Birthday Wish-list

I will be officially old at the end of the month.  No longer happily skipping along in my twenties I will soon turn 30.  It’s quite a corner turned really, as you enter your twenties without a care in the world, a free agent, a completely selfish and self-absorbed person who has nothing to tie you down.  You want to disappear in the states for six years?  Why not?  Hell, it’s not like you’ve got much else going on right?  My twenties were certainly a fantastic collection of ten loosely connected years, very memorable adventures and my marriage to Dave and the birth of Ethan when I was 25.  So in complete opposition to my twentieth birthday, I will celebrate my thirtieth as a cute acronym – SAHM, coupled with PART TIME STUDENT and WIFE.  I have more wrinkles, grey hairs, fat, hang-ups and medications than I did ten years ago, but I also am home in New Zealand with my awesome family, great friends and fantastic husband to celebrate my thirtieth with.

So. Onto the presents.  This is my wishlist, the things that might help distract me from my self-pity for just a second or two ; ), of course I am under no illusion about getting them, it is a recession after all!



Jamie Oliver – Jamie’s Dinners

This cook book is awesome, I have perused it at a friends house and am in love with so many of the recipes all ready.

$49.95 Whitcoulls





  My skin sucks.  It really does.  So I am craving a Core Treatment facial from dermologica   Albany.  $100


Karen Walker Bow Pendant

Walker & Hall $266




 Frangipani / Plumeria Plant or Seeds

 I have wanted one of these for so long, ever since I worked at The Madd Potter with Connie.