Te Paki Giant Sand Dunes

After the Cape, Jack Family Tours moved on to the Giant sand Dunes and introduced Tara to the joys of getting sand-blasted whilst sliding down a massive hill on your belly.  SO MUCH FUN!  Ethan was all about it this year and even climbed to the top of so-called Psycho-Hill and bombed it with Dave.             Follow

The Cape

Hot, sunny and deserted was how we found Cape Reinga on the day we drove up.  Tara handled the 21kms of dodgy gravel road like a trooper, and was rewarded with such a stunning view.  I don’t think I will ever tire of looking at that lighthouse and that crazy meeting of oceans.      Follow

Hunting & Gathering

Dave did a great job feeding us while we were away.  He got up at 6.30am and headed out every morning and some afternoons.  The result kept us eating snapper for dinner every night and snapper for lunch every day except one.  Cold snapper wraps are delicious – who knew?   Dave’s first Trevally – better cold the next day. …

The New Locale

After Paihia we headed up north to the goodness.  The big peninsula where the sun always shines (it seems) and the fish always bite (touch wood).   Day 1:  The south side of Matai Bay, yeah there were boats, but there were NO people, we were helped to this secluded location by the trusty boat of course! Follow

Summer Holiday!!!!!!

I had two BIG summer school assignments to complete and submit before we could leave on our trip and show Tara (our first visitor from the states) around the upper North Island.  So in a mad flurry the night before we left, I got them done and Tara proofread for me.  I thought they sucked, I was writing just to …

Happy Birthday Dave!

We had such a great time in Ohakune for Dave’s birthday.  The drive down was mellow, Ethan was such a good boy in the truck – 5 hours is a LONG time when you are 3 3/4!  Our motel was so nice and right in the middle of town, so we could walk around the shops and enjoy the playground.  …

The Drive South

The drive south from Auckland to National Park is one of my favourites in New Zealand, but last weekend we got to see the aftermath of three huge storms in one week! Waikato was pretty much entirely underwater, the flooding was insane and some of the roads pretty treacherous; Oops, the road broke! Follow

Tonga – Day 6

Much like our first day, our final day in Tonga started in the dark, check in for our 45min flight from Ha’apai to Tongatapu was at 6.30am.  All was going well until we got the causeway.  As I mentioned earlier, it is barely above sea level and the night before a large swell had hit and the one lane causeway …