How is this fair?

  003You were only with us for one night Ducky but we all loved you so much (except for Louie).    We all wanted you to get strong and well so bad that it’s hard not to cry even though you were just a lost little duckling Ethan found on the lawn.  That’s what makes it even sadder.  Ethan has cried a million tears  this afternoon and is terrified that he might forget his little duckling, though he has promised to pick Jan’s flowers every day to lay on your grave and make mudpies for you as well as he thinks you might like those.  He is suitably worried about how God is going to get you to heaven now that you are buried, but ‘The Fairies will help’ has eased his worries for the time being.

Everything is shit today, and a precious little ray of light that made us all happy getting snuffed out just compounds the shit-i-ness.  Are there enough happy pills?  I don’t know.



3 thoughts on “How is this fair?”

  1. Awww….I'm so sorry to hear that. Raising wild ducklings is pretty difficult. However, domesticated ducklings make great pets.

    BTW, the duckling in the picture is most likely a mallard.

  2. Awww poor ducky! I'm really hoping we don't have to rescue any of the ones that are hanging around here. I don't think I could handle any deaths.

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