Dad’s first hospital stay

I haven’t written much about what’s been going on with Dad.  I’m not sure why, maybe because it all seems a little bit more real when you type CANCER and describe what’s going on.

The last couple of weeks have been hard for Dad and for all of us.  Every current affairs show at the moment seems to have their own angle on metastatic melanoma and seeing it on TV all the time is getting old.  Dad got out of bed yesterday at 7pm and the first thing he saw on tv was a 47 year old man with the same cancer as him, looking like he was on deaths door.  It sucked.  Everything is highly emotionally charged at the moment.  There have been more tears in this house from all of us in the last 3 months than I thought was humanly possible.

Dad was woken at 5am this morning by a bad bout of coughing.  He had another chemo round on Wednesday and has pretty much been in bed ever since.  Prior chemo sessions have not wiped him out this much.  We also received his 9 week scan results on Wednesday.  No good news.  New tumors in his spleen and spine and some have gotten bigger in his right lung.  I HATE the chemotherapy.  I know it is human nature to want to try anything that may help, but he has been generally pretty good when he is not recovering from the drug marathon.  Chemotherapy nails him, for no gain.

So the pain in his chest was so bad this morning he almost blacked out.  Dad’s oncologist told him to head to the hospital and that’s where they have been since 10am.  Mum just called and he has blood clots in both lungs requiring daily injections for at least 3 months.  Thanks chemo you fucking rock.

My family are amazing though.  I got to see my Auntie Judy today, albeit by accident but it was so nice.  My Auntie Deb is also being amazing, I can call her anytime and she just listens.  I love that.  Hadyn and I are doing great.  We have never been close but I am so glad he is home.  It feels really good that we are all together at the moment.  Who would have thought that five adults and a kid could all live together in one house and make it work?  Certainly not me but we are doing it.

It feels like some kind of macabre milestone was reached today – “the first hospital stay”.  Cancer sucks.



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  1. Chemotherapy is gnarly. Your dad is brave. It doesn’t sound like its helping him extend his life enough to improve it. I pray for those tumors to disappear, at least Godblasting is painless to the recipient. I love you heaps and heaps. Keep your spirits up and try to enjoy every day.
    See ya’ll soon

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