Schools Out – T-60mins

After his brief (3week) foray into the realm of book bags, uniforms, homework, the occasional bully, lunch-orders and a crap-tacular New Entrant teacher, Ethan’s first official Summer Holiday begins in one hour.

What this means to him is that Christmas could arrive at anytime, thus one should be prepared with an updated wish list at all times.  His list is growng at a rate only exceeded by the increasing number of freckles on his nose and the even faster rate with which my little boy seems to be disappearing amidst all of this school boy guff.

Last nights additions to the wish-list included a PSP (he got  Nintendo DS for his birthday less than a month ago), an electric guitar (WTF?), soft bait for Daddy (hmmm, perhaps there is an altruist in there somewhere?) and a large remote controlled hobby aircraft.

Moving on….

I can’t get enough of;

  • this song, turn it up loud and wait for the goosebumps –

Heartless Bastards – Searching for the Ghost



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