Project 365 * Day 2: Dave & Hadyn

Dave & Hadyn, originally uploaded by The Best Nest.

Though he looks like he just dropped his most precious Transformer down the drain, Dave assures me he was deliriously happy at this moment. He is actually more happy right now as I am playing The Lemonheads on itunes. “Why did you just pick something that you have never played before?” he asks me. Man, have we really been married 4.5yrs? I LOVE The Lemonheads, have ALWAYS loved them (and Evan Dando). I guess this is what people talk about when they say they learn something new about their partner every day.



3 thoughts on “Project 365 * Day 2: Dave & Hadyn”

  1. At least life is never dull when you're still learning stuff about each other. Have you heard the new Lemonheads album yet?

  2. OK, you totally just spammed me, I know this 'cause I am clever like that and can figure out where you came from, HOWEVER, I am going to let it slide because you have given me some tasty info. So Roo, you're off the hook – this time……

  3. So, I just turned Nate onto the Lemonheads yesterday via Pandora. Love it! It's a Shame About Ray. That's the album I was trying to think of yesterday.

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