL as I had thought she would be}

Things I’m Loving | Happy Easter!

Oh Easter.  Perfect timing this year, 4 days in a row with no work, no rushing, no scheduling {rugby practice is still on this afternoon which has just sent Ethan into fits of rage}, but aside from that, nothing we HAVE to do.  This week has been a bit painful on the preggo side of things so I am so looking forward to slowing things down.

Loving that Mum and I are nearing the end of our first crochet project, a lovely {I hope} granny square blanket/throw for my lounge. We have had fun with it, Mum’s just busting to get it finished now so she can get on with knitting for baby and I’m not quite sure what my next project will be.

Granny Squares


Loving my braided bread, it’s coming along quite nicely now after multiple attempts and our bread recipe, when kneaded in the bread maker comes out silky smooth and so easy to use.  This batch was stuffed with mayo, salami, capsicum and yellow cherry tomatoes from our garden and was destined for our pre-season rugby bbq.


I’m trying to get more plants into our indoor spaces and love how vibrant and green this new fern looks, waiting for it’s new home in my macrame pot holder I thrifted a couple of months ago.  Dave is not keen to hang this in our lounge I can tell but he has been overruled!  And yes, dinosaurs are still flavour of the month, the big white one was actually purchased for the nursery but has been ‘borrowed’ until little brother is born lol.

Potted Fern

So much loving having the black gold back in the pantry,  Dave and Mum don’t care for it too much but E and I have been enjoying Marmite on our toast and crumpets all week.  Just looking at this pic makes my mouth water.

Marmite is back!


Occasionally E will pick up mu camera and go snap-happy around the house, usually taking lots of pics of the dogs, things to note; he has remembered to put the strap around his neck: 10 points, yes, that is a commemorative ABBA plate on my wooden chest.  I love it when I download photos and find his surprise images.


Things I’m Loving



Loving finding the rug for our nursery on clearance for $69!!!!  I just about died.  It’s not the pattern I envisioned but the colours are perfect.



My brother and his wife gave our Poppa the biggest box of chocolates we had ever seen for his birthday.  Loved seeing him poring over the selection!



Cream doughnuts have been sneaking into my thoughts daily lately, so when I left my lunch at home today I went to the bakery and after a sandwich treated myself to this splendid specimen.  It was perfection; real cream, crispy doughnut batter and real jam.  There was even grease on the bag!  Love.



So much loving Friday goodies!  I was the lucky recipient of a Facebook prize from The Body Shop, the divine New Satsuma / Clementine Eau de Toilette, this is the kind of fragrance that makes you want to lick it {no joke}, I also spied one lone copy of Frankie in the dairy near work so scooped it up for a little weekend treat!



This week has been a lovely week with E.  He has been a treasure, no fussing, fighting, doing chores willingly and performing so well at school.  He was unable to hang onto his 3 year perfect record of winning every event at Swimming Sports, as he was struck down by a terrible bout of man-flu that has besieged our house over the last fortnight.   He swam his heart out however with excellent results despite being under the weather.  Love him.

Things I’m loving


Loving little boys doing just what little boys should do:  playing in the grass with el cheapo snakes and being 100% contented by it.


Loving Matakana Market fresh ciabatta with my homemade Tomato Chutney and big wedges  of cheese.  Pregnancy carb eating rules!


Oh long, hot, DRY summer.  My bank account and our water tank despises you but you are awfully pretty.


Loving splashing out on a key for the school pool this summer  << see what I did there?


So much loving that Dave had a blast in Wellington last weekend at the Van’s Bowlarama event, 48 hrs of skateboarding and guy time does a man some good I say!


Lazy Sunday baby showers with friends from w a y back are perfection.  Eeek, I’ll be having one of those in a couple of months!


Finally, loving that as of last weekend I was still able to paint my toes, not my best work but they’re not nakey.  Will have to train Dave or Ethan in the art of nails as there is definitely no room in the budget for salon visits at the moment.  February, you have sucked the $$$ right out of us.